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MyHeritage.com powers Doppelganger Week on Facebook!

Doppelganger Week - My Look alikeBy now you've probably heard about Doppelganger Week, the latest trend on facebook. This week people replace their profile picture to the celebrity they resemble the most. And we are happy to tell you that MyHeritage.com has kind of become the unofficial supplier of Doppelganger Week:
Yesterday alone more than 750,000 photos have been uploaded to MyHeritage.com as part of the Doppelganger Week craze!

doppelgänger weekThe number of photos being uploaded is growing every minute and it's great to be in the eye of the storm of one of the biggest storms on the Internet right now. The whole thing was started by Bob Patel, who was teased by colleagues about him looking like Tom Selleck. So find your Doppelganger now and check over to facebook to replace your photo. Or you can find your look-alike directly on facebook. This is the message to post as your facebook status:

MyHeritage ... is taking part in Doppelgangerweek! During this week change your profile picture to someone famous (actor, musician, athlete) you have been told you look like...and repost this message.

If you have not yet replaced your facebook picture with a look-alike yet, get your look-alike now and join the game. We are happy to provide you with the technology to make this latest social networking fun possible.

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Tracing your family all the way to love

Genealogy couple finds loveWe really enjoy reporting to you about users that have found family members though our sites or its smart matches, especially when these reunions span countries or even continents.

But we had nothing to do with this surprise match, even if it was family history inspired and shows how many of you volonteer your time and efforts to help other family tracers.

Diane Davis found out the power of online genealogy networks four years ago when a message of contact she sent out unintentially ended up in the inbox of an Australian family history enthausiast.
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Australian traditions: Australia Day

Seeing as we've got a lot of Australian users we'd like to share with you a small part of their traditions which is the celebration of January 26, Australia day.

Australia dayAustralia day is, apart from a day off, a day Australians come together to celebrate, well... being Australian.

It is also the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of convict ships from Great Britain, and the raising of the British flag at Sydney Cove in 1788. The raising of the Union Jack there symbolised British occupation of the eastern half of the continent.

Australia day sprung from the arrivals' celebration of this settlement, but also of their love and pride for the land they settled in. They traditionally held anniversary dinners, formalized by Governor Lachlan Macquarie on the thirtieth anniversary of the day in 1818 by making it a public holiday.
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Celebrities to Populate your Genealogy Shows

Parker Broderick siteIt seems that all around the world TV producers are starting to catch on to the fact that genealogy is a fascinating field. The new generation of producers to realize such are US producers Lisa Kudrow and Henry Louise Gates Jr.
The result is the airing of NBC's 'Who Do You Think You Are?'' (WDYTYA) on March 5 and 'Faces of America' from Febuary 10.

Both shows feature a combination of glamour, celebrities and genealogy that should appeal to the seasoned family historian and the celebrity buff. The PBS line-up includes musician Yo-Yo Ma, Queen Noor, actors Malcolm Gladwell, Eva Longoria Parker and Meryl Streep, while the NBC has hooked Lisa Kudrow as well as actors Susan Sarandon, Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick and Brooke Shields.
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User Story: Knight, Masons and Loyalists

Leo Smith, 57, from Adelaide, South Australia contacted MyHeritage.com to thank us for helping him record and research his family history. So far he's found a Dutch and a French Canadian connection in his family as well as various stories ranging from family members fighting with William the Conqueror to relatives being early American settlers and serving in the Revolutionary war. Find his experiences with using our site below:

Click to view photo in full size
Leo, as a young boy

I became a member of MyHeritage.com in October 2009 when I found myself with a lot of time on my hands after a heart surgery. A neighbour told me about his family tree and I got interested. After trying a lot of sites I finally decided on MyHeritage.com. It was easy to use and with Smart Matches it become easier as time went on, so I finally upgraded to Premium Plus for better results.

In the short space of time I've been a member I've added 1753 People and 401 families to my tree. I have traced my mother's side is back about 17 generations and II'm yet to really start my fathers side. My mother's Marvell family dates back to France prior to the invasion of England by William the Conqueror as the Marvells went to England with him.
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Who Do You Think You Are Conference Next Month!

Rory Bremner, one of the celebrities telling all about his family history

The yearly Who Do You Think You Are conference is undoubtedly one of the major genealogical events in London, and in the whole of the UK. A day to tear down brick walls, meet fellow-minded family history enthausiasts, get your DNA tested on your families' geographical origin or simply wander around its many stalls,
its well worth your time if you're interested in family history. This year's conference is held from the 26th to the 28th of February in Olympia.

We attended the conference last year and thought it an absolute must. So with the conference fast approaching we wanted to let you know the MyHeritage team will be there again for you to meet an greet with. So note it down and then come over to our stall no 506! We're there for any technical questions, media queries or just to tell you more about our work and company.
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Video & Document Tagging

New: Name tagging for videos and documentsHappy 2010 again! We wanted to let you in on a few new features that will help you organize, identify, and expedite your documentation of media.

Your MyHeritage.com family site now allows you to tag your videos and documents.

Just like tagging your photos, you can ascribe family members names to any of your videos and documents uploaded to the site. Simply click the "Add Person" button to the right of the media, and type in the family members name.
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User Story: Indian Roots

Marsha Ali, 41, from Trinided, has a family which is spread out across the world. Her research into her heritage has helped her uncover a story that she shares with thousands of other Indians that have emigrated to Tobago. She tells us about it here:

Click to view photo in full size

Marsha Ali (in orange jumper) and Family

I have been a member of MyHeritage since February 2009 but I've been engaged in family research for fifteen years. I was introduced to the My Heritage website by a relative of my husband, who did a family tree on this website which got me interested.

Back in 1995 when Trinidad was celebrating 150 years of Indians who came from India I was inspired to do my family tree. I initially put pen to paper and started drafting out my mother's family (I was closer to her side) because I was interested in tracing back my roots in India. My brother and I are fourth generation Indian, but have always lived in Trinidad. I only have one brother but have a lot of family members both on my maternal and paternal side.
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Using Technology to Stay Connected With Your Family (Part 2)

This is the second in a two-part series on how social media technology is helping families stay better connected.

Following on from Part 1, where we discussed how social media is being used to help family members keep each other updated. Another common theme that emerged, while listening to people at Reboot Britain, was the use of technology to have conversations with family members.
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Praise for Family Tree Builder

The Family Tree Builder 4.0 has been out for a few months; plenty of time for you to try out the maps feature, play around with its family chat and explore the new photo options.

Family Tree Builder AwardWe've received a lot of good feedback about the new program (the bad we're taking onboard for newer versions) and so we wanted to draw your attention to some awards and reviews we've had of the program.

Gensoft reviews is a site launched by Louis Kessler, a long time programmer and genealogist, living in Winnipeg, Canada, which allows ratings and reviews by users of genealogy software.
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