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Introducing Record Matching

We're pleased to introduce today a new technology - Record Matching - that automatically finds relevant historical records for every family tree on MyHeritage!

This is an add-on feature for SuperSearch, our global search engine for historical records, that was successfully launched in June. We're very excited about Record Matching, and believe it is a breakthrough that can bring value to almost every user of MyHeritage and to people not using MyHeritage who are curious about their family history. Read the details below and we hope you'll share our excitement.

Introducing Record Matching Technology

What is Record Matching?
If you're like many of us who love genealogy but don't have lots of spare time to invest in it, you'll love Record Matching. While you're busy with other things - or even sleeping - Record Matching does much of the work for you. It works behind the scenes on a new server farm set up by MyHeritage, constantly comparing every family tree on MyHeritage to more than 4 billion historical records on SuperSearch, looking for matches to bring to you. A Record Match is a document relevant to your family's history, such as a birth record of one of your ancestors, a tombstone photo of a relative in your family, or a newspaper article describing how your great-grandfather met and fell in love with your great-grandmother. Record Matches are found automatically and delivered directly to you. New discoveries await you!

What's unique about Record Matching?
Record Matching is the world's first and only technology to find family tree matches in newspaper articles, books and other free text documents, using semantic analysis. Based on the world’s largest historical newspaper collection dating back to the 18th century that we have under license, relevant newspaper articles found using this technology are incredibly valuable in shedding light on the lives, personalities and achievements of our ancestors. We call it "adding color to family history".

This is done in addition to matching structured data such as birth, marriage, death and census records.

Synonyms and phonetics
Record Matching is the first technology to translate names between languages, to find documents for you even in languages different than the one your family tree is in. The technology is particularly good with synonyms and phonetics, so you can expect matches ranging from the obvious (William in record vs. Bill in the family tree) to the subtle (Alessandro in record vs. Sasha in the family tree).

Each match has a Confidence Score, ranging from half a star to five stars, indicating the likelihood that the historical record found correctly belongs to the associated individual in the family tree.

Record Matching runs periodically in order to cover new individuals recently added or edited in the family trees, and to cover new data collections of historical records that we keep adding.

As you can see, Record Matching is another great family history research tool for MyHeritage users. If your family tree is on MyHeritage, we'll continuously compare it – for free – to the billions of historical records we have, so that you’ll have a better chance to make new discoveries with no effort. The technology's high level of accuracy will save time, and you won't need to do a thing except sit back, relax, go through the Record Matches we deliver to you and enjoy the discoveries they bring.

How to use Record Matches
Record Matches are calculated automatically for all family trees on MyHeritage.

When you log in and visit your family site on MyHeritage, you will see a box on the side bar listing the number of Record Matches found for you. Click it to enter the Record Matches page. You can also access this page from the "Family tree" tab in your family site.

Record Matches on family site (click to zoom)

Record Matches on family site (click to zoom)

People and Collections
The page for viewing your Record Matches allows you to go over them by person or by collection. So you can view all matches that were found for a particular person in your tree, or view all matches found for everyone in your tree in a particular collection, such as the 1940 USA census.


Record Matches viewed by collections (click to zoom)

Record Matches viewed by collections (click to zoom)

Click the blue buttons to view the matches in any of the collections. We call this the "collection page" and it displays all Record Matches from one collection. The information from your family tree is displayed on the left and information from the matching historical record, on the right.

Click any "Review match" button to drill-down and see the full record for any match. This is displayed in the Record page.

Record page
In the example Record Page below, the Record Match was an interesting newspaper article about a railroad engineer in the family tree. The date of death of this person was known in the family tree, but the newspaper reveals the unfortunate circumstances of his death - a coal shed explosion! This particular Record Match was found for Randy Seaver's family tree (more on this below).

Record Match - Tragic death in coal shed explosion (click to zoom)

Record Match - Tragic death in coal shed explosion (click to zoom)

Note that you can save any newspaper article image and add it to your family tree by clicking the Download icon in the bottom right corner (shaped like an arrow pointing down).

If you prefer, you can also go over your Record Matches by people, instead of by collection. To do so, click the "By people" tab in the top right corner.

