30    Jan 20091 comment

We want your stories..

At MyHeritage we are always interested in hearing your stories. In fact, we have been running some of the stories we have heard about from you, our users, on our blog.

user story myheritage Previously, Paul, who has traced his family back an impressive seventeen generations, shared family anecdotes with us that he came across while researching his family history, while Liora told us how she brought 65 of the 132 family members she has on her MyHeritage site together at a family reunion.

So if you have discovered any distant family through MyHeritage, have rekindled a relationship through the site or have another nice, funny or intriguing story for us, email linde (at) myheritage (dot) com, because we would love to hear and write about it..!

Got any Valentine stories? With this special day coming up we'd love to hear them.
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MyHeritage Gift Shop Valentine’s Day Discount

Valentine gift romanticThe MyHeritage Gift Shop is welcoming the Valentine's Day season with a special MyHeritage gift offer! Use the promotion code below to receive 5% off any purchase from our UK store.

Just enter sendyourvalentine in the promo box when you confirm your purchase.

Choose from our exclusive Valentine's Day selection of flowers, chocolates, drinks, toys, cards, and more! Celebrate a lifetime of love and memories with a bottle of fine Pol Roger champagne delivered right to your door. Or surprise your sweetheart with a box of heart-shaped truffles or one of our luxury gift baskets - it's the perfect way to say, "I love you."

Visit today to make sure your gift arrives before Valentine' Day - it's only 2 weeks away!

MyHeritage US Gift Shop launching soon. Please check back for more updates.

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Welcome the Year of the Ox

Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival is the most important traditional Chinese holiday. It is not only celebrated in China but by Chinese communities and individuals all around the world. year of the ratBecause it is based on the lunar calender, the new year begins on varied dates from late January to mid-February. In 2009, Chinese new year falls on the 26th of January - the year of the Ox, year 4707 on the Chinese calendar.

The Chinese calendar follows a 12-year pattern with each year being represented by an animal. Those are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Dog and Pig. Depending on the year you are born, you are believed to have the various character traits of that years animal. The Ox in chinese zodiac implies hard-working, energetic and friendly.

So what do families do around Chinese New Year?
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Discovering MyHeritage: Edit your member profile

Community Member Profile MyHeritage Social Network FamilyAt MyHeritage there's another way to look for relatives, friends or even make new ones: our Community Section.

If you are interested in networking and contacting new people, you can find members with similar interests to you and connect with them in this section.

You can also build a complete member profile with some interesting information about yourself to let others find you.

You can find people through profile indications of their Interests, Age, Gender, Country or whether they have a profile photo or not. Or just look through the list of all the members of the MyHeritage Community.

This is how you set up your member profile:
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20    Jan 200910 comments

Inauguration Day 2009 – View Obama’s family relation to George Bush

barack obamaToday, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. It is only fitting that today we will look at his family history and see what stories we can unearth - his family includes an African tribal warrior and six American presidents! MyHeritage even shows you how Obama is related to President Bush!

Click to view Obama's full family treeOn his father's side, Obama's family goes back 12 generations to Miwiru. He was the grandfather of Owiny, a warrior-leader of the Luo, a tribe that migrated to Kenya about 400 years ago. The Luo fought many wars with the native tribes and the Bantu. After the wars, the Bantu women intermarried with the Luo men, but unfortunately the women's names and details are lost in the fog of history. This line was preserved through oral tradition, and there are very few written records, so precise dates and facts are lost.
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Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Martin Luther KingHappy Martin Luther King Day to all of our American friends! All of us know about Dr. King and all the work he did to further equal rights for Americans. But not as many of us know about his family, and there are some interesting stories to be found if you dig deep enough. To commemorate this day, we'll explore some of lesser-known stories from Dr. King's family history: his family's close connection with Ebenezer Baptist Church and the influence of his grandfather, Rev. Adam Williams.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was actually born Michael King, Jr. in 1924 in Atlanta, Georgia. His name was changed ten years later, after his family visited Eisleben, Germany. This is the birthplace of Martin Luther, who founded Protestantism. Michael King Sr. changed both his name and his son's name to Martin Luther in honor of him.
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Indian Families Celebrate Festivals

With the start of New Year in India, the celebration times with festivals have also started. MyHeritage wishes you a very happy Lohri, Makar Sankranti and Baisakhi to all the Indian families across the world. Enjoy the festive season and connect with your families world-wide with MyHeritage.com, the world's most popular family social network.

Indian families with kitesLohri is celebrated every year on 13th of January in India. It is a festival to worship fire. The story behind the festival is that at this time, Earth starts moving towards the sun, marking the auspicious period of Uttarayan. First, Lohri is very important for newlyweds and newborn babies, as it marks fertility. In a Hindu household, new utensils are purchased and used for the first time. Families fly thousands of beautiful kites all over the skyline. In Karnataka, men, women and children attired in colorful clothes visit friends and relatives and exchange pieces of sugarcane, a mixture of fried molasses, pieces of dry coconut, peanuts and fried gram. As part of the festival, cows and bulls are given a wash and the horns are painted with bright colors and decorated with garland, and are taken in a procession in the village to the accompaniment of pipes and drums. At night, people gather around the bonfire and throw puffed rice & popcorn into the flames of the bonfire. Prayers are offered to the bonfire for abundance & prosperity. People make merry by dancing & singing traditional folk songs. The whole event lasts for four days: the first day, Bhogi, the second day, Sankranti, the third day, Kanuma and the fourth day, Mukkanuma. Now, why fire?
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Now you can share videos, audios and documents with your whole family

Click to view photo in full sizeWe're happy to let you know that we just introduced yet another new way of sharing memories with your family: video, audio and document sharing. Many of you are already sharing you family photos but now you can share lots of other stuff as well.

Do you have videos of your children? Digital copies of old love letters? Audio material of your grandparents? This brand new MyHeritage feature was introduced to let you share this material on your family site.

It allows you to:
- Add files to your family site's home page
- Personalise your material
- Share photos, video, documents and audio files

It's free and easily accessible from your family site, just where you are used to find the photos.

This is how it works:
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Challenges and Stories from American Family Historians

MyHeritage US MembersHi everyone! I'm Carl, and I'm the Community Manager for the US here at MyHeritage. I'm based in London, but I'm originally from warm, sunny Los Angeles - and yes, I miss the weather!!!

Let me share with you some of the challenges Americans face in keeping in touch with their families, and some interesting stories from my family history.
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300,000,000 Profiles and Counting!

MyHeritage members communityAll of us at MyHeritage want to give a big, warm welcome to Marcella Leite from New York. Marcella created the 300,000,000th profile today, and we are happy she is part of the MyHeritage family!

As a welcome present, we'll send you a special MyHeritage T-shirt. Welcome, Marcella!

She has a fun and interesting story about how she joined:
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