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Nine additional languages on MyHeritage!


We have launched in nine additional languages!

Good news for all Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Lithuanian, Malay, Farsi, Romanian and Serbian speakers, you can now start building your family site in your own language and ask your family from around to world to join you.

The additional languages also make our new photo tagging available to more of you. If you haven't tried our new way of sharing and tagging people in photos already, have a look HERE.

Adding these languages brings the total of languages available on our site to 34 and this means we now cover more than 85% of the languages spoken on the web!

To celebrate our getting more and more international, we will feature each of the countries where these languages are spoken on our blog in the coming weeks. The series will kick off next week with our feature: "How to be a Lithuanian".
Insight tips guaranteed, so be sure to keep an eye on our blog!

29    Oct 20084 comments

Mapping online communities

Web Comic Randall Munroe recently mapped the online communities of this Internet world.

As there are 26 million MyHeritage users across the world, we've made the map a little bit more accurate... Check it out for yourself below:

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28    Oct 20080 comments

Happy Diwali from the MyHeritage Team

It is that time of the year when all Hindu families across the world get busy to celebrate festivals. Today the 'Festival of Lights' Diwali is being celebrated across all parts of India.

What does Diwali mean?

Diwali derives its origin from the Sanskrit word "Deepawali"- Deepa meaning light, wali meaning row, hence row of lights.

Why is Diwali celebrated?

Diwali is celebrated to commemorate the home coming of Lord Rama to his kingdom Ayodhya after an exile period of 14 years.

How is Diwali Celebrated?

All the houses look beautiful as people illuminate their homes with candles, earthen diyas and luminous bulbs. As a part of preparation, people white-wash their homes and maintain cleanliness in their surroundings. Family members wear new clothes as it is generally believed that Diwali brings wealth, knowledge to their homes and removes the darkness of ignorance.
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20    Oct 200810 comments

Where are the Spanish speakers?

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Hi, I'm Nicolas, I work at my MyHeritage as a Community Manager for the Spanish speaking countries. I am based in London but I come from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mine is a tough task, if you consider that the combined total of native and non-native Spanish speakers is estimated to be around 500 million people. After English and Chinese, Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world. It's therefore not surprising, that more than a million MyHeritage members come from Spanish speaking countries. Have a look at the cool MyHeritage Member Map.

Apart from Spain, a total of twenty countries in Latin America have Spanish as their first language, and a significant number of the population of four other countries also use it, including the United States, where it is the second most spoken language. The main non Spanish-speaking country in Latin America is Brazil, where they speak Portuguese.

We can track the origin of this fact back to
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16    Oct 20083 comments

The structure of Chinese names

I am Nan, the community manager at MyHeritage for the Chinese speaking countries. I would like to share with you the story of how Chinese people create their names - I hope you'll find it interesting.

Chinese characters Every single character in Chinese has explicit meanings; in general a character refers either to a physical object like a tree or a flower, or a concept such as beauty or strength. Finding out a Chinese name is like writing a poem, as you need to express meanings in just 2 or 3 letters. Unlike English names, Chinese people write their family name (normally a single letter) first and then their given name (one or two letters).

There are over 700 Chinese surnames, but only about 100 are commonly used. A list of Chinese surnames can be found here.
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15    Oct 20081 comment

Family dilemma solved: Who does your child look like?

My name is Natalia and I am the country manager for Russia. I worked for Kindo and now I am excited to be a part of MyHeritage!

Have you ever had an argument in your family whether a child looks more like mom or dad? I did and wanted to share the full story with you how MyHeritage helped me resolve my family dilemma.

There are times when anyone can easily determine if a child looks like dad or mom. But that is not always the case. It happens that even members of the family cannot agree on the matter.

Lately, looking at my daughter I started to wonder whether she looks more like my husband or me. In fact, it has been an ongoing discussion in our family for a while now. Every time we go to see my in-laws, they start saying how our little angel is a total copy of her father in his childhood or his grandmother, when she was a little girl, and even her great grandmother.

On the other side, when we visit my family, they say she looks like me, and like my mom and my grandmother. So my husband and I disagree on this topic. He believes that she looks like me and often when I look at her, I see him. If not for MyHeritage, I would probably still be trying to figure out how to solve this "family argument".

The look-alike meter One evening I was doing some research for the blog and found an article on cool features of MyHeritage. I was thrilled to find that there is such a great feature as the Look-alike Meter.

Of course, I tried it out. I uploaded decent pictures of my husband and me, and found a recent picture of our daughter. While waiting for the result I was speculating on what the percentage could be... I thought she would be 30% looking like me and 70% - like her daddy.

Just imagine how surprised I was to see that there is only 4% difference. And actually she looks more like me than my husband! She also got my temper and personality, but this is a totally different story ;-)

So if you or someone you know has the same dilemma we had in my family, try our Myheritage Look-a-like Meter!

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The London team is rocking FOWA

Nan with the Wii Rock Star guitarWhile dropping by the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) conference in London on Thursday afternoon we stumbled upon Reshma from Seedcamp sitting at an empty booth in the middle of the fairground. For some reason they couldn't man the stall for the whole duration of the conference which sparked the idea of taking over it.

The event organizers from Carsonified were fine with it as well, so we started improvising and together with Bendik came up with the idea of building...
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Kindo and MyHeritage in Real Life

We've had a couple of wonderful days in Israel, getting to know our new friends in Israel. This picture is from yesterday evening, taken just after we finished a late dinner in Tel Aviv. As you see we're all smiles, Kindo and MyHeritage now being one.

By the way, of all the nice things I've experienced here in Israel, Shakshouka is top of my list. I could eat it morning, lunch, evening, and as a mid-day snack.

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PHOTO: From left to right: Nils, Shmulik, Martin, Saar, Mario, Daniel.

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Thanks for all your thoughts about MyHeritage and Kindo

Screenshot Press Page MyHeritageThis is just to say thank you for all the blogposts and articles that you have written about the new bonds between Kindo and MyHeritage. We were really stunned by your interest, there were at least 130 of you who wrote about us on their blogs and websites.

There are the big American ones like Techcrunch, Venturebeat, Gigaom, but we also care about all the great blogs in other languages, however big or small. And even if we can only put a small selection on our MyHeritage press page, we are putting a full list of all posts about the Kindo MyHeritage story here on the blog. It is sorted by country (though many blogs probably see themselves as international), so let's dive right into it and start with

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