Record Matches viewed by people (click to zoom)

Record Matches viewed by people (click to zoom)

Click the blue buttons to view all matches of any of the people. We call the page that will open the "person page" and it displays all Record Matches of a single individual in your family tree. Information about this individual from your family tree will be conveniently displayed on the left side, allowing you to compare it quickly to the information found in the historical records.

Person page

Person page: Record Matches of a single person (click to zoom)

Person page: Record Matches of a single person (click to zoom)

In the example above, the person has a match in the Social Security Death Index and another one in the 1940 USA census. Click any "Review match" button to drill-down and see the full record for any match. This is displayed in the Record Page.

Record Match in 1940 US Census (click to zoom)

Record Match in 1940 US Census (click to zoom)

Shown above is a Record Match for a person in the 1940 US census collection. Our users can click the census image to view it full-screen in our special viewer.

Confirming or rejecting Record Matches
You are encouraged to confirm or reject the matches as you go over them, indicating that they are correct or incorrect, respectively. This can be done in the Record pages, Collection pages and Person pages. It is helpful as a way to mark matches you have already reviewed in order to easily work your way through the matches. Confirmed matches will have a green checkmark next to them, and you can later change your mind and undo the confirmation if necessary. Incorrect matches will move out of the way and become hidden from view when you refresh the page. Your feedback on the accuracy of the matches will also help us improve the technology. As shown below, you can set the filtering options to temporarily hide confirmed matches from view, leaving only the pending (unconfirmed) matches displayed.

Before confirming a correct match, or shortly after, you are encouraged to extract the information from the match (scanned image, dates, events, facts, stories, etc) and add it to your family tree. At present this needs to be done manually in another window, as the first release of Record Matching does not include a save wizard for adding information directly from a match into the family tree on MyHeritage. This, along with an option to create a source citation in the family tree with the matching record, will be added soon in the first update of Record Matching. We recommend that you create a source citation for any piece of information that you add to your family tree from a historical record, so you and other researchers will know later on exactly where you got it from.

At the bottom of each list of matches you have the option to Confirm All or Reject all if you wish to apply these actions on all the matches displayed on the page instead of doing it individually.

Confirm or reject all matches (click to zoom)
Confirm or reject all matches (click to zoom)

Filtering Record Matches
In the Collection pages and Person pages, you can click the "Filtering options" link. The following screen will open, allowing you to control which matches are displayed.

Filtering Record Matches (click to zoom)

Filtering Record Matches (click to zoom)

You can use filtering to hide confirmed matches (thus showing you only pending, unconfirmed matches) and you can always bring all matches back by changing the filtering options. You can view only matches to structured records (such as vital records, census records), text records (newspapers and publications), or both. You can also request to display only matches with a minimum Confidence Score of your choice.

Confidence Scores
Record Matching is highly accurate, but its accuracy doesn’t come at the price of finding fewer matches (i.e. only the obvious ones). Record Matches assesses the likelihood of each match being relevant to a family tree individual, and in the process assigns a Confidence Score for each match based on the degree of similarity of the information in the record (names, dates, facts, relationships, etc) to the information in the family tree. We have prepared an additional sub-system which we codenamed "Devil's Advocate" which goes over the matches and reduces the score or completely rejects those that contradict information in your family tree, to reduce false positives to the minimum.

This Confidence Score, which is a unique feature of MyHeritage, is displayed next to each match and ranges from half a star to five stars. You can sort matches by score on every page, or filter matches by the score and look only at higher probability matches, or extend the scope to look at all matches, likely and unlikely.

Please note an interesting conundrum: the higher the score, the less interesting the match might be! This is because a high-scoring match means that the historical record contains and matches a lot of information in the tree, hence your tree probably contains a great deal of information about this individual, so the new match may possibly not add much new information. There may be 'genealogy gold' particularly in the lower scoring matches where the system is less confident about the relevancy of the match, but that doesn’t mean the match is less interesting or brings less information, rather there may not be much information in the family tree about this person to lift up the score.

Delivery of Record Matches
You can visit your family site at any time to see the Record Matches found for you, including the latest ones. In addition, we'll be sending our users a weekly email (depending on their preference) like the one shown below. The email will list new Record Matches that were found, and provide the option to review any match directly by clicking on the links provided. This is similar to the weekly email that delivers Smart Matches™. If there are no new matches to speak of, no email will be sent.

