Family Tree Builder Now Available for macOS Catalina and macOS High Sierra

Family Tree Builder Now Available for macOS Catalina and macOS High Sierra

We’re happy to announce that Mac users with operating systems Catalina and High Sierra can now download and use MyHeritage Family Tree Builder, for free! Enjoyed by millions of users around the world, our family tree software combines innovative technologies with easy-to-use features.

We have received frequent requests from users who have one of the two Mac operating systems and wanted to continue using Family Tree Builder, their favorite genealogy software. It was important to us to enable these users to continue their family history research, build their family trees, add photos, access historical records, and more within Family Tree Builder. We thank you for your patience as we worked on this version. 

This version of Family Tree Builder for Mac, like the previous one, is a Family Tree Builder Mac version that looks the same as our desktop software for Windows, and does not require Windows or any additional setup or configuration when downloaded. It uses a system for porting Windows software to Mac called CrossOver by CodeWeavers.

Download Family Tree Builder for free

Family Tree Builder’s main features run the same in the Family Tree Builder Mac version, including Sync with MyHeritage, Smart Matches™, Record Matches, the Consistency Checker, charts, etc. However, there are several minor features not compatible with the Mac OS X that will be unavailable for Mac users. 

Once you have downloaded the file, double click on the downloaded file to open the Disk Image. On the window that appears, simply drag the MyHeritage Family Tree Builder icon to the macOS Applications folder.

Once installed, the software will run directly on Mac computers. 

Learn more about the features of Family Tree Builder in the MyHeritage Knowledge Base



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  • MARY A Stair

    October 19, 2020

    Do you have this for windows too ?

    • E


      October 20, 2020

      Hi Mary,

      Family Tree Builder has always and continues to be available for Windows users.

      Esther / MyHeritage Team

  • Gus

    October 29, 2020

    Finally a Catalina version. Very long wait was disappointing particularly as developers know about 64 bit Mac software needs long ago. However, I am happy I now have it.

  • Colin Block

    November 8, 2020

    I’m glad it’s finally available.

  • Vance clarke

    November 8, 2020

    Great addition to the site

  • Janette Dulihanty

    November 9, 2020

    I am delighted that after a long time I am able to open my existing Family Tree Builder. At times I wished that I had never changed to a MacPro but it was a case of hanging in there. Thanks for the very vital updated software.

  • Jeremy Dahl

    November 9, 2020

    FYI – I just installed CrossOver on my Linux machine and successfully installed and started Family Tree Builder on Ubuntu 20.

    I think you can advertise that as well at least as a beta.

  • Antony Rose

    January 8, 2021

    I am interested to read about your system improvements but at the same time somewhat disgruntled to discover that you have not kept up to speed with Apple Mac developments . I recently upgraded my Mac with the newly introduced macOS Big Sur software and found that of all my Apps., family tree builder was the only one to fail to work on non-compatibility grounds. My family tree has been on family tree builder for many years and this turn of events has wrecked my genealogical endeavours. When please do you expect to have a compatible solution.

    • E


      February 27, 2021

      Hi Antony,

      We are now compatible with Big Sur as well.

      MyHeritage Team

  • Pat Parsons Pat , United Kingdom Parsons

    February 2, 2021

    Does this work on Mac OS Big Sur? I’ve downloaded the app but it won’t launch.

    • E


      April 11, 2021

      Hi Pat, We now support Big sur as well!