Like Mother, Like Daughter


For Mother’s Day this year, we asked our readers to send in their look-alike photos with the women in their families of different generations.

The results were incredible. We were blown away by the similarities in the photos received. Many resemblances are uncanny!

We were happy to reward Stephanie Brown with a MyHeritage DNA kit as the winner of the look-alike competition!

Stephanie Brown

From left, Elzabeth (Diemert) Brown with great-great-great-granddaughter, Stephanie Brown, born 133 years later.

Here are some of our other favorite look-alike photos we received:

Margie Wirth

“Here are four generations of women. We all have similar eyes. My hair was much redder when I was younger. I definitely got my hair color and thickness/texture and hazel-green eyes from my great-grandmother Maggie. I got my square face shape and nose from my great-great-grandmother, Mary. My profile and chin are similar to my grandmother. She also received the same hair thickness and texture from her mother.”

From left, Margie’s great-great-grandmother Mary Maher, great-grandmother Margaret “Maggie” (Maher) McKeown, grandmother Margaret McKeown, and Margie Wirth.

Kelly Bond

From left, Kelly’s grandmother Nana Wilhelmina Thomas, and Kelly.

Jessica May

“We are always told how alike we look!”

From left, Madeleine May and daughter, Jessica May.

Barbara Lopez

“My mom passed away two years ago and, while looking through old photos, I was astonished to see how much my mom looks like my daughter at almost the same age. Well, we at least all have the same expression.”

From left, Barbara’s mom Jane Ellen Lockwood at 21, Barbara at 43, and Barbara’s daughter Meghan at 21.

Michelle Devlin

“She is my twin!”

From left, Michelle’s daughter, Adriana at 3, and Michelle as a young child.

Peggy Lauritzen

“People have often told me how much I resemble my mom, but I thought they meant in my nature or my personality. I never saw the physical resemblance until I saw these photos of my mom and me, side by side.”

From left, Peggy’s mother Ida Stevens Clemens (1913-1984), and Peggy Lynne Clemens Lauritzen.

Katja Laaksonen

From left, Katja’s grandmother at her engagement party, her mother’s second wedding day, and Kaja.

Jessica Di Battista

From left, Jessica’s mom and Jessica (1993) and Jessica with her own daughter (2019).

Karen Lingat

From left, Karen’s mother c1930, and Karen c1970.

Jan Beattie

“She is a mini-me for sure. I had a photo of me at age four hanging in my daughter’s room. The first time my mother-in-law saw it, she asked when I had taken that photo of Melissa. Both my aunts call Melissa little Jan.”

From left, Jan (Cash) Beattie in 1956, and her daughter Melissa Beattie in 1983.

Samantha Evangelista

“I found this photo of my great-great-grandmother through a DNA match with a cousin!”

From left, Samantha’s great-great-grandmother and Samantha Evangelista.

Megan Terrell

“Our great-grandmother is still alive and had two daughters — one is my grandmother Rhonda, and the other is Karen — who both had all sons, including Rhiannon’s father. Rhiannon and her father share the same distinct facial features passed down from May, and everyone says Rhiannon will look just like her grandmother when she gets older.”

From left, Megan’s great-grandmother May Ballard Germer born 1934, and her second cousin Rhiannon Baker born 2018.

Jayne Sauley

“I could tell you many stories about my daughter and I being confused as twins from a distance or sisters — too many times. At 20, I had my firstborn within a year of marrying her father. From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I knew she was a girl. Everyone said to be prepared if she was not, but I knew from day one. You see, my mom was killed when I was 6. I think God whispered in my ear many years ago that I’d get the chance to do what she didn’t — to see my daughter grow into a young woman. All my life, I heard how much I looked like my mother, walked like my mother, even ate corn on the cob like my mother. Now my firstborn hears how much she looks like me; how I just “spit her out” how God didn’t break the mold and kept using it. It’s a beautiful thing to see my mom live on in her.”

From left, daughter Kaitlan Becker, and mother Dorothy Jayne Sauley.

Megan Ryan

From left, Megan’s grandmother and Megan.

Are there any fascinating family resemblances in your family? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Carol Hall

    June 1, 2019

    My mother and me. There is a picture that I think looks exactly how I look, only she has dark brown hair and my hair is red.

  • Atalanta Pendragon

    June 15, 2019

    The X chromosome is strong with this one. The same thing has happened in my family going back to my great, great grandmother (as far as I know, could go further!). If you put 4 generations of women in our family in the same room, it’s eerily like being in a room full of doppelgangers. You can definitely tell immediately that we all come from the same genetic tree!

  • Karen Shiels

    June 23, 2019

    Re, look alike.

    My maternal great grandmother Angela Callagan and my first Cousin Debbie Young look alike.Also, my My Aunt, Joan Young on my mother’s side looks exactly like my Grandfather’s sister Cordelia.
    It’s amazing!!


    June 27, 2019

    Just amazing to see . What a great idea!

  • Dawn Eyre

    June 27, 2019

    My first cousin born in 1837 and I look quite a bit alike. My father was astonished when I sent him the photo.