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Family: The art of grandparenting

Two weeks ago we introduced Elisabeth, our French community manager. Here she shares a post about grandparents.

The earliest memories I have of my grandparents revolve around fun and candy! They picked me up from school, took me on long weekends and invited me to stay with them during the summer. My grandmother taught me to ride a bike and my grandfather told stories so that we’d fall asleep.

These unforgettable family moments are treasured our whole lives. What's better than being pampered by your grandmother, or taking a walk along the beach on Grandpa’s shoulders?

Then we grow up. We have our own children, and our parents become grandparents to our own beloved little ones.

My daughters first steps, assisted by her grandmother

Although it's no longer common to find several generations living under the same roof, there's a special bond between grandparent and grandchild. My daughter is fortunate to grow up with the constant presence of her paternal grandparents, who live nearby. Although her maternal grandparents live far away, the link between them is just as strong with the help of technology. In this Internet era, my 4-year- old daughter has a daily video call with her grandmother.

My maternal grandmother celebrated her 88th birthday yesterday, and I wish her a happy birthday! MyHeritage is a great platform for keeping in touch with the family, you will be notified of important events, and can also send greetings or schedule a party!

Schedule a party for a family member

Schedule a party for a family member

Are you a grandparent? How do you describe the relationship between a grandparent and grandchildren?

Are you a parent? Is the relationship you had with your grandparents different from the one your children have with their grandparents?

Are you a grandchild? Describe your relationship with your grandparents, whether they live around the corner or around the world.

Let us know how you stay in touch with today's technology, if you live far away!

We look forward to reading your comments. Please share them in the comments section below.

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  1. yes, we live across the continent from our two grand babies! :( but, lately, since they are about 3 and 1, and we have the technology on both ends... we have been staying in touch with Mac's FaceTime. ;D it's been GREAT! on their end, they carry their mom's iPad around the house, themselves, talking to us! and we talk to them on our laptops! and of course we visit in person as often as possible!
  2. Being a Grandparent is the most rewarding pleasure I have ever known!
  3. I'm a grandparent to 3 girls, who l dont see very much. But am about to be a live in grandparent to my 19 yr old daughters 1st born in Sept. can't wait for our extended family. Unfortunately we've been given alot of criticsim for that decision. we want to stay together as a family me, and 2 daughters raising a baby as a family unit- what wrong with that??
  4. The bond between children and grandparents is so strong because they have a common enemy !
  5. Sadly all my grand parent have passed away but I did have a very strong bond with all of them. I spent endless school holidays with them at their summer houses. My maternal grand father taught me how to fish, use and look after a rowing boat (old fashioned wooden ones), my maternal grand mother taught me how to pick mushrooms and which ones not to pick. Granny was the inspiration for reading and my paternal grand father taught me to drive a motor boat and made sure I kept the family interest in glass alive. In fact I do believe all of them have inspired me to take up family research.

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