Why Are DNA Kits Such Popular Holiday Gifts?

Why Are DNA Kits Such Popular Holiday Gifts?

Home DNA Kits have been one of the bestselling products on Amazon during the holiday season in the past several years.

Why are so many people choosing to purchase MyHeritage DNA kits as holiday gifts?

They open the door to powerful discoveries

Learning about where you come from is such a powerful and meaningful experience. At MyHeritage, we’ve watched so many people make amazing discoveries about their family histories, and the looks of anticipation, wonder, and surprise on their faces as they make that discovery move us every time.

MyHeritage makes every effort to make these moments special for users, from our sleek, modernistic packaging to our dramatic DNA reveal animation.

They bring families together

When you purchase a MyHeritage DNA kit for a family member, you’re doing more than helping them learn about where they come from. You’re helping them learn about the common history you share, strengthening the bond between you in a profound way.

This can be especially meaningful for people who are searching for lost family members. John Cummings received a MyHeritage DNA kit for Christmas last year, and it turned out to be the gift of a lifetime: it led him to the family he’d been searching for for years. His is just one of countless stories about how MyHeritage DNA reunited long-lost families.

They’re gifts that keep on giving… for generations to come

MyHeritage DNA is not just about discovering the past and connecting to the present. It’s about benefiting future generations, too. Imagine if your DNA test could connect you directly to an ancestor who lived 50, 100, 200 years ago. Well, in 50, 100, or 200 years’ time, that’s the gift you’ll be giving to future generations.

Furthermore, the MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry kit provides users with powerful insights about their health. These insights empower users to make smarter choices and informed decisions when planning their future — and the information can benefit future generations as well.

So many reasons why a MyHeritage DNA kit makes the perfect gift this holiday. Ready to purchase yours? Click here to purchase for just $49 — our holiday DNA sale price!