Record Matches email notification (click to zoom)

Record Matches email notification (click to zoom)

Record Matching and Smart Matching™
Record Matching augments our flagship Smart Matching™ technology. Smart Matching™ finds matches in family trees of other users, whereas Record Matching finds matches in all other (non-family-tree) historical records. The two technologies work together in a cycle that constantly pushes forward your knowledge of your family history. As you collaborate with other users and enhance your family tree using Smart Matches™, Record Matching receives more leads and information with which to find more historical records, which in turn facilitates more Smart Matches™ with other family trees. For example, when you confirm a Smart Match™ for an individual in your family tree, with an individual in another user’s family tree, you are rewarded as all Record Matches found for the other individual automatically get applied to your family tree as well.

Enhancements on the way
There are many exciting sub-features and enhancements that couldn't be included in the first release and will be added by us in the next few months. These include the ability to save matches directly into the tree, highlighting of matches that add new info to the family tree, real-time matches displayed immediately whenever a new person is added to the tree, and integrating the Record Matching technology into our profile pages and Family Tree Builder genealogy software.

Please note that matches that are currently shown in profile pages and in Family Tree Builder 6.0 are not Record Matches, but are simple search results in World Vital Records. These will be replaced with real Record Matches very soon.

How much does it cost?
The new Record Matching feature runs for free for everyone who has one or more family trees on MyHeritage.

Viewing the matches is free in extract (some information will be hidden), but viewing the full records and their scanned images or the newspaper articles requires a Data Subscription which is the same subscription used to view records on MyHeritage SuperSearch.

For users who prefer it, pay-as-you-go credits may be purchased to view specific records in smaller quantity, in lieu of a subscription. Credits can be used to review a few matches of high interest, but if there are a great deal of interesting matches, a Data Subscription is a more economical way to review them all - see details on data subscription and credit options.

A Data Subscription provides unlimited access to all records in MyHeritage SuperSearch and to all Record Matches. Some Record Matches, are always free and viewing them does not require payment of any kind. For viewing the full records, users are referred to the free website.

Record Matches in Action
To demonstrate how effective and interesting Record Matches can be, here are some examples from the family tree of well-known genealogy expert and author of the Genea-Musings blog, Randy Seaver. We'd like to thank Randy for allowing us to use examples from his family tree in order to demonstrate the technology. Almost 4,000 Record Matches were found by MyHeritage for Randy's tree including hundreds of newspaper articles that will add a lot of color to the family history. As Randy nicely put it, he now has "a lot of work to do!" :-)

Randy's Family Tree - Profile of Frederick Thomas Blanchard


Randy knew that Frederick Thomas Blanchard, his first cousin twice removed, had married Mary Helen Webster in 1912.

What Randy had never seen before was a 100-year-old newspaper article (see below) which showed that Dr. Frederick Blanchard was marrying his college sweetheart; they met when they were both students. The article lists his achievements, and indicates that the couple plan to make their home in a "cozily arranged bungalow"...

Like all Record Matches, this match was found automatically.

Record Match: university romance (Click to zoom)

Record Match: university romance (Click to zoom)

Here's another example from Randy's tree. Laura (below) has no children and not much is known about her husband.

Randy's Family Tree - Profile of Laura May Underhill (click to zoom)


With automatic Record Matches, Randy discovered that she was the wife of a mayor who died in a plane crash! The article also mentions that they had a son who was a judge, a fact missing in the family tree and now the door opens to find out more about this previously unknown person in the family.

Record Match Discovery: wife of a mayor who died in a plane crash (click to zoom)

Record Match Discovery: wife of a mayor who died in a plane crash (click to zoom)

Finally, here is an example of an unexpected discovery found for the family tree of MyHeritage founder & CEO, Gilad Japhet. In the tree we see his relative, Gertrude Sarah Levin, who married Solomon Deitch but little else is known about them.

Gilad's family tree - Gertrude and Solomon (click to zoom)


The Record Match was a newspaper from Kansas in the 1930's. It includes their wedding photo. The bride is beautiful. The caption is intriguing: "Love needed no words". It turns out that the marriage service was conducted in sign-language as both were deaf mute... Another great example of how Record Matches adds color to what we know about the lives of our ancestors and relatives.

