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The MyHeritage Web Awards – Could You Be A Part of It?

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The team at MyHeritage is now laying the groundwork for a fantastic new project: the First MyHeritage Web Awards.

We'll scour online genealogy communities across the world, and recognize the best websites and blogs with this award. It's the first time we've done this, so it's very exciting.

Our expert judging panel has set three criteria: 1) high quality content; 2) originality in topic choice, approach and design; and 3) frequently updated content. We're hoping to showcase the best genealogy sites in smaller countries, as well as those as far afield as Greece, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
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An Author and a Family Tree Break the Rules

Monice Mitchell Simms' New Novel

Address: House of Corrections

Monice Mitchell Simms doesn't take no for an answer. During our interview she was buoyant, oozing with the panache of self-determined woman. "They said the demographic for the work [her work] doesn't read literature, I disagree," she said resolutely, speaking of her attempts to launch her new book, Address: House of Corrections, through traditional publishing houses. Monice has long been a writer, but one of a different ilk. Her career is paved by screenplays and journalism, featuring reportage with Newsweek Magazine and a debut film which aired on the Showtime network. But to the literary publishing world - she was as green as clover. After two years of constantly pushing her work, she decided to take another path: publishing, marketing and publicizing the book herself.

This is how we met, because Monice became a fan of Family Tree Builder.

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Martin Luther King Memorial Project

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

This April, it was 42 years ago pastor and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. passed away and to commemorate him and his legacy, an initiative is underway to build a memorial for him in Washington.

The memorial aims to highlight the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "honoring his national and international contributions to world peace through non-violent social change". It is also conceived as a place where visitors from all over the world can draw strength from his achievements.

The memorial will be completed when all the funds have been raised and will be built in Washington. Organisers hope it will be dedicated by 2011.

Martin Luther King is well known for his work to further equal rights for Americans.
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Is Genealogy Dangerous? Academic Says Yes, Hobbyists Say No

Family history research has become an increasingly popular pastime in recent years, but one expert has warned of the dangers it might unleash.

Dr Anne-Marie Kramer, from Warwick University, UK, cautioned today that would-be genealogists might find out more than than they bargained for. Speaking at the British Sociological Association’s annual conference in Glasgow, she said: "In investigating their family history, researchers could open up a Pandora’s Box of secrets and skeletons, such as finding there are family issues around paternity, illegitimacy or marriage close to birth of children, criminality, health and mental health and previous unknown humble origins."

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Genealogists rally to their hobby's defence online

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Who Do You Think You Are Series Set to Continue

WDYTYAGood news for all of you who enjoy watching genealogy in action: US television company NBC announced this week it will continue the Who Do You Think You Are Series due to its popularity. That means eight new episodes of the series will screen and who knows what celebrities will be discovering their roots then..

The series producer, Lisa Kudrow appreciates the vote of confidence and said: "It's very gratifying to tell compelling stories that personalize history while investigating someone's ancestry, and even more gratifying that American audiences are saying, 'Yes, we want to see that."
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Scottish Ancestry Celebrations: Tartan Day

Today is the official day to get out your kilts, showcase your scottish roots or bring out the whiskey on the occasion of Tartan day.

Click to view photo in full sizeTartan day is the celebration of Scottish ancestry which takes place in a number of countries including the United States and Canada and more obscurely, Argentina. It is also celebrated in Australia and New Zealand, but on July 1, as it commemorates the repealing of the Proscription act that tried to force the Scots to assimilate by banning them from wearing tartan.

In the U.S. this day honours the Americans of Scottish descent that have played an influential role in the development of the United States. Today, over eleven million Americans claim Scottish and Scotch-Irish roots, making them the eighth largest ethnic group in the United States..if that's no reason to celebrate!
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MyHeritage.com Releases Fan Charts & Family Books

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The new subheading Charts&Books

MyHeritage.com is pleased to announce the release of two new features to further animate your family tree data free to all our users.Introducing Fan Charts & Family Book. These two features offer visual chronological formatting of your family tree data and especially the Fan Charts are something many of you have asked us about in the past.
They are conveniently located under the "Charts and Books" tab you can find when browsing your family tree.
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Have a family-filled Easter!

happy easterAll of us at MyHeritage.com would like to wish you a happy Easter! May it be family-filled, bunny packed and eggelicious! We hope you'll have the time to enjoy those family traditions that make the holiday so special; the easter egg decorating or hunts, the family lunches with roast or easter bread, the easter egg rolling, like they do in the US, or even the solving murder mysteries as are common in Scandinavia.

As part of the Easter celebrations we want to point you to our Easter Special; a 30% discount on all premium subscriptions.

If you are enjoying exploring your family history, enlarging your tree and discovering long lost family members, this is the perfect time to go Premium at a very affordable price.
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“Snow Way This Can Be Real”, says MyHeritage user after making a shocking discovery

An Icebreaking Discovery

"Out of all the animals in the kingdom,
I can't believe I'm related to a human!"

An ice breaking discovery was made earlier this week when Anthony Peabody III discovered that his lineage led him directly to the North Pole. For the first time in the long history of family trees man is now connected to our furry northern (+ endangered) friends, the polar bear.

Early last Monday Anthony received news via Smart Matching, that his great great grandmother twice removed had indeed remarried, but it wasn't your typical Homosapien Sapien. "To say the least, I was shocked," said Anthony, who proclaims to have been researching his lineage for years on Family Tree Builder before making this snowy discovery. "But, then again, photos of my great great Aunt Davidina show uncanny musculature and people always talked of her propensity towards sardines." He believes their subsequent divorce to revolve around Austen's poor table manners and Davidinna's need for him to "bring home the tuna, he instead selfishly filled his time with hibernation, he literally hibernated for three months."
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