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Do you have a mystery in your family that you are itching to solve? Maybe you’ve found a war medal tucked away in an old box and you don’t know whose it was, or perhaps you found a mysterious locket with initials you don’t recognize. There can be a number of different mysteries that you have in your family, and we want to hear about them!

We want to help you find the answers. Our dedicated team of researchers will help a few select winners research and solve their family mysteries! Send your mystery to us at or comment below for a chance to have it solved.

Elusive Family Mysteries

Here are some possible mysteries you may have in your family:

    • Do you have a family member with whom your relatives lost contact with during a war and you want to track down their descendants?
    • Would you like to learn the truth about a family legend that has been passed down for generations?
    • Are there war medals that were once in your family that you would like to find?
    • Do you have old handwritten letters sent to or by someone you don’t know?
    • Has your family lost art during wartime?
    • Have you found an old diary written by someone you’ve never heard of before?

We are calling on all families to share your family mystery, whether it’s similar to one of those listed above, or something completely different.

Past Research Successes

In the past, MyHeritage has helped families solve historical mysteries. Here are just a few examples:

Genealogical Detective Work Solves Looted Art Mystery
Last year, the Dutch Museum Association audited their collection of artwork to determine which works were presumably stolen from their original, Jewish owners by Nazis during WWII. They published a list of 170 pieces of artwork that were discovered in the audit. MyHeritage set out on a pro bono initiative to search for living descendants of the original owners, who are the rightful heirs of the stolen artwork. Laurie Greene is one such heir. The MyHeritage team called Laurie and surprised her with the news that she is eligible to claim 133 illustrations that were stolen from her great-uncle, Mommie Schwartz, a famous Dutch-Jewish painter.

Left, a portrait of Dutch artist Mommie Schwarz by his wife Else Berg, and right, a self-portrait by Mommie Schwartz.

The KGB, the Iron Curtain, and a Decades-Old Family Mystery Finally Put to Rest
After countless attempts to locate long-lost family members who disappeared in the former Soviet Union 80 years ago, Rani Markovich always assumed that he would never be able to reunite with his grandfather’s lost family. All this changed when Rani enlisted the help of MyHeritage Founder and CEO, Gilad Japhet. With rare KGB records and detective work conducted on the ground and on Facebook, the family’s decades-long mystery was finally solved, culminating in a triumphant family reunion in the USA.

Watch their emotional reunion here:

A Story of Survival and a Silver Matchbox
Elda Bivas Gambash searched for the descendants of a man named Shimon Luria for over thirty years. Shimon saved her grandfather’s life during WWI by giving him food during his captivity.

Shimon Lurie from the Jewish Battalions, c. 1917–1918.

Shimon had also given her grandfather a silver matchbox that her grandfather cherished throughout his life.

A hand-carved silver matchbox engraved with Shimon’s name and details.

Thanks to MyHeritage, the Gambash family was finally able to pay tribute and thank the family for Shimon’s generosity.

Family Reunited Thanks to MyHeritage DNA

Mitch Yurkovich was adopted as a baby and was always curious about his biological family. He searched for them for many years. In turn, his parents were always hoping that Mitch would come back home, having no record of Mitch’s whereabouts due to his closed adoption. Imagine his surprise when a  DNA Match led him to his biological parents, who were still together, and who had married and had two more children! Thanks to MyHeritage, Mitch met his mother, father, and siblings for the first time.

Mitch reunites with his biological family in New Mexico.

MyHeritage Returns WWI Medal to Soldier’s Family

MyHeritage helped return a World War I British War Medal to a soldier’s family. 40 years ago, the medal was found in Australia by Rob McCaw while using a metal detector in a field. Since then, Rob had tried to find the medal’s rightful owner. With the help of MyHeritage, Rob found the soldier’s descendants and was finally able to return the medal to them.

Watch the moving video below:

We want to hear about your family mysteries!

Send us your unsolved family mystery to or comment below for a chance to have your mystery solved by our talented Research team!