Record Match: Not your usual wedding (click to zoom)

Record Match: Not your usual wedding (click to zoom)

These are just a few of the thousands of Record Matches found for Randy’s and Gilad's family trees, and in fact of the hundreds of millions of Record Matches that we have already found for our users, which are available as of today on MyHeritage.

Getting your Record Matches
Wondering what Record Matches we can find for you? Check your family site now to see what discoveries are already waiting for you there. If you're using our Family Tree Builder genealogy software, be sure to publish your latest family tree to your family site on MyHeritage, in order to have Record Matches calculated for you.

If no Record Matches were found for your tree yet, worry not, all you'll need is some patience. Record Matching works continuously and new data collections are added daily. We will bring the results to you automatically once found, and we are specifically working on adding data collections for non-English speaking countries.

If you're not yet a member of MyHeritage, you're more than welcome to sign up for free at MyHeritage, import your family tree or build a new one using the site’s friendly tools, and receive your matches in less than 24 hours.

We're delighted to invite you to a webinar about Record Matches in which we'll go step-by-step through the process of accessing and reviewing your matches and explain how to use the information to add family members or details to your family tree. Please visit the webinar registration page.

We look forward to hearing your experiences with Record Matches and welcome your comments below.

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  124. Ищу родственников деда Атвасит Бруно Иванович , который родился в Латвии ,Лифляндской губернии ,Валкского уезда ,с Новогульбинское в 1881 году, в 1916 году был ранен на фронте и отправлен в госпитль в уральский город Камышлов. Там он женился,так иостался на Урале. В 1938 году был взят по стражу,его увезли ночью. В книге памяти Свердловсой области написано ,что он расстрелен 24 октября 1938 года.Но у меня имеется справка о егореабилитации и свидетельство о смерти ,где указана дата смерти 11декабря 1943 года Диагноз Бронхиальная астма Мне хочетСветланася узнать о своем деде подробно.

    Google translate:
    I am looking for relatives of my grandfather Atvasit I. Bruno, who was born in Latvia, Livonia, Valka district, with Novogulbinskoe in 1881, in 1916 he was wounded at the front and sent to the Ural city gospitl Kamyshlov. There he married, so iostalsya the Urals. In 1938 he was taken to prison, he was taken at night. In the book of memory Sverdlovsoy subject have already written that he be shot goda.No October 24, 1938 I have a certificate of egoreabilitatsii and death certificate where the date of death 11dekabrya 1943 Diagnosis Asthma hochetSvetlanasya I know about his grandfather detail.
  125. lol
  126. Matching is a good feature. It has helped me fill out details and also close off some faulty memories. By combining the feature with free online searches of basic information available on some births, deaths and marriages I have been able to fill out more of the family tree.
  127. It is unbeliveble
  128. articles on Arlie Wessel....Warren County....Missouri
  129. hi i made a mistake in my first comment when giving wronge agesi should have said my grandmother julia wogen kennedy was born in 1874 not my aunt julia also known as shelia who is granny kennedys daughter was bornin 1896 sorry about that
  130. thank you
  131. Tento projekt,je pro všechny amatérské tvůrce rodokmenů obrovskou pomocí a díky Vám za něj.Jednu malou připomínku,neznám dobře angličtinu a používám překlad a v některých případech jsem zmaten.Př. v kontextu návodů se vyskytuje slovo zápas (match),nerozumim tomu,mně by tam spíše
    korespondovalo slovo zápis nebo záznam.Možná že se mýlím a obtěžuji Vás zbytečně a vto případě se omlouvám.
  132. Hopefully this works as well as I heard.
  133. I'd like to be able to cut and paste articles and obits into the notes section for the person - instead of transcribing onto paper and then typing into my tree.
  134. Hi Chiquita, we are working on a merge facility to make it easier to add the information to your tree. Meanwhile, you can also download the records if that helps. Thanks.
  135. I am interested of Record Matching Technology.
  136. Newspaper Archive
  137. I am impressed with the response this year.
  138. i am impressed
  139. Makes me want to add to my family tree,this is going to be great. thanks.
  140. a lot of robert lee carters thanks.
  142. Hi Irene, you can use MyHeritage's family history search engine - www.myheritage.com/research - to search over 4 billion historical records including census records and newspaper articles.
  143. I am looking for information on George W. Kinnis & Lula Lee Riley on my Father's side of the family. He was Robert O. Kinnis and married Hildred I. Banks from Rosiclare, IL. George W. Kinnis was from around Lyon County, KY. Robert and Hildred lived near Marion, KY., Crittenden County. They have one daughter Barbara Jean Kinnis who married Carlin G. Cook. Carlin & Barbara live in Paducah, KY. (McCracken County). They have two children Stanton (Stan) C. Cook and Lisa J. Cook Dawes.
    On my Mother's side - Arthur Delbert "Deb" Banks who married Dena Day. They had four children Ethel Mae Banks Lane, Arthur Banks, Cecil Banks and Hildred I. Banks. In Deb and Dena's early years they lived near "The Garden of the Gods" in ILLINOIS.
  144. After Dena passed away, Deb moved his children to Rosiclare, ILL.
    They worked for the spar mining company there and lived on "Daisy Ridge."
    We are also looking for the old family Bible that was left in the drawer of a chest some 60 + years ago. We would be so thankful to find this family treasure. Arthur married Margaret Harnice and they have one son Ronald Wayne Banks, who lived in Lyon County, KY.
  145. We are interested in any information about Virgil E. Cook, Sr. who married Syble G. Thomas. They lived near Tolu, KY. in Crittenden County. They had two sons, Virgil E. Cook, Jr. and Carlin G. Cook.
    Virgil married Linda L. Shaffer and Carlin married Barbara J. Kinnis all of Crittenden County, Marion, KY.
  146. Heather Muriel Mitchell April 15, 1939.
    I was born at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, Qc. and adopted when I was one day old to William Gordon and Muriel Gladys Mitchell of Montreal, Qc. Is there anyway to find out my real parents or one or the other.
  147. Mothers maiden name was Muriel Gladys Gunn
  148. Thanks so much for all you do. Iam not that good at this but I am trying. If I can get better I will become a member. I'd like to be able to share this with other family members.
  150. I want to trace my heritage back 200 years. Can you advise me .?
  151. The family of Osborne, original Orzbern
  152. I am looking for relations in Africa
    Maurice Roche
    Patrick Roche
    Mya Roche Moran
    and relations of the Osbournes and the Searle Family
    related to John and Wendy Reid Searle and Brendan
    relatives of Joan and Neva Searle

