Father and Daughter Reunite Thanks to a MyHeritage Smart Match

Father and Daughter Reunite Thanks to a MyHeritage Smart Match

Danielle Rogers, a 48-year-old from Sacramento, California, was raised in foster care from a young age. Although she knew some of the names of her biological family members and she always knew that she had more siblings, she never knew where they were. It was a MyHeritage Smart Match™ that led her to the discovery of a lifetime!

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Danielle had a rough childhood and she yearned to connect with her biological family. She tried for many years to find them, but she was not able to.

In June, Danielle registered for the first time to MyHeritage and built a small family tree using the few details that she had about her biological family. She immediately received a Smart Match™ for a sibling. Smart Matching is a specialized technology that connects family trees. It works by comparing millions of names, facts, and connections between all the 40 million family trees on MyHeritage. When two family trees are connected, both their owners are informed and benefit from the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.

Using the new information that she learned, she began searching for more records in MyHeritage SuperSearch™.

After only a few minutes, she found the exact record that she had been looking for, a US public record with the names of the father and his siblings. It even included a phone number from 2009. With trepidation, she picked up the phone and dialed. She couldn’t believe her luck — her biological father answered!

Danielle invited her family to her house for a special meeting.

“I knew who my birth father is but have not known his whereabouts since the birth of my first child 31 years ago. I have 9 children, 7 of which he will meet for the first time. There will be a lot of first meetings for that day on so many levels. Being reunited with sister, father, and cousins, meeting 4 of my siblings for the first time, my father meeting his grandchildren for the first time, and my children finally meeting members of their biological family.”

The whole family is looking forward to a lifetime of getting to know each other.