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Family History Month: Competitions, Tips and More

October marks Family History Month - an excellent time for you and your family to learn about your family heritage. We’ll be celebrating throughout this month with exciting competitions, webinars and tips to enhance your family history research.

See this week's contest and read about our other activities.

From historical records, to building family trees, we're here to help you learn, collect and share your family history.

Free Webinar: Tips for Interviewing Family Relatives

Interviewing family members is a great way to learn about earlier generations and discover more about your family history.

Join Laurence Harris, MyHeritage's Head of Genealogy UK, for tips on interviewing relatives to help in your family history research. Register for our free webinar at 2pm EDT on October 16.

Check our past webinars for more helpful genealogy hints and tips.

Caption this photo for a chance to win a free MyHeritage Premium Subscription

Come up with an original caption for the following photo in the comments below by October 8, 2013 and our favorite will win a free Premium family site subscription.

Good luck!

The MyHeritage team

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  1. I know women get referred to as "birds"...but isnt this taking it to a whole new level!!
  2. Spy vs. Spy
  3. Fine pair of beaks on these birds!
  4. "I see your point"
  5. Unveil the past
  6. No, sorry, the Coneheads live the street over. Our name is Coneface.
  7. The original thought process, before the bubble effect came about.
  8. Oh No-it's the tunnel-vision twins again
  9. The mother's evil eye stare needs to be shielded to to protect mankind.
  11. I like it sirs, thank you
  12. Woody Woodpecker's sisters.
  13. Apart from the breathing apparatus which enabled them to move freely, the alien visitors who persuaded my ancestor to travel with them were quite indistinguishable from humans.
  14. "We genealogists poke our noses everywhere."
  15. I told you this extra appendage would help with our shopping!Now if I could only figure out how to see over it!
  16. "these new Perspex nose umbrellas are all the rave overseas" ... "yes and you don't spread any germs when you sneeze either"
  17. thats the hallitosis sorted, its in the past now !
  18. O, so you've also been pecking on your husband.
  19. Stay in line, remember the pecking order!
  20. Sales Fever
  21. Bork Bork Bork!!!
  22. We must keep pecking through our past to find all the answers.
  23. The Time Tunnel Funnel
  24. UV Protection!
  25. We are so focused on genealogy!
  26. Hey Thelma! We're both in the spotlight this time!
  27. It's the latest thing.....on the go facials!!!
  28. Stay on point to follow your past !
  29. I thought we were supposed to look just like them!? Where are their beaks?? And what are those things in pants; and the little ones?
  30. Capturing faces from the past.
  31. A must-have for every modern woman: A device to help you speak clearly and to the point.
  32. "Tweeting" too much again I see!
  33. Are they birds? No, they're my aunts - found them on Heritage.com
  34. What's the point of that?
  35. Sadly the Jones sisters had never been kissed!
  36. Seeing our future thru their eyes
  37. Beats getting a flu shot...
  38. Ready..........into the future we go
  39. Don't be a "Birdbrain", use MyHeritage to peck around your tree!
  40. This is an early picture of facial recognition, and they never knew what hit them!
  41. Focus!!
  42. You might say they see things from the same point of view.
  43. Just get to the point dear are we related or not......
  44. 'Vintage Vantage'
  45. please don't look at me I have a secret!
  46. Before Coneheads came CONEFACES!!!
  47. Lower wind resistances streamlines the the speed in which we can go to get the job done
  48. Louise, NOW we can break thru our brickwalls AND glass ceilings!!
  49. "See how he's looking at you!" "He's cute!!"
  50. Ooohhh! Now I see your point!
  51. We will be all the rage this year... Chin up!
  52. Getting to the point on my geneology.
  53. These new "cone glasses" really allow me to "pinpoint" in on the details of my family tree searches. I'm so glad we won them during Family History Month on MyHeritage.com!!
  54. Looking Into The Future!
  55. I love all the pointers I get with MyHeritage family geneology
  56. MyHeritage pinpoints the info I am looking for!!
  57. "Hey sis look over there, what is that? do you see it? I'm so excited!" "No I cannot see it! This thing is all fogged up!"
  58. Focus, focus, focus
  59. Zoning in on a good lead.
  60. Do You See What I Sea?!
  61. This is close as you can get!
  62. Do you think anyone will see the family resemblance?
  63. A part of my heritage for you!
  64. Near Sided Focus just beyond the nose.
  65. "To find the hidden links of our family, try the other side as it has more clarity, the right side will reveal the answers you seek."
  67. What neat idea to keep our make perfect and these will keep us from catching the whooping cough germs
  68. Pointing to the future!
  69. Darn! I forgot to take off my hairspray shield.
  70. Hello-o-o! We just fell out of your family tree!
  71. I guess these paper airplanes aren't going to get us off the ground after all! But we look fabulous!
  72. Zero into the past.
  73. Looking forward from the past.
  74. "If you have tunnel vision, flaunt it!!"
  75. See, things are better when you get to the point!
  76. The POINT is clear to me!
  77. This offers me a whole new point of view!
  78. Myheritage.com helps you see into your past! And you don't even have to wear one of these...
  79. Follow me to MyHeritage.com and lets poke around to discover our past!
  80. Does this make my beak look big?
  81. Facial Recognition
  82. See...Generations before us looking back at our past.
  83. That's what I call concentration!
  84. Through the tunnel of time....
  85. The guy said we would be able to see our family in the future with these things. I don't see anything except people staring at us. What do you see?
  86. Unique Point of View
  87. This visual view finder into the past is fantastic! Look Veda, it's Grandpa! There would be no present or future with out our past!
  88. Hey! Look who's pecking through the generations again.
  89. You know you're having a bad day when your cursor stick to your face!
  90. Mom, did you know that our ancestors came from a planet made entirely of crystals?
    Mom: Well, THAT explains a lot! Bet you found them on MyHeritage.com.
  91. Did they really make us wear these. Are we birds or Planes
  92. believing that the exhaust from those new things called cars would kill them, the ladies invented a new mask that wouldn't mess up their makeup
  93. Does this thing make my nose look big?
