Half-Sisters Reunite After 63 Years

Half-Sisters Reunite After 63 Years

When half-sisters Peni and Sue found each other and spoke for the first time, they were amazed by the similarities between them.

Peni was shocked by the way their eyes resembled each other.

When I looked at her picture when she first sent it to me, her eyes are the same eyes that I’ve been putting makeup on for years

Peni Yeoman, born July 1954, and Sue Woodward, born July 1955, were both placed for adoption soon after birth. Peni was adopted in Ohio, and Sue in North Carolina. With the help of MyHeritage DNA, they were able to find each other and meet for the first time.

Watch the video from their recent reunion here:

Both sisters had almost no information about their biological parents and had individually been searching for family members for years, with no luck.

Sue’s adoptive mother was willing to help her search, but the adoption records in the state of North Carolina are difficult to access. The state often seals records, without disclosing information to adoptees. The only bits of information she knew were the date, time, and location of her birth.

Sue, 11, with her adoptive parents.

Sue, 11, with her adoptive parents.

Peni and Sue each independently took a MyHeritage DNA test on a whim, never really expecting to discover anything significant. A month after Sue took her test, she received a notification from MyHeritage about a close DNA Match. It took her a whole week to come to terms with the new reality that she may have a close biological family member!

The half-sisters connected and bonded instantly. The similarities weren’t limited to their eyes. Added to that were their height, and that they both have two children. Sue’s oldest son is Joe, and Peni’s oldest son is also Joe. Their youngest granddaughters are the same age. Sue’s granddaughter is Ava, and Peni’s granddaughter is Eva!

They had spoken on the phone multiple times and shared family photos before planning to meet for the first time. It was an emotional day when Sue traveled from her home in West Virginia to Ohio to meet Peni in person.

Peni and Sue at their reunion in Marion, Ohio.

Peni and Sue at their reunion in Marion, Ohio.

Peni is certain their reunion would not have been possible without MyHeritage DNA.

If it weren’t for MyHeritage DNA, we never would have found each other.

The sisters were ecstatic to meet in person, and both finally felt a sense of belonging. They don’t know what the future will bring, but now they are sure that they will face it together, as a family.


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  • Anthony Hannah

    May 31, 2019

    So pleased for the two sisters being made aware of each other and reunited, as well as the service you have available to the real needs of others.