    please e-mail me deejaymurphy@aol.com
  153. my name is clyde e palmer and im trying to find my chereokee roll number on the palmer side can someone tell me how to go about it? thanks my granpows name was john william palmer pased away around1930 to 35 im not sure.
  154. I would like to know where in Ireland my great grandfather was born his name was william morrow and he married Mary Ann Burns. My Great grandfather was born in Dec. 1842. They came to america either in 1845 or 46. I would appreciate any assistance that you can give me in this matter
  155. My mother Barbara Violet Stuart born 11/3/28 in Tundla India recalls her great great grandfather came from Persia across to India. Sarkies was the surname. Also her father Robert Osborne Stuart born in India family line came from the Royal Stuarts
  156. Is there any relative of mine in Florida?
  157. I'm looking for any relative from my father side/ His name Facher Rudolf-Rezso,born in Slovensko at May 1902' and disappeared at the war, maybe in Ukraina/
  158. My grandfathers first wife Sally(Sallie) Norgren came with her father Zackariah (zackery) Norgren from Sweden. Also her sister Margit A, and Enoch. They were in the 1900 census, and at one point I found he (zackery) was in Wilson County, Kansas as was Margit (now Margaret). I can find nothing else of any of them, tho family says Margaret married a Clucky). Please help
  159. Hi Arian,

