Titanic 100th Anniversary: Survivor stories [competition]

Titanic survivors - Louis and Lola (taken from http://www.flickr.com/photos/library_of_congress/2535973345/)

Do you have an ancestor who was on board the Titanic?

April 15, 2012 marks 100 years since the Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank into the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean.

This disaster claimed 1,514 lives and is one of the deadliest maritime peacetime incidents on record.

The Titanic was on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City and was considered ‘the grandest ship in the world’. It held 2,435 passengers and 892 crew members. Luxurious accommodation and facilities were available for its first class passengers to enjoy.

Whilst the collision caused the sinking, the death toll was compounded by a lack of lifeboats. There were enough lifeboats to save only 1,178 passengers, and many of the lifeboats were launched without their full quota.

As we approach the anniversary of this major event, we think it’s important to preserve the stories that have affected so many families. We would like to hear your Titanic stories which we may share on this blog as a tribute on April 15 and we’ll be offering one submission a copy of the book Lost Voices from the Titanic – kindly donated by the author Dr Nick Barratt – which features rare eyewitness accounts of the events of the night of April 15, 1912. (Watch out for a guest blog post by Dr Nick Barratt about the Titanic disaster later this week.)

Did you lose relatives in this tragedy? Did your relatives survive? Did you discover a link between your relatives and this event through your family history research?

Please email stories@myheritage.com if you’d like your story to be showcased and for your chance to win a copy of this fascinating book.

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  • Henry W. Gradidge

    April 11, 2012

    Mr Ernest Edward Gradidge, 32, of 44 Ratcliffe Road, Southampton, died in theTitanic sinking.
    His body was recovered by the Mackay-Bennett and was buried at Fairview Cemetary, Halifax, Nova Scotia on 6 May 1912.
    CLOTHING – Green suit; mourning band; flannel shirt.
    EFFECTS – Pipe; key; padlock; purse; three shillings; British Seafarer Union Book, No. 560.
    Ratcliff Road.

    He was wearing a mourning band for his brother Stephen John Gradidge who drowned from the Royal Mail Ship Thames in Buenos Aires on December 26th 1911

    Their brother William Charles sailed on the Olympic, “sistership to the Titanic”


    April 11, 2012


  • Derval Cleland

    April 11, 2012

    While working on family tree, I found out that Grandad Will Boland, was in Cork watching The Titanic Set Sail, thinking how lucky all the passengers were, going away to start a new life, as he waved at the Ship and its passengers

  • Brian Jennings

    April 11, 2012

    George Green born 1871, husband of Mrs Theresa Green, and my Great Great Grandfather, a native of Coventry, had decided to emigrate to America and booked his passage on the Titanic. He was a farrier on his way to Lead City, South Dakota.

    George Green paid £8 1s for his Third Class passage. Mr Green and his family had resided at Dorking for some years. Mrs Theresa Janet Green and her three children came to stay in Coventry with her parents, Mr and Mrs Morris of Spon Street while George found his feet in America. Mrs Green was to have joined her Husband in America using the second voyage of the Titanic which never came about.

    Mrs Green had received some letters written by her husband during the voyage. On the evening of the disaster one of the children was writing a note to her ‘Daddy’.
    George Green’s brother in law was Mr E.A.Morris of Queen Victoria Road, Coventry. Green had sent him a photograph of the Titanic with dimensions and a message ‘Lovely Sailing’.

    As a result of the death of her Husband, the three children were eventually sent to different homes as there was too little money to raise the children even though Theresa and her children were awarded a weekly pension from the Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund.

    The Probate report showed that George Green left £45 16s 8d to the family. To date I have still not been able to trace one of the children.

    George’s body was never found and his place of death is recorded as Lat 41deg 16 N, Long 50 deg 14 W.

  • Christine noble

    May 21, 2012

    Arthur William may and Arthur may one was a stoker the other a fireman both died on the titanic,I’m related to them and would love to learn more.

  • paulmay

    July 19, 2014

    i whould love to give my love and memory to my grate grate Granfather arthur may and also to my grate grate uncle william Arthur may who went down on board hm titanic in 1912 one was a stoker and the other a firemen am proud of them are memory goes out to them