COVID-19 Update and the Importance of Social Distancing

COVID-19 Update and the Importance of Social Distancing

We would like to update you that all is well with MyHeritage.

As the safety of our employees is a top priority for us, as of yesterday morning we have required all of them to switch to working from home, and we have temporarily closed all our physical offices. We are experienced with remote work and well prepared for it, and we will continue to serve our users this way.

At MyHeritage, we now practice social distancing to the fullest and we encourage our employees to do this in their daily lives too. This is also our strong recommendation to our users and the general public. Social distancing — avoiding public spaces and reducing physical proximity to other people outside of one’s immediate family members to the utter minimum — is critical in the global battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. According to medical experts, by “flattening the curve” of infection, we can prevent the virus from overwhelming healthcare systems and help ensure that anyone who needs medical attention will have access to it. We invite you to read more about the benefits of social distancing, as illustrated through useful simulations in this Washington Post article.

Please keep yourselves, your families, and your communities safe. We’ll be here with suggestions, ideas, and inspiration in the domain of family history to help you get through these difficult times with some enjoyable genealogical activity. Stay tuned.

Wishing you all the best of health.

The MyHeritage Team