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Discovering ancestry: Through our toes?

Some say that the eyes are a mirror into soul, but many experts will argue that it's the feet that can tell you much about a person.

While family trees and historical records are the more common tools leading to family history discoveries, our own bodies can teach us about our family heritage.

Reflexologists often claim that they are able to interpret a lot about a person's personality just from their feet. In Imre Somogyi's book, "The Language of the Feet," he writes how ancestry can be determined just by the shape of our feet.

Other people have turned to interpreting their heritage through zodiac signs, and even palm reading, to provide clues about their past and future.

Have you found any unique ways to learn more about your heritage? Does the above picture reflect your ancestry? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Egyptian? Quite the surprise!g
  2. I have the Greek toe formation. Ancestry has shown a line from Ukraine through Eastern Europe and the Balkans from about a 1,000years
  3. Not true in my case I'm a half Greek/Egyptian per the chart. In truth I am Celtic/Germanic.
  4. According to this, my roots should be Greek. As far as I know my ancestry is Celtic as my people are from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Parker is my maiden name and Hopkins was my mother's maiden name.
  5. Egyptian, I thinketh not!
  6. My feet don't match any of these choices. I suppose Greek comes closest, except that my second toe is not longer than my big toe, and my fifth toe is far shorter than the fourth toe.
  7. Germanic, which i knew.
  8. Mine are Egyptian too. Most people I know have Greek toes. My grandson's father is Greek. I'll have to check and get back to you. Fun bit of info.
  9. What happens when one foot is Egyptian and the other is Greek? A screwed up family? LOL
  10. Egyptian. Very interesting especially as psychic once told me that years ago.
  11. My left foot is Celtic and my right foot is Egyptian, not sure what that makes me? But Celtic would be more accurate.
  12. Egyptian? Surprising indeed.
  13. what about the people who have webbed toes, i have the second and third toes of each foot stuck together (webbed)
  14. mine match celtic, i am part irish.
  15. Egyptian according to this feet chart but not according to my ancestors they are all from Ireland & UK areas
  16. Roman here. I'm an Arab, but I was told before that I have a roman face features.
  17. Mine are Egyptian and I'm celtoc
  18. Ding ding ding.....walk like an Egyp-- tian.... Ding ding ding-ding ding ding d-ding ding-ding
  19. Greek, but I'm Arab!
  20. My roots are viking & Celtic back to 10th century. So why do my toes match most closely with Egyptian with the next best being Roman.
  21. A French saleswoman in Paris once told me that she did not have any shoes to fit my American foot. My foot is a cross between Egyptian and Germanic.
  22. Greek. But I am Asian from Russian Far East
  23. Modified Egyptian. Perhaps my father picked up something whilst he was fighting in Egypt during WW2? Ancestry goes back to several parts of the UK. Surprise, surprise, seeing as how I am from Australia.
  24. My toes show Roman. Don't know what that means. I have English (Fell, Drake) Welsh (Thomas) German (Crall). When I found my father's half-brother and went to meet his family. We were all bare foot and I took a look at my Uncle's foot and his son's foot and we had identical feet, narrow, high arch and Roman toes!!
  25. Egyptian foot. But remember that Milesius married Scota daughter of Pharaoh Nectanebbus and I'm Irish and French.
  26. Egyptian - travelled a long way - Celtic - then Oceana
  27. yep I agree with every one else this doesn't work it says I am Greek decent on my right my family are Addenbrooke's we are English earliest known date 1276 recorded in king Edward 1st court rolls Henry and Edward De Addenbrooke my left foot is Egyptian didn't know the Egyptians had sailed as far as England maybe they walked and swam the channel lol.
    My wife is Greek Turkish from Cyprus according to this she is of Egyptian decent while possible it is unlikely the island was controlled by first the Romans and later the British before during and after the crusades there is still a castle built by the Templers on the island
  28. Greek on my left foot and egyptian on my right foot
  29. As you get older, your feet are subject to the wear and tear of carrying your body weight around. A bunion will give you Greek like toes when otherwise you'd have Egyptian. My second toe has always been longer than my big toe - going back to first grade. The rest graduate in size to the littlest - so Greek. Although I am of mostly Celtic heritage, my DNA results show I have 1% Asian and a small percentage of eastern European. So that totally makes sense. You have to understand that you don't get your toes or any traits, from your parents exactly - it's a conglomeration of the DNA that is passed down and results in different probabilities for each ovum and each sperm. But the result is uniquely you. Interesting to see the clues though.
  30. It isn't surprising that many folk have Roman, Greek or Egyptian feet. The Romans and Greeks travelled extensively in many if not all of these areas. Blood lines and hence genetics would be very mixed in most populations.
  31. I am ALL Egyptian according to the chart. I don't see how that could be, I don't look even remotely Egyptian and most of my roots point to "very European" (mostly English, Scottish, Irish, German) ...

