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Smart Matching 2.0 released!

In celebration of the holidays - the perfect time for spending quality time with family - we have a new announcement to share with you. The combined teams of Pearl Street Software and MyHeritage have been hard at work, developing next generation technology to connect family trees. We now bring you Smart Matching 2.0, and it's free! For you, this means new technology available to help you grow your family tree.

What is Smart Matching™?
Smart Matching is a specialized genealogy technology developed by Pearl Street Software and further advanced by MyHeritage, to connect family trees. It works by comparing millions of names, facts and connections intelligently. When two family trees are connected, both their owners are informed, and benefit from the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other. Imagine the discoveries made possible when hundreds of thousands of family trees become connected...

What's new in Smart Matching 2.0?
Smart Matching 2.0 has just gotten smarter. Behind the scenes, new algorithms were added to cover spelling and phonetic variations, understand nicknames, handle synonyms and deal with ethnic variations. In the front, a brand new AJAX interface has been added for viewing any two matching trees side-by-side, to help tree owners quickly spot what they may learn from the other tree. Using Smart Matching 2.0, MyHeritage is well on its way to build a connected family tree of the world, with 200 million names and many more added every day.

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PHOTO: New AJAX display of Smart Matches (Click to enlarge)

How can I enjoy Smart Matching 2.0?
If you already have a family tree on MyHeritage, visit your family site and click the 'Smart Matches' link. Otherwise, go to MyHeritage and start a free family tree today, Smart Matching is included!
In the next few days we will be emailing all users for whom positive Smart Matches were found, with links to view their Smart Matches securely. Prepare for some exciting new discoveries in your family tree!

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PHOTO: More Smart Matches (Click to enlarge)

Happy holidays!

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MyHeritage Research upgrade

MyHeritage Research, the genealogy search engine on MyHeritage.com, has been significantly upgraded this week. This genealogy tool specializes in finding ancestors and advancing your family research. There is nothing else quite like it on the Internet. It is free and you're invited to use it on this link: Genealogy super search.

MyHeritage Research now searches across more than 10 billion records to provide you the most extensive genealogy searches available anywhere on the Internet, and it's free. This week we've added hundreds of new genealogy databases to its coverage. So even if you've tried it in the past, you're encouraged to use our new version, as you're likely to find more results.

To use MyHeritage Research, click Free genealogy search.
In the search form, enter the last name you are researching, or a combination of a first name and last name.
MyHeritage Research will then search for it in 1,400 genealogy databases and Websites on the Internet that cannot be searched by regular search engines like Google. Searches can look for an exact spelling, or multiple spelling variations (we call this Megadex). Because of the sheer extent of this search engine, some searches may take several minutes to complete. This search engine is particularly useful if you are researching a rare last name, or an uncommon combination of a first name and last name.

We also have good news for anyone interested in Jewish Genealogy. Thanks to our new collaboration with JewishGen, the top Website for Jewish genealogy, we've been able to add a JewishGen All-in-one search to MyHeritage Research. So searches on MyHeritage Research will now include almost all JewishGen databases, a feature not available anywhere else on the Web.

If you would like to share success stories, or send requests for covering additional sites in MyHeritage Research, or have bugs to report, please use our MyHeritage Research support forum. We appreciate all feedback!

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PHOTO: Megadex - useful research synonyms suggested by MyHeritage Research

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PHOTO: MyHeritage Research - 1,400 genealogy Websites covered in every search!

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