  94. Do you see what I see? Is that who I think it is? Let's check and do some research on: www.MyHeritage.com.
  95. To infinity and beyond!
  96. Did you ever wonder if our ancestors were trying to send us a message? Maybe they were trying to look into the future???
  97. I wonder what the pecking order is around here.
  98. Now tunnel vision is one thing, but we are having fun by narrowing our focus toward the past. Have a look!
  99. Nevermind our hair, with these hands-free umbrellas, our make-up won't smudge in the rain!
  100. Dates for Big Bird.
  101. Red Kryptonite cannot harm us.
  102. Wrong transporter Scottie.
  103. The problem with plague masks is they were so hard to see through. Now we're can see if our doctors are making faces at us!
  104. Preparing for facial recognition to begin.
  105. see and say family history
  106. Looking from the past, into the future.
  107. Vision to the future.
  108. Lazering in on the truth!
  109. A sharp look into our past.
  110. Let's focus on Great-grandma today.
  111. We CAN see into the future!
  112. "Pecking here, pecking there, ancestors everywhere,
    Pecking here, pecking there, ancestors beware".
  113. This wouldn't work these days: NOBODY wears those hats anymore, and it wouldn't work without them!
  114. Looking into the past to see into the future!
  115. The facial recognition app suggests they are related to our family.
  116. looking to the future
  117. Women with a clear point of view!
  118. Careful, Focus. Don't go past the edges or the record will disintegrate.
  119. Do you think they will notice us honing in on them?
  120. The Pointer Sisters were always fashion forward!
  121. Sister, concentrate on your laser focus. You seem to be a bit short sighted.
  122. Welcome to Earth!
  123. Just move the point over your family member, It will zoom in automatically. Be careful not to get two faces at once.
  124. Visions to the future.
  125. Let's go peep, peep, peeping into the past on MyHeritage.com
  126. Photo taken from the catalogue of weird inventions. "Scientists have created a new energy beam to help cut through all the maze and confusion of genealogic research. Two ladies demonstrate its use by focusing the beams on a stack of genealogic books (off camera)".
  127. And the point we're trying to make is...
  128. I'm glad we see eye to eye
  129. Ready for cold and flu season
  130. Focus on your heritage.
  131. Moving ahead and looking back.
  132. Have we got a tip for you. Light the way of the past through a MyHeritage subscription
  133. Concentrate Ethel, concentrate.
  134. Thelma and Louise were so focused...you could just see it!
  135. Breaking the Ice ! ! !
  136. How does my hair look? is my mascara running? i knew i should have powdered my nose!
  137. Boy, that was good ice cream.
  138. Its a bird, its a plan, no its past visionaries!
  139. Family heritage: Projecting the Future by Focusing on the Past
  140. Focus on your past
  141. I get the point
  142. The newest fashion in women's gas masks.
  143. The cone of silence.
  144. Those Google Glasses allow us to peer into history for all our relatives.
  145. Heckle and Jeckle's moms were pretty classy ladies!
  146. The women sported their own personal windshields-no automobile required
  147. I knew Madona was a copycat....
  148. Hey,we've got double vision,thinkof all the info we'll find.!!
  149. Historical Transformation!
  150. Fashion meets Black Plague prevention!
  151. Something old, something new...heritage of the ages.
  152. The perfect device to break through those genealogical brick walls.
  153. We're pointing the way to your ancestors.
  154. The great pyramids of individuals lead to secrets unveiled.
  155. If you can see into the past, where's my Grandpa from.
  156. How not to get egg on your face
  157. The pecking order begins, so keep up from the beginning so you won't get lost.
  158. Our Heritage is calling! Can't you feel the pull?
  159. Great invention to keep the rain out of our eyes. Now if they only had windshield wipers!
  160. My ancestors are hiding in a witness protection program.
  161. Forward thinkers!
  162. I'm glad we have these x-ray eyes that we bought at supermans garage sale. Now we can see through anything especially our past.
  163. Our comments are always to the point!
  164. What is it that we are looking at? Oh a blast from our past. Don't you know.
  165. oh my, do I ever need a LONG drink of water. Anybody got a straw?
  166. Do you think the hatchlings will follow us or do we just look ridiculous?
  167. Focus on the past.
  168. A glimpse into the past.
  169. Throw a light on the present with a clear view of the past.
  170. hows your x-ray vision working for you lois
  171. Look at those women with the right side cone. So out of style!
  172. Oh Gladys, we're so ahead of our time, one day I believe ladies will be wearing cone bras on the catwalks of Paris.
  173. Just because we are expecting, do we really have to look like storks?
  174. Mental Peaks, create Beaks.
    Ahh Genealogy.
  175. Just keep smiling, dear! They are taking our picture! One day you'll see my "Point if view! " Our ancestors on MyHeritage. com will be asking, "What the heck were they wearing? " If only they could see the tiny inscription~ Queen Elizabeth's Audubon Society
  176. Free hairspray, isn't it great!
  177. The photo appears to be holograms in time of each woman.
  178. I told you Superman reversed that chamber on us.
  179. Focus your thoughts, Mabel! We can hold them off until the MIB get here!
  180. keeps their face dry in the rain
  181. Ah the men have a new device. The cone of silence sold as a wedding present for wives only.
  182. I think I see the future for Madonna! But I could have it wrong!
  183. Let's get to the point, shall we?
  184. If we dress like birds we will be able to watch them closer without startling them>
  185. See, I told you this would be a great way to get Guys to notice us, worked didn't it?
  186. I can see clearly now but these glasses are for the birds.
  187. Do you think these cones will help us dig up more relatives?
  188. Focus!
  189. Are you smiling? I'm NOT smiling......What part of this do you find humorous?
  190. A very pointed view of things!
  191. "Ha!!! They won't call us the boring ones anymore now will they?"
  193. Why is it getting so foggy?
  194. "Flashes of our Past"
  195. MyHeritage Is The Winner By A Point!!!>
  196. Pinpointing your heritage - search your families history!
  198. Hey Marge, do you feel as stupid as I do right now?
  199. The Past Is Not Pointless
  200. Wow, didn't know this x-ray vision would be so enlightening!
  201. Think these things make us look fat?
  202. Our colorful past is only enhanced with our prism vision
  203. Harriet: I hope these beaks that your friend gave us are strong enough to break-up this brick wall.