We can’t wait to begin breaking through those brick walls!

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  • Denise A Brown

    July 3, 2019

    I am very interested in finding out what ever became of a great -great uncle after he left his wife with three little children his where about unknown. Elijah A. Brown (1867 -1944) born maybe St. Clair Michigan and raised in Charlevoix,Michigan married Hattie Bovie – children Edward, Elizabeth, James Brown he left his family never to be heard of again. I found a pencil writing stating possible buried Lakeside Arizona his children have died grandchildren are in the 80’s still would like to know what became of their grand father if he married again and had other children. I would so happy if Marcia, Alice Dell could find out what happen to their grand father. Sincerely Denise Brown


    July 3, 2019

    There seems to be one small document proving that Ann Owsley (married to Edward Garrett) was the daughter of Thomas Owsley. This particular document has kept me from joint an important Lineage Organization. Every other. organization I belong to has accepted it. Please help to find proof. It seems to the current registrar of the organization has decided to make this his mission to deny what previous registrars before him have. Please.

  • Linda

    July 3, 2019

    Yes, I would love them to fi d my family mystery!!! I have worked and still can’t solve out on my own.

  • Craig Jones

    July 4, 2019

    I have a couple of problem areas in my dad’s tree

  • nada willingham

    July 4, 2019

    I have done all I can (within my limited knowledge base to trace my Welsh British Army V

  • Aimee Jansen

    July 4, 2019

    I love love love these stories. We have a great family mysterie also.
    Who can I mail it to?
    I’m afraid to put it out in the open in case there are still family members alive from ‘that’ side of the family.

  • Mary Dunn

    July 4, 2019

    I would live to find my 5x Great Grandfather’s place of birth in France. At a dead end of search.

    Peter (Pierre) Collignon
    Birth Circa 1810, Alsace -Lorraine,France
    Death Oct 18 1885, Fulda, Spencer, Indiana, United States
    Departure Le Havre, France
    Immigration 1840 New York, New York, United States
    Married Catharina Elizabeth Collignon (born Deber (Daufer)?)
    Three children born in France, Catherine, Peter and John

  • Amby

    July 5, 2019

    My husband great grand father, Albert Thomas Beverly Rogersb. 1819 in Spartanburg, SC. When my hubby did DNA it turns male line is Stephens. I have worked on this over 30 years, could use some help.

  • Ann Clayton

    July 5, 2019

    I am having a very hard time finding family on both grandfathers….AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!! There is no one in my family alive to ask!!

  • Barbara Beed

    July 5, 2019

    My Great Grandfather is my mystery – Grandfather’s Birth Certificate states Father Unknown but now DNA has thrown up this whole cluster of people some from the district my Grandfather was born – where do I start-how do I put them into my tree and make it all fit together – would love to solve it.

  • Janet Russell

    July 7, 2019

    My 2GGF Louis/Lewis Snowden b curca 1826 d. 28th May 1878 was believed to have jumped ship near Melbourne Circa 1855/56. He called himself a Black American and worked in the Ballarat Goldfields. He married Jane Irving Dark 1833-1875 and had 9 children. We cant find anything on Louis or his past life in America

  • Celia sim

    July 7, 2019

    I would love to find the birth and mothers name of my great grandfather.

  • Carl H. Bloss

    July 7, 2019

    COULD YOUR ANCESTOR ACTUALLY HAVE TURNED DESERTER/TRAITOR? A member of the Battle of Long Island Flying Camp – no records of many survivors – so listed as died. However, I uncovered a document showing same name, 3 days after Battle recruited by British and sent to Nova Scotia with a land grant of 1000 acres . Scouring Canadian records/ many lost from that era/ shows no sign of him – no death/ no marriage/ no burial? Back home, he was never seen or heard of again. I have written a research thesis compiling all the evidence but with no finality. HELP!

