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Home-made food at the MyHeritage office

Last week we had a delicious activity in our offices and we cannot resist sharing it with you!

Due to the recent holidays, we organized a Cooking Contest at the head office of the company. We were very impressed by the cooking skills that the team showed and the food didn't only look great, but was also delicious.

This is how it worked: everyone had to bring either a first course or dessert, the heads of each department made up the jury and had to try a bit from each dish and assign a score to ultimately select the winner of each category. The winners got a  prize and of course everybody enjoyed the food and we had a great time, as you can see in the pictures!

Food is something that represents culture and family in a very special way, and says a lot about a person. If you have special family recipes, you can store them on MyHeritage.com so they will not get lost!

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  1. G-Day to you all at My Heritage.
    Hope you all had a great holiday and wonderful food, it is strange that the thought of food brings ever one together, you are lucky I was not invited, by looking at the photo, you all were lined up to get your share, I hope you did not make a mess of the clock.
    from down under Henry Laws

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