    But one thing I've noticed while researching my roots is that we are all mutts. If the research done thus far is correct, my family can be traced back to William The Conquerer as well as The Vandals (Denmark to North Africa), and people with only one name ... The various lines include French, and all sorts of various other lineages.

    So ... Who knows? :)

    I think this is more fun than fact. :)
  32. My feet conform exactly to the Egyptian diagram I a Murphy born in Cashel Help! Mary.
  33. Looking at other peoples analysis the majority appear to favour the Egyptian toe formation Interesting.
  34. Egyptian, ancestors are all fron mediterranean region.
  35. What about people that had foot surgery before being able to check out this chart???
    Stick to the facts -- sourced documents & DNA!!
  36. Celtic through and through.
  37. My feey say Roman
  38. I can not begin to decide which one resembles my feet. I have had surgery on my toes because of hammertoes 4 on each foot. My left big toe is angled way to the left, my podiatrist says he can't straighten it because the bone is too soft for the pin he would put in it. He has done his best to straighten all my toes but some just don't want to be straight even if they are now flat instead of bent. My ancestry that I have traced is Dutch, German and English back to the late 1500s and early 1600s.
  39. That's my Celtic foot for sure. My mother has them too and was almost refused entry into the Army Nursing corp training program for WW II because the docs doing the physicals wrote that she had "deformed" feet that would not stand up to a nursing career. A career she went on to perform for 22 yrs. with no sore feet. I read about the Celtic foot some years ago in a different and far more scholarly article. It does exist but of course Ireland, like most places, has seen its share of genetic contributions from invaders and immigrants.
  40. Greek ? Traced the William's & Downing s to Jolly old England in the 1500's . Couldn't find a Greek along the way .
  41. Think its a load of rubbish. My feet show Greek, when ancestors are mainly from Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, my fathers side are mostly red heads, my mothers side are mainly blond or red and auburn, all with fair skin. No olive complexion or black/brown hair/eyes. Think Imre needs to get out a bit more, he obviously needs a new hobby.
  42. According to the DNA study completed thru National Geographic's Genographic Program, I am firstly Germanic, secondly Greek, although I have no idea, as of this date, where the Greek enters into my heritage. According to the foot study, I am have "Greek Feet".
  43. I just asked my younger sister and we checked her feet. Low and behold, she has Egyptian feet, but she has the same heritage as I do, honest! What do you make of that? However, in our heritage we have Sephardic Jewish heritage as well, which puts us in the Middle East way back when, then in the Eastern European countries later on, until about the Spanish Inquisition or so? I figure we converted to Christianity (or were killed) about that time, and adopted Germany/Switzerland region as our home until @1700 when we were persecuted for following the teachings of Luther, becoming Lutherans, and shipped out on Dutch slave ships to be slaves in America. The Dutch didn't like this, however, and took us back to Bern, Switzerland, to have our land and monies returned to us. But it was too late, my ancestors didn't trust the town priest and magistrate any longer, so they sold everything they had and left Switzerland and Germany for America @1730 or so, aboard those same Dutch slave ships, landing in Philadelphia, PA, for the most part. They fought in the Revolutionary War, intermarried with Germanic, Scotish and Irish families until my British family members arrived in the late 1800's. And that's just on my maternal side!!! Go figure!
  44. Forgot to mention the French from the Alsace-Lorraine region. Has to do with royalty and an illegitimate child. They married into the Germanic family just about two generations after they had arrived in America. They were French and German as, after they left France (they were forced to as the land was going to be used for growing grapes) many went to Germany. Many of them became Mennonites and were also kicked out of Germany, so came to America. [Seems like we were always getting kicked out of places]
  45. It says Greek for me but none that I have found as yet. Mostly England and a few Iris and Scottish.
  46. My toes are curled. They don't really match any of the pictures above. The closest is a combination of Roman and Egyptian as far as toe height in relationship to one another. I am half Italian, so I guess that is a fairly close match.
  47. My feet is Similar to Egyptian picture, but not in one line. little round. My roots is arab/jew from south/central Asia. Not Egyptian roots
  48. Greek. Most probably in Poland
  49. I have Iroquois and German ancestry and my feet fit the Egyptian profile. Edgar Cayce said The Egyptians and the Mayans are the descendants of the survivors of Atlantis...Did the Mayans go exploring North?
  50. Most of my relatives are german
  51. Honest truth my right foot is from Egypt, and the Left one's from Rome.
  52. umm. This thing says i have Greek ancestors, but i'm 100% Asian! Something is amiss here...

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