My Elder Relative Can’t Stop Raving About the MyHeritage-Improved Photo Album I Made Her

My Elder Relative Can’t Stop Raving About the MyHeritage-Improved Photo Album I Made Her

MyHeritage user Doris McQueen, 86, from Oregon, has been actively researching her genealogy for 20 years. When MyHeritage launched MyHeritage In Color™ and the Photo Enhancer, she was absolutely delighted with the results. But rather than simply enjoy the colorized and enhanced photos as they were, she decided to produce a whole photo album for her husband’s 91-year-old aunt, who lives in Texas.

“First I scanned old shots of her and her family, then uploaded them to MyHeritage, colorized and enhanced them,” says Doris. “I printed them on regular print paper, inserted them into plastic sleeves, and collected them in a three-ring binder. I think we have had about 10 phone calls from her exclaiming about how wonderful they are and how wonderful I am for doing this for her!”

Doris shared some of these remarkable photos with us. Here’s a photo of her husband’s aunt (the happy recipient of the album) as a young girl:

Doris’s husband’s aunt, born in Portland, Oregon in 1929

Doris’s husband’s aunt, born in Portland, Oregon in 1929

Below is Doris’s husband’s grandmother, the family matriarch, who was born in 1889:

This joyful bunch is the family of Doris’s husband’s distant cousins, Ida and Lilla Shelton (born 1900 and 1901 respectively):

Here’s another wonderful photo of Ida and Lilla:

The photo below, taken in 1949, features Doris’s husband Bob with his grandparents, parents, and cousins. “The Wisharts loved parties and liked to ‘ham it up!’” says Doris.

And the photo below was taken at the double wedding of Doris’s uncles and aunts: her aunt Lilian married Arne, and Lilian’s brother Fred married Viola at the same ceremony. Doris is the smallest flower girl.

Doris says she became interested in family history as a young adult when relatives from Sweden came to visit and brought her parents a lot of genealogical information. But she didn’t start actively working on her genealogy until the year 2000, when her daughter-in-law unfortunately died of breast cancer. “I felt an urge to record what I knew for her children,” Doris wrote to us. She joined MyHeritage in September of 2009.

“I now have many file boxes of family lore, from which I glean information that is important to keep,” she says. “Family photos are a large part of that collection. By now it is an obsession for me to continue as long as I can, and to find someone in the family who can and will continue after I am gone.”

We just love these photos, and Doris’s story is a wonderful reminder that family photos improved with the MyHeritage photo tools can make one-of-a-kind gifts! You can simply print your photos like Doris did and place them in an album or three-ring binder; you can have them printed and framed professionally for your loved ones to hand on the wall; or you can design a photo book to print with your favorite photo printing service.

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