Mother and Daughter Reunited Through MyHeritage DNA

Mother and Daughter Reunited Through MyHeritage DNA

Suzanne Colton, 64, always yearned to find her biological mother. She went to considerable efforts searching, but was never successful. After seeing a recent segment on the daily television show Fox & Friends where author Yvette Corporon presented the show’s hosts with their DNA results, she was inspired. Suzanne decided to order a MyHeritage DNA kit to unravel the mystery of her family history.

Suzanne received her results on Mother’s Day, which included 41 DNA Matches. One match was a very high percentage match with her biological uncle. She emailed her uncle, and some of the other matching family members through MyHeritage, and within 90 minutes of receiving her results, she found the answers she had been looking for. She connected with her entire biological family, including her mother. Before long, she was on the phone with her mother, 86.

Watch the Fox & Friends segment highlighting Suzanne’s story here:

Now that Suzanne has reconnected with her mother, her life will be forever changed.

Except for the days my children were born, this Mother’s Day was the happiest day of my life. Thank you.

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