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Your family tree: Long-living relatives

Besse Cooper is an American supercentenarian (a person more than 110 years old) and is the oldest living person today.

She is 115, and was born on August 26, 1896.

Can you imagine what changes Besse has witnessed in her lifetime? She has lived through 20 US presidents, world wars, global economic crises, men on the moon, space travel and universe-changing technological innovation.

What's her secret to longevity? She says it is minding her own business and not eating junk food! View a short video about Besse below.

We'd also like to hear from our readers about longevity. Who lived the longest in your family tree? Did your longest-lived relatives share their secrets for life? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Wow, amazing!
  2. My name is Shirley Durbin (Davidson) and am 84 years of age, but my Mother lived to be 91 years old. In fact today, 23rd June, 2012 is her 103 rd birthday. She was born in Sydney in 1899 on 23rd June. She had a twin sister, and her eldest brother & sister were also twins. My Mother was the last of her family to go.
  3. My mother is the longest living person in my family. She is 99, was born March 17, 1913. She is amazing in that she lives by herself, does her own housework and takes of herself. Best of all, she still has her mind and health!
    Things have changes so much since she was a child, it's unbelievable. No airplanes, radio, antiobotics just to name a few.
  4. Hello! I would like to send a greeting to Besse Cooper, all the way from Denmark, must she have a happy life. If you can, then get into my familyside Larsen Webside, on Myheritage.dk. I have relatives in USA. Maybe the Kennedys, otherwise I have relatives in Seattle, and my cousin Lis Jensen in Ottawa, she used to be working at the Danish Embassy in Ottwa. She is a daughter of my mothers sister. Best wishes for a good summer, I myself is going to Norway for a holiday. Look at the family Carlsdatter Kock/Kirchemoe, the came to Læsø, a little ireland close to Frederikshavn, in 1720, he was a minister on the ireland
    untill 1751. Best wishes from Anne Grethe Larsen, Frederikshavn.
    Pædagog I am.
  5. Hello anyone out there who may have known Sybil Irene Martin, dob 22.2.1922 south of England - Kent or near county. When nearly 18 gave birth to Joan Ruth Martin on 20.1.1939 who was adopted 8.9.1939 and christened Pamela Ruth Prowse. Married into the Tope family and again into the Pegg family after first husbands death. I was born in Loose, Maidstone, Kent, England. My grandparents John {policeman} and Margaret.
  6. I am known as Pamela Ruth Pegg
  7. My GGGGgreat-grandpa Charlie lived to be 122. He passed away in 1942, but never needed a walker and could still jump and, no joke, click his heels! Amazing man; I hope to be able to click my heels in old age, as well! :)

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