AI Time Machine™ Goes Viral Around the World

AI Time Machine™ Goes Viral Around the World

AI Time Machine™ is our incredible new feature that enables you to transform yourself into historical figures. Since the launch of AI Time Machine™, it went viral, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the countless people worldwide who have found joy, surprise, laughs, and excitement in time travel.

Find out why AI Time Machine™ has grown into a viral global phenomenon and try AI Time Machine™ for yourself. 

Here are some of the latest  AI Time Machine™ appearances on TV shows, news articles, and social media.


Morning shows all over the globe were having a lot of fun with AI Time Machine™.

On Fox and Friends, hosts Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Ainsley Earhardt, Carley Shimkus, and Janice Dean were amazed to discover what they may have looked like as historical figures.

Here is Steve Doocy as a Viking and in the 19th century: 

And Brian Kilmeade as a Roman soldier and a scientist in the 1930s:

Janice Dean later tweeted:

Watch the full Fox & Friends segment here.

On Denmark’s morning show, Go’ morgen Danmark (Good Morning Denmark), hosts Adam Duvå Hall and Ida Wohlert were delighted to see how the AI Time Machine™ depicted them through history.

Upon seeing herself as a Russian Tsarina, Ida remarked, “Oh, that’s genius!”

And upon seeing host Adam Duvå Hall as a Greek God, Ida commented, “Wow, it gets better and better!”

On the popular French TV show Midday TV with William à Midi on Canal+, the hosts enjoyed their time-travel experiences. 

Afterwards they tweeted, “AI Time Machine™ and @MyHeritageFR, we had a lot of fun on set.” (Translated from the French).

In Portland, Oregon, news station KOIN6 featured AI Time Machine™ in their Tech Tuesday segment with Greg Nibler.

The hosts couldn’t get enough of seeing Greg throughout history. The segment showed his AI Time Machine™ images as a Roman soldier, Civil War General, 1930s scientist, and more. 

Here is Greg as a Vincent Van Gogh painting:

You can watch the segment here.

In the News

Here are some of the latest articles featuring AI Time Machine™:

Yahoo shared, “Time Travel via Selfies? Yes, Please! What To Know About This Instantly-popular AI Photo Trend”

Author Kelsey Pelzer declares, “MyHeritage is bringing the ultimate throwback photos to everyone’s feeds.”

She continues, “Those of us who are active on social media love a good selfie. So much so, in fact, that we are even downloading apps and signing up on websites that help make our selfies more creative…others are completely obsessed with the MyHeritage AI Time Machine.”

CNET shared, “How to Use MyHeritage’s ‘AI Time Machine’ and Send Your Face Back in Time”

Author Abrar Al-Heeti was amused by her results.

Here she is as an Ottoman Bride, “Me as an Ottoman bride. This was a good way to work in the hijab.”

Bustle shared, “This AI Filter Shows How You’d Look In Different Time Periods”

“At least once before you may have said “I was born in the wrong decade,” whether wholeheartedly or totally ironically.  While actual time travel is not on the table (yet, at least) MyHeritage, the genealogy platform, has an AI Time Machine so you can see what you would look like during different historical time periods.”

Business Insider Spain shared, “This app lets you see what you would be like in Victorian times, Ancient Egypt, hippy splendor, or outer space” (Translated from the Spanish).

They wrote “Artificial intelligence not only makes it possible to contribute to solving big problems — from driving a wheelchair with your mind to reducing food waste by thousands of tons or facilitating faster medical diagnoses — but also helps you create fun images and that are enjoyable to view and share with friends.” (Translated from the Spanish)

Infobae featured AI Time Machine™, “This is how you can see how a person would look at different times in history. Looking like a medieval knight or a 19th century woman is possible thanks to this artificial intelligence tool”

AI Time Machine™ also made its way to Japan. It was featured in this article by CNET Japan


Daniel Kraft tweeted:

Glizzy McGuire tweeted

Claude-Emmanuel tweeted: I used MyHeritage and it did me good! (Translated from French)

All_About_Lyon tweeted

Deb tweeted a video of her time-travel experience: 

John Nosta tweeted:

Lisa from Germany tweeted: “OMG, I tried this MyHeritage filter. How beautiful they are.” (Translated from the German)

And then added, “I should definitely dye my hair black again.”

Kelly Varner tweeted: 

Lifelines Research tweeted: 

Heather Wylie tweeted: 

@thewillhen tweeted: 

Stiff Socks Podcast tweeted a great time-travel video of his images

Paul Bloomer tweeted:

James Davis tweeted: 

Madisynn tweeted:

Jasmine Meadows tweeted: 

And Mark DeLoura tweeted: 


Here are some of our favorite viral TikTok videos:

@Theazrai shared:


Seeing myself in “history,” even though I’m not truly in my own. I cried. #aitimemachine #heritageai #greenscreen #trans

♬ theres so much happiness here i love it – $5.98

Mattysirois shared, “Blessed and cursed at the same time” upon seeing how the AI Time Machine tackled his mustache in each era. 


Blessed and cursed at the same time. #aitimemachine #timemachine #mustache #aitrend #timeperiods #mustachesoftiktok #timemachinechallenge #gay #lgbt

♬ You Should Be Dancing – The Michael Kane Band

Antoniah_96 shared, “Endless entertainment with the @myheritage AI Time Machine “


Endless entertainment with the @myheritage AI Time Machine tbh. #ai #aitimemachine #aigonewrong

♬ original sound – antonia 💫

Dash Rendar shared: “This is some of the coolest results I have ever seen… this is super fun, honestly it turned out really cool


Replying to @im_hot_will #myheritage #ancestors #ancestry #primal #warrior #dnd #dndtiktok #nerd #fantasy #aitimemachine @MyHeritage #conan #barbarian #fittok #gymtok

♬ Prologue: Anvil Of Crom (From “Conan the Barbarian “) – Geek Music

Aengelrosegreenfield shared, I’m so floored at these!! 🤯 I saw so many people on my feed posting their Time Machine pics from and I had to try. So glad I did! Little me would have been OBSESSED. 😍😍😍


I’m so floored at these!! 🤯 I saw so many people on my feed posting their Time Machine pics from and I had to try. So glad I did! Little me would have been OBSESSED. 😍😍😍 #AI #TimeMachine #SoCool #Trend #ÆngelHealing #Portrait #Omg

♬ these videos are adorable – 🪶starling

Beau.james.perussich was very surprised by his results: 

“Jumped on the AI Heritage Trend and I am now convinced I am living in the wrong Time Period.”


Very surprised! #ai #myheritage #myheritageaitimemachine #aitimemachine #fyp #foryoupage

♬ original sound – EX7STENCE™

Heatherlvo shared “ This healed me in many ways.”


this healed me in many ways #greenscreen #heritageai #timemachine

♬ these videos are adorable – 🪶starling

ASLAN PAHARI shared ” Have a look at that. I look like a merchant from the Indus that has arrived at the Greek capital. For real that’s so cool.”


#history #ai #timemachine #ancient #learn #facts

♬ sonido original – matybarria20

Youmumdajah shared, Loved her Van Gogh photos and declared they will be her new profile pics, “Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Van Gogh really painted me!


idek what i look like anymore #fyp #myheritage #greenscreen

♬ original sound – daj

Mollythemom shared, “Have you seen this AI Time Machine? My kids now think I should be a punk rocker.”


My kids now think I should be a punk rocker.

♬ Storytelling – Adriel

Have you time-traveled yet? Travel through history and see yourself like never before with AI Time Machine™.