Enter our Deep Nostalgia™ Challenge for a Chance to Win!

Enter our Deep Nostalgia™ Challenge for a Chance to Win!


Everyone is talking about Deep Nostalgia™, our brand-new feature that animates the faces in your family photos. Users from all over the world have been thrilled, awed, and deeply moved to see the faces of long-lost loved ones coming to life before their very eyes. 

Now we want to celebrate your ancestors with our new #DeepNostalgiaChallenge! Share the Deep Nostalgia™ animation of your ancestor with the hashtag #DeepNostalgiaChallenge on any social platform, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or TikTok and tell us what moves you about seeing your ancestor in this new way. 5 lucky entrants will win a MyHeritage Complete plan, which will allow them to animate as many images as they want and explore their family history with the full suite of MyHeritage’s technological tools!

To enter the #DeepNostalgiaChallenge:

We love a good story, so tell us about your ancestors and what it means to you to see them come alive. Is this the first time you are seeing this person in motion, or the first time in many years? What stories about them do you know? What do you admire most about them? Do they remind you of someone else in your family? How did your family members react when you showed them this animation? We want to know everything!

MyHeritage user, Deirdre Durran, reached out to us to share the incredible story about a photo of her mom. 

I traced my birth mother when I was in my 30’s only to discover she had passed when I would have been 17. There are no videos of her so it was amazing to see her smile for the first time. Thanks to the MyHeritage team for such a lovely addition. I would love my mother’s image to be shared. Her name is Ita Cahill.

What’s the story behind your family photo?

The contest starts today, March 11, and ends March 31st. The winners will be announced on April 1, 2021. You can enter as many times as you’d like so start posting your entries today.

Good luck! We can’t wait to see your family stories come to life!

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