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How to be a Lithuanian

How to be a Lithuanian As we recently launched our site in Lithuanian, we wanted to introduce you to the country of Lithuania as part of our country series. I visited Lithuania's capital Vilnius recently so I wanted to share with you some traditions I found out about there.

Lithuania is the most southern of the three Baltic states (the other two being Estonia and Latvia) and the largest and most populous of them. 84% of the population are ethnic Lithuanians with the two largest minorities being Poles and Russians. The Lithuanian language is part of the Baltic languages, which in turn are part of the Indo-European languages, a family of several hundred related languages and dialects, including most of the major languages of Europe.

In 2009, Lithuania will celebrate its millennium. The name Lithuania was mentioned for the first time in 1009 in the Annales Quedlinburgenses, a book dedicated to the history of the Holy Roman Empire.

So how does one go about being a Lithuanian? Here are a few of my tips. Of course there is much more to this beautiful country, but this is a start:
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What is Czechoslovakia?!

Czech beer, football players, Prague, Skoda cars - that's what most people think of when they hear about the Czech Republic or Slovakia. As country manager for these two countries and since this is my first post on the MyHeritage blog, I would just like to say hello and briefly introduce these two nations.

When people ask me where I come from and I reply "from the Czech Republic", it's always amusing to see how confused they are. Often they just reply "ah, Czechoslovakia." It has been 15 years since Czechoslovakia peacefully dissolved into two countries, but obviously there are still a lot of people who do not know about it.

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Who do they look like?

Some of you have gotten very creative with our celebrity face recognition. To give everybody else a taste of their creations, we have gathered some of the funniest ones below. There is a lot more on YouTube, if you are interested.

A big thank you to everybody who made one of those videos!

This one is by David Casserly, an Anna Paquin look-alike ;-) See the video to find out who else he looks like though.
Warning: the video is absolutely hilarious!

And here are more of our favorites:
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