  • Catherine Allen

    July 7, 2019

    My mystery is finding my great grandfather’s father. Seems easy enough right? Wrong! My great grand father is John Harper Norris. I actually know who his mother is Tabitha Chandler (fortunately her family were Quakers) but the only thing I can find on her marriage is she married a “Mr. Norris”. So I had my brother do a YDNA test. Not one single match for a Norris but 7 matches & 4 with the surname of Wright.

  • Ann C Gilchrest

    July 7, 2019

    Family Mystery Number 101

    Benjamin Vero born 27 March 1842 at Caretts Croft, Dewsbury, England.

    Benjamin was born to Ann Vero a single woman. Ann never married and had at least three children.
    1. John Vero was born 15 June 1838 in Dewsbury,
    2. Benjamin 27 March 1842
    3. Maria Vero. Marie who died before 9 April 1846.

    Are they all from the same father? Who was their father and or fathers? Why would a woman have so many children out of wedlock?

    Ann died 8 July 1846 in Carretts Croft. She was 30 years old. Her cause of death was tuberculosis. Twenty days after Ann died her older brother John died also from tuberculosis.

    Both of Ann’s sons grew to adulthood married and had children. Her son John remained in England and died 24 May 1913 in Moor Cottage, Dewsbury. Benjamin immigrated to American arriving in New York City on 4 October 1875. He went to Philadelphia where he died on 16 October 1931.

    There are no remaining male descendants of Benjamin Vero. I jokingly say I am going to have the last male descendant of Benjamin’s dug up to get his DNA. Perhaps it would give me a surname. Perhaps more questions but I would love to know who was my 2x great-grandfather.

  • Rita Foster Woolf

    July 7, 2019

    My great, great grandfather, Silas Messer Williams, was born in 1818 in Warren County TN. He told his family that they were all related to Roger Williams of Providence RI. Despite having numerous DNA connections to Williams and Messer famillies with backgrounds in TN and NC, I have never been able to discover Silas’ parents or trace my connection to those DNA matches. I would love to be able to confirm or put to rest that story. Apparently, Silas left no record of who his parents were and none of his known relatives with whom I have been in contact know who they are either, although there have been guesses without any real documentation.

  • Jan Beattie

    July 7, 2019

    I am seeking to discover what happened to my great-great grandparents, George and Julia/Julina (Witcher) Wall. George’s brother (James Wall) had relocated to NW Arkansas from GA following the Civil War. George and Julia took their family to AR, but decided they wanted to return to GA. Somewhere on their way back, perhaps in the Indian Bay or Augusta, Woodruff Co. area, both George and Julia became ill and died. I’d like to find where this happened and possibly locate their final resting places. Apparently after Julia died, a local family took in their two daughters, aged 1 1/2 (my great-grandmother) and 3. The son, aged 7, remained with his father in a rented cabin. Supposedly, someone noticed no fire coming from the chimney and found the boy with his dead father. The father had been dead about 2 weeks. I’d like to discover the circumstances and cause of their deaths and which family took in the girls, exactly where it happened and the location of their interment, if possible. The brother was called and came picked up the children and raised them as his own. But, I’d like to discover the true story behind the mystery. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Paula Dennison

    July 7, 2019

    I do not know the exact country of origin for my mother’s families, The Beans and Phillips of Burke and Caldwell, North Carolina.

  • gay lennartz

    July 7, 2019

    My grandmother was born in Liverpool England in 1893 and came to the USA in 1918. She placed my mother for adoption in 1921 in Newark new jersey. I’ve tried for years to find out where she ended up, with no avail. The last address for my grandmother is 37 Clay St in Newark. After that, she seems to disappear. As far as my grandfather that is a complete mystery as she lists him as her late husband but we know that’s incorrect as he died in 1916 in a Paris hospital.

