30    May 20100 comments

NGS Raffle Winners!

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet some of you at the National Genealogical Society (NGS) Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a well organized event, with many great speakers, product release announcements, with interesting companies furthering genealogical research, developing data protection and transforming family trees into works of art.  It was also a good chance to meet some of our users and those who are part of the international genealogy market. I staffed the MyHeritage booth with Daniel Horowitz, our Genealogy and Translations Manager, and we were happy with the enthusiasm shown towards our products. Together, we answered some of your questions, chatted about your family discoveries, and noted your thoughts about the strengths of our site and what users want to see as MyHeritage.com goes forward.

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28    May 20105 comments

A New Look for Our Message Boards

We posted recently about some genealogy forums online, and now we’ve got some news about our own.

We’ve just finished redesigning our message boards, and improving the way they look. We’ve given them a facelift, if you will, except instead of pinning back some skin and slotting in a silicone chin implant, we’ve simply changed a few colours and rearranged the html layout to make things look a little clearer.
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27    May 20100 comments

Good News for MyHeritage.com Users: More Smart Matches are on The Way!

A few months ago, as you’ll probably remember, MyHeritage.com completed a merger with the German family network group, OSN.

This change meant that several million new family trees from sites like verwandt.de, meusparentes.com, moikrewni.pl and others were added to our network, along with over 100 million profiles within those trees. The merger enabled former OSN users to make use of all of the technology at MyHeritage.com, but it’s also bringing benefits to existing users. Among those benefits are new Smart Matches within the significantly increased database.
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26    May 20100 comments

Acadian Research

Peninsula in Acadia National Park, Maine

Genealogists across the globe and particularly in Acadia have reason to celebrate. Champlain, the library at the University of Moncton, and the Center for Acadian Studies has recently acquired a large collection of documents from the National Archives of the United States.

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25    May 20102 comments

Where in Britain does your Surname come from?

It’s a question people often ask themselves. Your relatives may claim you’re one-sixteenth Scottish or descended from uphill sheep farmers in South Wales, but is there any way you can verify these claims – and quickly?
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24    May 20104 comments

Don’t Miss a Blog Beat

MyHeritage.com’s new blog has been off and running for a few weeks now. We hope you’ve enjoyed the new interface and extra content that it offers. Robert, myself, and other contributing members of staff have a lot of fun initiatives, interviews, dialogues, and contest planned to be released in the upcoming months. We hope you stay tuned and join in the discussion surrounding our posts.

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24    May 20100 comments

Success: The London Connection

The Singer family (Czernovitz, about 1830)

In February, our genealogy and translation manager Daniel Horowitz traveled to London for the Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE family history fair.

His visit enabled the reunion of two branches of his SINGER  family, who shared decades of information for the first time.

Read the full story about Daniel's happy reunion here at the MyHeritage Genealogy Blog.

23    May 20108 comments

Reflections on our Genealogy Awards

We appreciate your feedback on our Top 100 Genealogy Sites. The response has been overwhelming and far more intense than we would have expected. Thanks for everything you've sent!

In addition to the positive feedback, we are hearing the critical responses, including questions on how sites were picked and why some cornerstones of the online blogging community were not included.

This was a first-time effort, and we are sorry for what went wrong and the confusion it created. We have learned much
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20    May 20102 comments

Top 10 Tips for Interviewing Family Members

The recollections of family members, and the photos and documents they hold, provide a wealth of invaluable family history information. Always consider interviewing older relatives first as they will usually know more about the earlier generations of your family and, unless their knowledge is well documented before they die or their memory fades, then that information may be lost forever. Your relative may be the only person who knows from which country and town your immigrant ancestors came, additionally, if their family name was different in earlier generations, it most likely that your eldest relatives would know the original name.
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20    May 20106 comments

West Coast Genealogy Tour I

Daniel lecturing at NGS

Daniel lecturing at NGS

I have finally found time to write about my recent trip, which featured two intensive genealogy-focused weeks. I returned to a huge backlog of emails and other tasks and then had to firm up the details of my next trip.

First, I want to thank all the wonderful people who hosted me during this trip.

It kicked off in Grand Junction, Colorado, where Dale Seibert, of the local LDS Family History Center, invited me to the Family History Fair. This small town is simply beautiful, everyone is friendly and doors are open all the time. I gave four lectures on “Face Recognition” and “Family Tree Builder software”.

People were so kind - as they have been in every other place I have visited. I think the most amazing thing for them was to have someone from so far away visit. Believe me, I did it with pleasure.

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