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On the Road Again: MyHeritage goes to Washington DC

MyHeritage is on the road once again - this time to Washington DC for the 31st IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, August 14-19.

This time next week, Chief Genealogist Daniel Horowitz, Genealogy Advisor for the UK Laurence Harris and myself (Genealogy Advisor for the US Schelly Talalay Dardashti) will be attending, presenting programs and staffing the MyHeritage display booth.

From left: Laurence, Schelly and Daniel at the 2009 IAJGS Philadelphia Conference

We look forward to meeting with old friends, with happy MyHeritage users and making many new friends.

In addition to our new MyHeritage Challenge - read below for how you can participate - we are all speaking at the week-long event.

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Sons and Daughters Day: Five tips to make the most of it

As you delve further into your family history you will undoubtedly invest many hours into the pursuit. Whether that is painstakingly searching census records, gathering information from older relatives or, indeed, networking with others online, it is easy to become protective of your family tree and records. Why keep it all to yourself though? It’s easy to get your kids involved without letting them loose on your hard work.

The most beautiful and probably one of the most important aspects of tracking your family history, is the ability to share it with the young people in your life. That way, you can get them excited about their heritage and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a protégé to take the genealogical reigns in later life. So, why not make the most of Sons and Daughters Day and try a couple of MyHeritage's top tips with your offspring?

1. Let your kids use their mobile phones for something other than texting...

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Family Then and Family Now – 1970’s

On this day (August 7th) in 1975, Hollywood actress Charlize Theron was born.

Times have certainly changed since then and the type of family young Charlize could have expected to be born into, had she been born today, is rather different.

This is partially because of the progress that occurred in Theron’s native homeland of South Africa but more so because of the changing nature of family around the world.

Last year in Australia, the Institute of Family Studies released a great report on these changes highlighting the difference between the 1970's and today.

The report from Australia is a particularly useful one because, as a county of many immigrants from many places around the world, the country’s family statistics tend to mirror changes to family across the world as a whole.

Below are a few charts extracted from that report.

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Links We Like: Humor, a survey and a TV show

It's time for another edition of Links We Like.

This week, we have humor and history, a Canadian genealogy survey (but open to all) and a new UK family history show which will bring together Brits and Anglo-Indian relatives.

Humor and history

For a light-hearted look at history as it may have been written, check out this new, slightly irreverant genealogy blog - Today in Heritage History.

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Building your family tree? It could save your life.

A comprehensive family tree can ‘trump’ genetic testing for hereditary disease, say researchers.

Compiling or preparing an accurate family medical history appears to be of immense value in predicting family health risks, say researchers at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.... And there I was, mocking my granny for believing in such piffle and pseudoscience.

In the study, detailed family histories were taken of 44 individuals, nine of whom had a family history of colon cancer. Quite astonishingly, a genetic swab test deemed all nine participants were low-risk, although further tests showed that five of the nine carried a gene mutation linked to the cancer.

I’m sure we all have a vague idea of our own family risk factors, but perhaps investing some time to compile a comprehensive record may be a worthwhile move. Obviously, it is best to span more than a couple of generations, which may be time-consuming but think of the benefits!

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MyHeritage: Now in Latvian

Another language was added to MyHeritage.com this week. Your family site can now be displayed in 37 languages. As you’ll see in your language options, Latvian is now available.

With more than 92,500 Latvian users, we received many requests to add Latvian to MyHeritage.com.  We have great pleasure in finally being able to offer it as the first Baltic language in our list. 

It should prove useful for users in both Latvia and Lithuania, making it a little bit easier to connect on MyHeritage.com. Continue reading "MyHeritage: Now in Latvian" »

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Help Us Save Millions of Census Records From Being Destroyed

The Australian Census is coming up on August 9th and millions of records are at risk of being destroyed forever, stopping future generations from benefitting from the information.

We need your help to stop this, even if you are not in Australia. Please read on to see how you can help.

The Australian Census Night is on August 9, and it is a big moment for all Australian citizens. Of all the questions on the census, the one garnering most attention is Question 60, which asks respondents if they want their paper response stored in the national archives, to be released publicly in 99 years' time or if they want it destroyed immediately.

Those of you familiar with historical information in England, Wales and Scotland, for example, will probably be thinking “What’s so special about that?” considering the fact that census data from those countries has been preserved since 1841.

In Australia, however, that hasn’t been the historical case. Instead, once the statistical data has been captured, the actual census records have been religiously destroyed.

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Amy Winehouse’s Family Tree: a Humble Heritage

Two weeks ago the world was moved by the tragic death of Amy Winehouse, one of the best English singing talents ever. Many fans paid their respects, including singer George Michael who deemed her "the most soulful vocalist England has ever seen."

Amy Winehouse's family tree

Click on the image to see the tree

Many cried at what was clearly an early departure for such a young artist and the mourning, for many, still continues. At MyHeritage we have decided to pay tribute to Amy by doing what we do best and present her family history for posterity…

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More British Royal Joy As Zara Phillips Gets Married On The Weekend

There certainly wasn’t as much hype as for her cousin, William’s, £20 Million wedding, but another British Royal, Zara Phillips was married on the weekend.

Zara, the eldest grand-daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and the only daughter of Princess Anne, has always been revered for her willingness to maintain some semblance of normalcy in her life despite the surreal surroundings of British royalty.

Below is Zara's family branch from the British Royal Family Tree

You can see the whole tree on MyHeritage.com by clicking here

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