  • Catherine Fryer Cline

    July 7, 2019

    My mother was a Chapman. In finding my family’s history it was one of the lines I was especially interested it, since my other grandparents died before I was a year old, so “Papa Ben” and “Minnie Mama” Chapman were the grandparents of my childhood. She had a lot of “olde-tymey sayings”, one of which referred to living your whole life learning things ” and then die and forget it all”; so the year before she died in my arms, I got Minnie Mama to sit with me so I could write down all the “family connections” she could remember.
    I put that large page of lines, names and dates away (1960) and didn’t get back to looking at it until 1993 when both of my parents had died and I realized I was “the older generation” now! Retired, I had the time and curiosity to find out who I came from.
    Minnie Mama had said Papa Ben’s mother’s family was somehow connected to the family of Robert E Lee, and while I believed her, I had no idea how they connected or where to look. My main clue was her name , Sarah Fairfax Irvin. Hmmm..Fairfax. So I began looking up her family which went fairly smoothly except for her father having had 2 wives with the same first and middle name and maiden initial…but once we found the first one dead in Virginia and his marriage to the second, sure enough it unravled like pulling a string on a feed sack… all the way back to the immigrants and a lady who owned Mount Vernon and RENTED IT to George Washington! THAT’s another story, and while everyone says “you will find an Indian, a Black, and a horse thief”, I was shocked that the Black ancestor turned up up the Titled Fairfaxes!
    However I was looking for the Chapman line. In a couple of years ( before computers) I managed to get back 2 generations more to a Benjamin Chapman born in Pennsylvania, married to Catherine Akers, and there I got STUCK!
    Then a lady I never heard of called me out of the blue, having seen a searching posting online,, and said that was her late husband’s family and “the library at Bethel College had a book a bout them.”
    So on my next genealogical junket to Tennessee, I went to see Daddy’s family in Paris and then stopped in at Bethel College in McKenzie, Tennessee. The library there indeed did have not one but 2 biographies of a grand-nephew of my Benjamon Chjapman,, a Reverend Alexander Chapman, and in both were references to Philip Chapman who came to New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the 1740’s from London where he had operated a wool business with his ( late) father. One made references to his aunt Catherine and Uncle Ben ( my then dead ends) . Philip Chapman had siblings , who I’d like to find, but mostly I want to know who his parents were AND the identity of his wife! Supposedly they married in New Jersey. He carded some wool for a man in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, who entered it in his diary. That is all I have from New Jersey.
    Reading a lot about early Philadelphia and looking in the Presbyterian Church records I have found reference to his being a cousin of James Logan and William Tennent. My hunch is that is where I’ll find his wife.( I do know people called in-laws and close friends ” cousin” but they are clues I am trying to follow.)
    I have tried the Historical and Genealogical Societies in Bucks County Pennsylvania and Hunterdon County New Jersey but have not discovered a thing more.
    Somewhere in that area was a lady who married my Philip Chapman and was mother of his two sons and three daughters. My descent is through Benjamin, born in 1756 and I enjoy a friendship with a lady in Prague who descends from James, born 1747. We have put the descending lines form both together pretty completely. In Alexander Chapman’s autobiography he says of the girls, “one married a Brown and one a Chaffler” The “Brown” was Browne and they moved to Utah with the Mormons. The “Chaffler” could be anything from Sheafer to actually Chaffler, though I cannon find a trace of her.
    But in that speech To Lexington County Genealogical society I did find that the speaker was a daughter of Elizabeth and tied up loose ends on her. I do not know the given names of the other two though I suspect one was Mary.
    I am77 and disabled so I no longer can spend days in libraries and courthouses or clomp around in cemeteries photographing tombstones like I used to, but I would love to know who Philip Chapman’s wife was, who his parents were.In the process I have learned a lot more than I wanted to know about wool, sheep and British taxes on wool imported from Scotland and Ireland ( where Philip was when his father died). It was after his father’s death that he came to what would become America. He is actually my MOST RECENT ancestor, the others going all the way back to the Mayflower!
    But because Mama was a Chapman and my close bond with Minnie Mama(Minnie Florence Fleming Chapman) I am going at this Philip Chapman thing like a dog with a bone, and still not finding a trace of who his parents were in London, or the identity of his wife.
    At this point, I could use all the help I can get!
    His son William’s son Benjamin named his children really odd things: Theodore Frelinghuysen Chapman, James Marshall Chapman, William Tennent Chapman, as well as John Bond Chapman (for his Father- in- law) but I could not find a source for the other three, other than admiration. . Of course I knew who William Tennent and Theodore Frelinghuysen were, and once I found Philip’s daughter Elizabeth in a transcribed speech given to a genealogical society in the 1800’s, James Marshall was Philip’s grandson. But that left Teddy, who died in the Civil War at Marietta) and Billy.!

