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Friend of MyHeritage, and author of “Something Beautiful Happened,” Yvette Corporon, visited the set of Fox and Friends this week where she revealed to Griff Jenkins his MyHeritage DNA results live on air. Yvette provided Griff with his ethnic breakdown and fascinating genealogical research supported by historical documents found by the MyHeritage research team.

Watch the segment here:

Ethnic origins

Griff had no preconceived notions about his heritage, and he was very excited to dive in. His ethnic makeup was diverse, and he has close to 15,000 DNA Matches from all over the world!

Family history discovery

The MyHeritage research team delved further into Griff’s roots.

Griff’s maternal family came from Ireland, explaining his ethnic breakdown with over 40% Irish roots. His third great-grandparents, Charles and Rosanna Crawford, were originally from Sixmilecross, Tyrone County, Ireland — a small village in Northern Ireland. They immigrated with their children to the United States on the ship Envoy, docking in Philadelphia on May 4, 1849. Their children Mary Ann, 25; John, 11; Margaret, 9; Eliza Jane, 7; Arthur, 5,;Charles, 3; and infants Matilda and Rebecca (twins) were all listed on the ship’s manifest, found on MyHeritage SuperSearch™.

Charles, Griff’s great-great-grandfather, was just 3 at the time. Although one twin (Rebecca) died on the ship, the rest of the family arrived safely.

Entry for the Crawford family in the Philidelphia, Pensylvania, Passenger Lists, 1800-1882 on MyHeritage SuperSearch™ (Click to zoom).

We found his maternal grandfather, Seabrook Griffin, in the U.S. World War I Draft Registration Card collection on MyHeritage SuperSearch™. He is described as being of medium height, medium build, with brown eyes and brown hair. His profession is bookkeeper, and he was 20. Later in life, he owned his own furniture store.

United States World War I Draft Registrations, 1917-1918, for Seabrook Griffin on MyHeritage SuperSearch™ (Click to zoom).

A fascinating piece of Griff’s previously unknown family history revealed live on air concerned his father’s side of the family. His paternal third great-grandfather George Kimble (1803-1836), was a lieutenant and commanding officer in the Gonzales Rangers. George had answered the desperate call for help of the men under siege at the Alamo. As the story goes, he went down river to let his wife and son, 2, know that he was going to help and that he might not return.

A military record for George Kimble (1803-1836) found on MyHeritage SuperSearch™ (Click to zoom).

He fought against the Mexican Republic in the battle on the Alamo on the side of the Texas Republic in 1836 — one of the most famous battles in American history. Unfortunately, he was killed on the last day of that famous battle, March 6, 1836.

It was an amazing experience for Griff to learn more about his family’s past. He now has information, and even a few surprises, to share with his family.

Coming soon

After Yvette shared new family history discoveries with Griff, she helped his co-host, A. Jedediah Louisa Bila, take our simple cheek swab DNA test. Stay tuned for her results!

We want to hear your stories

After previous MyHeritage DNA reveals on Fox and Friends, we have had MyHeritage users, who had purchased DNA kits, let us know about their incredible life-changing reunions. Have you reunited with family thanks to MyHeritage DNA? Let us know below in the comments. And, if you are still on the fence about testing your DNA, there’s no better time! Order your DNA kit today to learn more about your roots.

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