    You can try our online database of millions of historical records, SuperSearch,. I would recommend trying to find records specifically by country/state/city, by entering the information you have, which will rearrange the results placing the most relevant to the location first. Hope this is useful, and good luck!
  160. Fantastic.Thank you for the reminders specially Importent events notify correcttly.
  161. Looking for any information for Georgina Schewfelt, and any living relatives. Georgina (ina) passed away in Owen Sound Ontario
    approx. 1975 April 2nd.
    Georgina (ina) was my grandmothers sister
  162. I love this Heritage site. Will be using it more in few days. Mainly looking for info on my mother's Mom. Her name was Josephine Ethel Rita Tallon (MARRIED name WILSON). My mom is RUTH IRENE (WILSON) ROSS, her sister is GEORGINA (WILSON) DURST and their brother was DONALD FRANCIS WILSON now DECEASED.
  163. I am searching everything about Schönfeld´s family. Originally Northern Bohemia. nowadays Czech republic.
  164. I like it too. Saves me time!
  165. As a slow typist, I look forward to the updates you mentioned. Looks like a great service!
  166. Hello,I have been very interested to find out more about my family heritage on my Mothers side.Have always heard that either my great or great great grandmother had been a full blooded Cherokee Indian Squaw that had married a Frenchman,but never had any verification,only my Mother & my grandmother telling me about this all my life.I am almost 67 & do not have money to do these searches now as my husband has been out of work for a while.Hopefully that will pick up soon & I can get the search done. thank you for sending me an email.Soon as I can,I will get you to help me to verify the things I have always heard about my Cherokee heritage.Thank You,Brenda Barrs
  167. Very interesting.
    You have peaked my interest and I will probably subscribe shortly
    when my personal time will allow me to delve further into my family history.
    Please correct my name to ''ALEXANDER FRANK NIETO'' in stead of 'LEXANDER'
  168. p.s. In my research I have established that on my mother's side the family has resided in Colorado territory for over 450 years having emigrated from Barcelona and Madrid through New Orleans then settling on a ranch in Trinchera, Colorado which then was Mexican territory. Occupied by the Comanche Apache and it was not uncommon for a young maiden to be kidnapped and returned
    impregnated. That maiden was my great grandmother as told by my mother Guadalupe Velasquez born in Trinchera, Colorado. So being 1/32nd (I think) Apache if you see me half drunk and running around with a Tomahawk, "RUN !" Mother born April 20th, 1884 on that ranch where they raised 'Racing Horses'.
  169. Sounds like a great improvement... I will check the latest matches in your email to me and probably sign up for the matches.
  170. Are you related to Michael Nichols, and Naiomi Nichols who lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Michael was also known as Make Nichols as a nick name I was told, and he owned a lot of land, and a General Store in Little Rock, Arkansas?

    Please contact me if you are related to Michael Nichols my Great Grand Father, or Naiomi Nichols who my Mother was named after her.
  171. for those looking for family info from Bohemia, Czech Republic go to http://digi.ceskearchivy.cz - very helpful if you know the name of the village your ancestors came from, if not you may have to
    search each village until you find your family name.
  172. looking for Albert John Street born about 1878 married Ada Franklin
  173. I am looking for information on my grandfather Anderson. He was Robert Walton Anderson, my mother Anne Christina (Jean) married Snell ,. Was born about 1858 came to New Zealand from Edinburgh about 1870, went to Dunedin to live with an Uncle.
    We dont know anything about his family. He married my grandmother Christina Merrick in 1898, she was only 18 he was 40.
    They went on to have 8 children. Mum was 3rd to last.

    Regards June Thomson (Snell).
  174. Would like to expand details of my great aunties that migrated to France and Argentina just prior to WWII from the Venetia (Treviso) region, their names were:
    Mion Ines Giuseppina N.18/7/1897 married to Boldrini Umberto N.1894
    Mion Maria Anna N. 13/7/1893 married to Piovesan Enrico