  • Margaret Allison (formerly Bailey)

    July 7, 2019

    I have sent you an email about the mystery of the partial family Bible, the two volumes of the New Testament dated from 1805 and 1806. I hope you received it. It travelled from Scotland to England to Victoria and then to New Zealand. I would love to know who owned it originally and what happened to the other three volumes..

  • Les Minear

    July 7, 2019

    I have a 3rd great grandfather named Jeremiah Pierson (or Peirson), born Jan 4, 1794 in Warren County, GA; died Oct 13 1853 in Pickens Co., Alabama and buried at Fellowship Baptist Church cemetery, near Reform, AL, Pickens County. I would like to have the name of Jeremiah’s 1st wife who, according to family accounts, was native American, possibly Cherokee. She gave birth to Jeremiah’s first three children: Addelind (b. 23 Aug 1823), Arrend (b. 29 Dec 1825) and Ansel (b. 30 Dec 1827, d. 4 May 1904). Ansel is my GG grandfather. I have much more information including Jeremiah’s second wife: Celia Johnson, their marriage date: September 1, 1836 and info on their 5 children plus more info on Ansel Pierson. What I don’t have is any information on Jeremiah’s first wife, a long, long time family mystery. We’ve only known her as “Indian Maiden.”

  • Janice Smith

    July 8, 2019

    I was going to mention my search for the death date and place of burial for one of my gt gt grandfathers,,but when I read about the lost art it reminded me of something I learned from two of my aunts, It seems like their family were left out of some kind of inheritance and it had something to do do with the war. These two aunts mentioned it when I questioned them about some of our ancestors while at a family reunion. My grandfather was Edwin Sylvester Stump and My Grandmother was Annie Amanda Haines (Hains). They were from Berks Co., Pennsylvania.

  • George Stradtman

    July 8, 2019

    My 2X Great Grandmother was born Margaret (Peggy) Wilkerson, in 1810-1815, in Chatham County, North Carolina, USA. I don’t have given names for either of her parents, but her mother was born into the Copeland family. Her father was an immigrant, likely from County Antrim or County Down; his first initial was most likely “J”. It is possible that she had one or two older brothers, but she and her red-haired twin appear to have been the only girls in the family. The mother of “Grandma Peggy” died either during or shortly after she gave birth to “Peggy” and her twin. The girls’ father returned to his home in what is now Northern Ireland, took Peggy’s twin with him, and left Peggy in the care of her maternal Copeland relatives. I am trying to find out the given name of Peggy’s father, as well as information about what happened to him and to my 2X Great Grandaunt after they left North Carolina. I do know that there were once Wilkersons who lived in Counties Antrim and Down, so they may have been related. “Grandma Peggy” grew up to marry Harrison/Harris/Harry Johnson and has many descendants in North Carolina and Tennessee. Peggy never seems to have stopped longing for her father and her sister; I would be very interested in knowing what happened to them after they went back to Ireland.

  • Juanita Rand

    July 8, 2019

    I have more than one mystery but the biggest one is on my fathers side. My brother who has researched many more years than I have, hasn’t been able to solve it either. It is the mother and father of my 2nd great grandfather of Joshua Wing Rand, born Oct, 29, 1799 and died 1860. We think those dates are correct as I don’t have much information on Joshua himself. He was married twice. First to Alvira/Elvira Wristley/Risley on Apr. 8, 1821 in Waterbury, Vermont. I have seen different spellings on her name. Then he married Eliza Atkins on Sep. 8, 1833 in Stowe, Vermont. I have 4 children with the union of Joshua and Alvira and 2 with Joshua and Eliza. All of this seems to stop here, like Joshua’s mother and father fell off the face of the earth. So there you have it, my big mystery.