    Alice: I think we need to contact a professional GENEALOGIST
  204. Our families went that-a-way!
  205. We are so lucky to have gotten these on sale yesterday! We can see everything in the parade and don't have to smell those nasty car fumes or the horse droppings. Psst , Georgette or the smells of the people behind us, they look like they haven't bathed in weeks!
  206. I have learned so much about my family.. I love it
  207. Never been kissed!
  208. Turning Points
  209. Should have gone to Specsavers....
  210. Our fitness trainer told us to get in shape. We tried circles, then squares and now triangles. I don't these will work either.
  211. Heckle and Jeckle ain't got nothin on us!
  212. The Cone of Shame...not just for pets anymore!
  213. Do you think the magpies will let us hang around with them now?
  214. Take us to your leader!
  215. Beaked Babes
  216. My nest or yours?
  217. "When we asked for a matching nose job this was not what we meant"
  219. Wow! Now we are AeroDynamic while we fast-walk.
  220. For when you just have to cut through all history to find the point where you fit, sometimes you just have to look.
  221. I heard the nose grows when we lie, but but the whole face. they must have told a real whopper.
  222. We are focusing on our past!!
  223. We are focused on our past!!
  224. Their past points to our future.
  225. Vivien never forgave Muriel for showing up in the same outfit.
  226. The 'face-brella' never quite caught on...
  227. Lady Gaga isn't as original as everyone thinks she is.
  228. Ancestors and their hopes dreams and visions for future generations to come.
  229. Let's get right to the point.....
  230. I see your point!
  231. From the past to the future!
  232. Europe's new Look of 1941
  233. "I can see clear into myHeritage. All the way to the point"
  235. Proper attire for a Gallager show
  236. Do you think anyone will notice our new nose jobs? I sure do hope so - we spent a fortune to look this good!
  237. Try our new Dr. Coney's clear sinus relief
  238. Let them laugh. They'll wish that they had gotten one of these when they come down with the flu.
  239. inside your family history starts within your ancestors eyes
  240. Yes, this does give me a whole new perspective on life!
  241. I knew these dusty covers would work well as we searched these old geneology sites.
  242. And my point is ..............
  243. Making everything crystal clear.
  244. Beek un of history
  245. Really, Isn't this a "bit" extreme? We only had a little bit of garlic sauce on the pasta.
  246. Smile, we're trendsetters, remember?
  247. The great sneeze kerfuffle
  248. Sister, are you sure this how we are supposed to wear these new hats?
  249. Don't look into the light!
  250. I am watching you
  251. Two points of view focused on the same objective!
  252. "Go ahead and try to kiss me, and I'll peck your eye out!"
  253. That where we are related at, that far in the past.
  254. Family History is like working a puzzle, one piece at a time and discovering the larger picture.
  255. Looks like I am not alone in loving to trace my family history.
  256. App for pre-Google glasses
  257. I don't see the point in this disguise.
  258. Look....Do you see my point?
  259. We should have never worn the same coats, we are gonna stand out.
  260. I appreciate the fact that our mascara does not run, but it is at a cost of looking ridiculous.
  261. Search MyHeritage to find out if you measure up to the vision of your ancestors.
  262. Edna, We ain't gonna make if a storm comes... Why? No wipers!
  263. With the help of My Heritage we have finally been pointed in the right direction of our families history.
  264. Mother and daughter team makes pointed remarks....
  265. The first women with x-ray vision
  266. Uh-huh. I told you we were making a point. I just didn't think it was to be on our faces!
  267. Oh! Now I see your point!
  268. See they are looking at us in the future as we are looking at them in the past
  269. Well, what else would we wear to Cone y Island?
  270. Something is drawing their attention to the same point.
  271. As you can See My Heritage Smart Match outworks other sites! We have the techniques that can pinpoint or in this case, scanpoint family matches!
  272. A bit of research ... I love enigmas and researches :D I am a real past freak :D... So I found out what it is...

