#IAmMigration: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

#IAmMigration: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

We are excited to share an extraordinary documentary produced in partnership with MyHeritage: I Am Migration. The film celebrates diversity in the United States and the range of cultures that come together to make the United States a truly vibrant mosaic of people. 

Two years ago, Paola Baldion started a campaign called #IAmMigration. Paola posted a video in which she dressed up in traditional cultural garb representing the many ethnicities she discovered in her DNA results. By portraying these cultures, Paola illustrated that we are each a unique mix. What started as an awareness movement aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion of migrants in society has turned into a timely and relevant reminder of the true diversity of humankind. 

MyHeritage partnered with Paola, providing her with MyHeritage DNA tests as she traveled throughout the United States, giving voice to individuals from all walks of life and providing first-hand insight into the triumphs and challenges of migrants of all backgrounds and at all phases of their migratory journeys.

Visit the I Am Migration website 

Paola’s journey began on social media and evolved into a full documentary that recently had its world premiere in Los Angeles.

Here are some photos from the event: 

The documentary was created to be seen and shared, and we’re excited to present it to you online for free. We’ve also produced a Spanish version of the documentary, and there is a lot of other great content to see on the I Am Migration website.  

Paola’s impressive project continues to gain traction and grow. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Let us know what you think about the documentary and tell us about your family’s unique migration path!