  • Ann Collins

    July 8, 2019

    I discovered through my brother’s DNA testing that we are a different bloodline than our name. This has been upsetting and I want help trying to figure out to figure out who are actual ancestors are.

    We did both’s test and Family Tree’s. And Family Tree is the one who discovered this problem.

    Any help would be sincerely appreciated. As I read comments on different blogs and posts, I see that DNA testing has created quite a few complications.

    Thank you
    Ann Collins

  • Bill Atherton

    July 8, 2019

    I grew up being told we related to Jefferson Davis, but I have never been able to prove it. My maternal family came from Mississippi.

  • cathy stiles

    July 9, 2019

    found out my grandma is really my dads aunt through 23 and me DNA test, as i have first cousins listed that my half sister has as 2nd cousin.

  • Diana Homer

    July 9, 2019

    I’m very interested in finding when and where my great grandfather entered North America. I know that he probably came in thru Canada but would love to find the ship and the origin of the sailing that brought him here.

  • Jane

    July 10, 2019

    My great great uncle served with the AIF in WW1. Shortly after the war concluded he married a Candian woman in England. She came back to Australia with him, but sadly the marriage didn’t last. She died in a hospital in Sydney many years later, far away from family and friends. Despite the information on their marriage certificate I’ve had no luck tracing her origins. I’d love to find some more about her life so that she can be remembered better. Who was her family? Had she been married previously? Why was she in the UK?

  • Joyce Lawley

    July 10, 2019

    I have a picture that was among my husbands deceased Aunt. There isn’t a name or any information.

  • Joyce Lawley

    July 10, 2019

    I have a picture that was among my husbands deceased Aunt’s photos which were given to me. I would love any information on it.

  • Tatiana Podmore

    July 11, 2019

    My great grandmother Agnes Hell (Gelle in Russian) (Born Smolensk Russia 1869) had 2 sisters Alexandrina and Ekaterina. Their mother died (but as yet have been unable to find the record) I have traced Agnes father (Ivan Ivanovitch Gelle born Johann Heinrich Hell in Schleswig Holstein) and his second Russian family. He ran a gunpowder factory in St Peterburg. However for years I have tried to find what became of the 2 sisters. It is hard detective work and I have many photos handed on by my grandmother. Recently I found that one sister married in Zlatoust to a Adolf Kloss but have hit brick walls with the other sister Ekaterina. The Russian Revolution meant that contact was lost altogether. My great grandmother and grandmother were living near Irkutsk where my great grandfather was buildling the trans siberian railroad and they fled to Harbin China where I was born.

  • Nancy Mackley

    July 11, 2019

    My 2nd great grandfather on my dad’s side is a mystery. He is on census records with his family in 1860 and 1870, and then never seen again. Even documenting my great-grandfather as his son is sketchy without any proof except that Elmer John Ryan was possibly named after his dad, John Ryan. It’s the biggest piece missing in my family tree, although there are others. I’ve looked for years to eliminate others that could be him, but no success yet. I would love some expert eyes looking at this line.

  • Barbara Harris

    July 12, 2019

    I would love to know about my paternal grandmother’s father, John C. Davis. All I know about about him is a name and that he died in Indian Territory in March, 1895. He ministered to the Indians in the Ft. Supply area. I learned this after my grandmother’s death. The family story is that her grandmother was an Indian. The death date came from the application to the Buckner Home for the minor children.

  • Terry Lloyd

    July 12, 2019

    Been trying to find the parents/siblings of my grandfather, William Henry Lloyd, from Pontypool for about 20 years. Came to South Africa as a policeman before or during the Boer War. He married my grandmother, had 4 children, my father the first. He (William Henry) was murdered in Cathcart in 1921.