    Also any details of descendants of Domenica Caldato N. 1820? married to Mion (detto Mionetto) Antonio Andrea N.5/10/1816 at Vascon di Carbonera Venetia
  175. tracing my fathers origins in Evarton South Africa
  176. My Father was born in Evarton Township in South Africa around 1899 or 1901 It is believed his father Owned a shop around that Area. trying to trace and siblings and descendants linked to him
  177. Simon Coleman was his name Checking for his siblings
  178. ищу родственников Макушев Иван Дмитриевич выехал в Австралию из Китая примерно 1953 году.русский. его брат Макушев Иннокентий Дмитриевич.мой дедушка.выехал в Россию .затем в Казахстан.где и скончался в 80 лет
  179. очень хороший сайт! с его помощью надеюсь вастановить все родственные связи!!
  180. This is the good site to keep the family records and wish this can grow
  181. I will need to come back because I can't remember only one brother's name
  182. where did the "Fathers" surname originate?
  183. I've found over 250 family members to date.
  184. Could be the Hannan that found gold in Kalgoorlie Western Australia 1892 Paddy Hannan
  185. Thanks
  186. E Hannan result gave me the answer I was looking for. thanks
  187. I've been going through the information and comments and am so interested in finding my family history. Hopefully, you will be helpful in finding the Britton family for me. I know a bit more. I will try to fill in what little I know now.
    Thank you for this site. I believe it will be helpful as My sister, Ruth and I are the last in this Britton family.
  188. Been using this for while and I really like it. Have found a lot of info on relatives and have put on mine to improve on. Have been able to help confirm info I had parts of and hope to use this a lot more.
  189. I am just starting to delve into our Jaffray , and Hooton family trees ,and once a basis is established , I will start using records etc.
  190. Good service
  191. I've noticed that many have wrong dates for birth, marriag or death. Is their a way to confirm but not confirm a certain detail ??(which may be wrong.)
  192. thank you ,info from many countries just great
  193. Hi Gerald,

    You can choose to save a record match, and then to only extract sepcific pieces of information that are included in the record.

    Please see our blog post about extracting information from a record: http://blog.myheritage.com/2013/05/new-feature-extract-info-from-records/

    Esther / MyHeritage Team
  194. This sounds like fun and I have searched all these years for my dad's Allen family. Hope that you cane match me up with one of
    the Allen or Holts.
    Joyce Allen Luna
  195. looks great
  196. its a big job
  197. Sounds very, promising
  198. Fantastic possibilities!
  199. Hi,
    I am the mother of Michal Henrietta (Sheshinski) Avital.
    I have her birth certificate.
    I never wrote that she was born on a date which was not checked perfectly. There is a problem with US date writing and European date system.
    I wrote November 8, 1967 (in my country DD/MM/YY) and the editor of the tree building changed it to (MM/DD/YY, 8/11/1967).
    It was, is and will stay NOVEMBER 8, 1967.
    Please help me to correct it in all the TREES I started.
    Thank you,
    Ruth Sheshinski (ruthsheshinski@gmail.com).
  200. Great
  201. I am trying to find my fathers family history, I do know he was born in Texas to jack and Esther Williams Armstrong on sept, 21. 1941. brother Johnny Armstrong
  202. Good going. It will be like flying on auto.
  203. I'm excited to find my relatives from the past. So far you've been a big help.
  205. The burial for Ruth Bagley Rock is Riverside Cemetary in Norfolk, Virginis. I know this because I am her granddaughter
  206. Has anyone have any information on Charles Nye Woods Born 1808 in Hadley, Hamshire Co., MA and married (Elizabet or Hepsbeth Southwick) He died in 1876 in Winona, MN.
    I am a part of the Nye linage to the Mayflower through him but I am stuck at Him. I could use some help because I am going to get a Grand son and would like to pass the nye down.
  207. An enormous good appliation for family research
  208. Looks helpful, now to find the time to implement.
  209. I'd like to trace my maternal Grandfather's place of birth and his parents and their parents: He was known as Bill Maistry, died between 1960 and 1962, in south africa, was married to K Maistry and had 6 childrenm of whom one was a son and five daughters
  210. As I am new about genealogy reading all about Record Search etc. makes me very anxious to find new things about the people in my family.
    Thank You.
  211. Loving it, don't know how to add record matches to the family tree yet.
    Thank you.
  212. I have appreciated the information myheritage has given me. if anyone has information on Isaac Huckabee born 1808 in north Carolina,i cant find any information about his father or any siblings of his.i would appreciate any information. he was my great great grandfather. thanks
  213. I am pleased I have come across this site.
  214. Its good.
  215. Can't wait to discover more !!
  216. it is indeed a great help to reach out to relatives living abroad,
    hope there will be more innovation and development.
    god bless.
  217. I like the idea of it.
  218. I keep trying to find information about my father,Wallace AJ Lereaux, and I dead end at his parents. Can't get any futher. Please if any body knows of this name, it would be helpful. As I am the last living Lereaux. Thank you in advance for time.
  219. Great Idea
  220. Hi Guys, I am contemplating rejoing MY HERITAGE and have been reading about record matching. It seems to talk about record matching in America! Does it cover other Countries? as I am in OZ, and my family goes back to Europe. I have not tracked back to anyone in U.S.A. John
  221. I would like to use this service in order to find out more about my fathers side of the family of which I know very little. After my fathers passing in1962, my mom had very little contact with all of my fathers siblings and Thier families which was quite extensive. So, I have lots of relatives, cousins, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins and so on who I don't even know.
  222. Hi John,

