Guess Who’s Joining the MyHeritage Eurovision Bus Tour?

Guess Who’s Joining the MyHeritage Eurovision Bus Tour?

Earlier this week we announced the MyHeritage Eurovision Bus Tour! From April 5th – 21st the MyHeritage Eurovision Bus will be traveling around Europe spreading Eurovision fever in true MyHeritage fashion. In addition to having the chance to win a VIP trip to the Eurovision Song Contest Final in Tel Aviv, you’ll have an opportunity to meet some of Eurovision’s biggest stars, past and present!

Here are some of the Eurovision stars you’ll have a chance to meet on our tour:

April 6: Amsterdam

  • Darude and Sebastian Rejman, Finland 2019

  • Sarah McTernan, Ireland 2019

April 8: Copenhagen

    • Kirsten Siggaard, Denmark 1984, 1985, 1988
    • Emmelie De Forest, Denmark 2013

  • Olsen Brothers, Denmark 2000

April 9: Oslo

    • Keiino, Norway 2019

  • Elisabeth Andreassen (Bobbysocks!), Norway 1985

April 16: Geneva

  • Lucca Hanni Switzerland 2019

April 19: Madrid

  • Roko Blažević, Croatia 2019

  • Ester Peony, Romania 2019

There are many more big names to come, so stay tuned for further announcements.

So come aboard the bus, take Eurovision selfies, challenge your friends to belt out their favorite Eurovision tunes, and go home with some amazing Eurovision swag. The road trip starts tomorrow and you won’t want to miss any of the fun!

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