  • Marie Humphrey

    July 12, 2019

    I don’t know much about any think.. I’m 53 years of age and would like to know about my family where I came from and who l am about as my family we are not close haven’t spoken to two of my sisters or brothers in years as I was a child of the state ended up in and out of girls homes. Was my dad whom tryed his best to look after me but…. His name is Francis George humphrey from dunedin born 1924 or 27. I was in dunedin girls home then strathmore then kinglea girls home back in the early 70s.. Please are you able to help as I find it hard doing on my own….. Marie Daphne Humphrey.

  • Clodagh Hendrick

    July 12, 2019

    There was a story that our family was related to the queen of England through her mother Elisabeth Bowes-Lyon, my grandmother Ellen lehane said she was told by her relations that her name Lehane was an Irish version of Lyons and that the queen mothers name Lyon wasn’t french but Irish and that a few generations back they were related.
    I’d love to find out if this is true.

  • Amanda

    July 12, 2019

    I (at the age of 41) just found out who my BF is. I want to know more about my 3x great grandfather William Davis born in Burrawang in the 1840s, I don’t think he has an official birth certificate. I have no idea who his parents or siblings are.

    Also my first fleet family members John Randall and John Martin they arrived on the Alexander

  • Kathleen Shelton

    July 12, 2019

    I’m searching for my biological family.
    I have been in contact with a 5th cousin.
    I still can’t put the pieces together.
    Any help you can give me would be a dream come true

  • David Bushman

    July 12, 2019

    My mother’s family came from Austria/Hungary in the late 1800s but I have been unable to determine from what town or village. All the documents I have say only Austria or Hungary or Austria/Hungary.

  • Joanne Fralick

    July 12, 2019

    I have a DNA mystery for you. As far as I knew, no children were adopted into or given up for adoption on my dad’s side of the family. Until I got my DNA done through MyHeritage.

    Soon after posting, i got a message from James North in Alaska. He had an 18% match with my DNA, indicating a fairly close match. The same match worked for my first cousin who lives in British Columbia, the daughter of my dad’s brother.

    We discovered that James’ father was given up for adoption in 1957 at birth and his name was changed. His mother was 16 at the time, and she and the birth father were from the community my family is from.

    James’ research indicated that his paternal grandfather should be either my father, or one of my father’s brothers. We can’t go any further, as James’ dad died tragically in a drowning accident around 1990, and Ontario, Canada birth records can only be opened by the adoptee or a birth parent.

    I recall many years ago when my paternal grandmother was alive, her mentioning a girl going away to have a baby, but I don’t recall who she was referring to, and no one in the family of that generation is left to ask. James’ adoptive grandparents are deceased as well.

    I’m an only child and grew up on a farm, spending much of my time alone. I always wondered what life would have been like with a sibling. Whether James is a nephew or another cousin, it would mean a lot to both of us to know the truth.

    Hope you are moved enough by this story to help us out!

    Joanne (Courneya) Fralick

  • Jack Porter

    July 13, 2019

    My family mystery is who my biological father is. My mother married a man just before I was born who was not my father. All the research and dna has lead me to the Dugal family, but not my father.

  • Bernadette Abbott

    July 17, 2019

    My grandmother was said to have royal blood. I am trying to trace her roots to find out which royalty she was descended from. I have very little information about her genealogy. She was born to Concetta Belomo and Antonino Intravaia in Palermo Sicily July 11, 1873. She was sent to live at a convent “to protect her”. She arrived at Ellis Island in 1901. She married my Grandfather Salvatore Gentile in New Jersey in 1910. She died in Connecticut in 1933. My mom was a teenager when she died so never questioned her as to the royalty she descended from. I dont know if she had siblings, though I may have come across a brother or two.
    I would love to know where her “royal blood” comes from, and how many siblings she had.