    We have millions of global historical records, including those from Australia.
  224. so far so good
  225. I am into this.It is great.
  226. I need info re my paternal grandmother's death (date and interment).Her name: Mary Coward Batton
  227. How do I amalgamate 2 separate thomasansteygroom and skinnerstrickland - both under my name Susan Skinner
    sorry if this is not the correct place for this request - but I can't find where else to contact you. shanark@powerup.com.au
  228. Hi Susan,

    You can find more information at our FAQ here: http://helpcenter.myheritage.com/Family-Site/Family-Tree/634030922504681511/How-do-I-merge-duplicates-in-my-online-tree.htm
  229. Does this include any records in Ireland or Germany?
  230. Hi Jenni,

    Yes. We have records worldwide, which you can search by country.
  231. C J Attaway
    I'm terribly excited. Think you may have located my long lost & dear
    grandfather who was lost to my mother's family. The 1930 census in
    Wisconsin lists a man of his age & lineage with a new wife & even a
    professorship. I can follow this up to make sure. It's the first good
    clue since 20 years of searching. Thank you so very much. Next stop
    Find a Grave.
  232. THANK YOU
  233. Thanks for the record matching. It helps to keep my records straight.
  234. Thanks to Smart Matches, I found that one of my ancestors, Robert Moses, was George Washington's tailor.
    Now if I could only find my paternal grandfather, Ira Lionel Matticks, who disappeared in the late '20's or early 30's, during the Depression.
  235. Fascinating discovery Dale! Feel free to share more discoveries with us at stories@myheritage.com
  236. Where do I learn how to use this site? I am confused about accessing this site?
  237. Hi Marilyn,

    You can start a free family tree by visiting www.myheritage.com and start entering your family's details to start discovering more about your family history. Feel free to check out previous posts on this blog where we post webinars, tips and more to help you get started.
  238. Have already made contact with relatives I didn't know I had and added over 40 people to my family tree and discovered a lot more details of some I already had and I've only been a member for a couple of months. Thank you My Heritage.
  239. this is awesome
  240. Sounds like a great idea. I am very interested.
  241. For a first impression this looks like a great addition. Looking forward to interaction.
  242. I'm interested in the matching of ancestors with found newsarticles. However, after a free trial with news archive, I was unable to find a single news article. I'd be willing to pay for my heritage for copies of articles they find for me
  243. I am looking for a French ancestor, Francois Dupont, who settled near Bislich, Germany where he had a son who was born in 1803 and was called Franz Dupont. Franz married Margaretha Gissing who was born in 1806. How and why did Francois come to Germany? Where and when was he born? What was his wife's name etc? I hope you can help. Thank you.
  244. All seems very interesting, however I am a 78 years old pensioner, widow, trying to trace my husband's family tree and I would like to have more information on the costs accessing you site, I haven't been able to see it on the site, or at least its not very clear for me. Thank you, Myriam
  245. Would like to know how much it cost.
  246. it is nice to be able to look up your family tree this is very good
  247. This all looks very interesting and may fill in a lot of unknown areas for me.
  248. This has some interesting aspects, that need further verification; but may lead to further extensions of my family tree
  249. Looks like a great site. Will need time to digest all that it offers.
  250. Je to krásne nájsť kontakty z celého sveta a z množstva rôznych prameňov. Pouvažujem o rozšírení.
  251. A lot to read, although I believe I've been receiving 'Record Matches' for the past couple of months as part of the 'package
    of services' I purchased with my annual subscription to myheritage.com. So far, I've found it to be helpful.
  252. Looks like a great service for us....I look forward to seeing some info for me about my family on this in the future.
  253. Kevin Mitchel Bodkins{my son} Ronda Jolene Bodkins{Haris} { my daughter}
  254. I love the help with my family tree
  255. Each day week and month I find out something new,I enjoy doing the family tree.
  256. Fantastic article

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