    In 1939, a Montreal inventor created those plastic beaks as a snowstorm mask. Quite aero-dynamic, protect against winds and snow. An an opening allows one to breathe.

    It was the futurist vision of our ancestors :D As they try to peak into our time...
  273. These are even better than Google glasses!
  274. I am so glad we took that geometry class.Did you see those fellows looking at our right triangles?
  275. I am so glad we took geometry 101.
  276. They said these beak like cones would protect us from Uncle Johns foot odor and Aunt Mary's vapor attacks. I'm not so sure it will, You know what I mean?
  277. Guess I want be bumping into anything today.
  278. They'll never been able to tell we've been at the sherry with these!
  279. Look out world here we come!!
  280. The Pointer Sisters got their name from us. We are the original Pointer Sisters.
  281. Nice ice breakers
  282. I told you we should have used the defogger, I cant see nothing.
  283. Yes, I see the resemblence now.
  284. I am tunelling though my Family life history in hope of learnning more about my past Family.
  285. You're right, I can see it better this way.
  286. Look through these new binnoculars and get a whole different perspective on the world around you.
  287. The ladies point of view...
  288. Pointing the way to a bright future.
  289. Do you see what I see?
  290. And they came a tapping, a tapping on my door.
  291. Viewing our past.
  292. Lets put these mask on Ingred before the aliens drop thier sleeping gas.
  293. Mom said this is the only thing that can protect us from Gene Simmons tongue!!
  294. Can you see what I see?
  295. So this is what they mean by tunnel vision....
  296. Does this make my nose look big?
  297. Mirror image leads to an identical view...
  298. Nothing gets in the way of the focus on my heritage, NOTHING!
  299. Lots to look forward to
  300. X-Ray vision into the past!
  301. Where is Superman?
  302. The future needing reflection from the past.
  303. My what a big nose you have.
  304. Oh, drat, I'm gonna sneeze!
  305. Clearly You're Joking, Misses Finewomen (http://bit.ly/jcRBJj)
  306. Hey look over their!!!! Don't they look a little strange and how come yours is so much bigger than mine.
  307. Is there something on my face?
  308. Stay out my grill dudes!!
  309. Tunnel vision!
  310. Original Sneeze Guards
  311. When you start looking into your past, it will suck you right in!
  312. man's primitive version of staying allergy free.
  313. I see your point!

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