DNA Quest Reunion: Half-siblings in their 50s are reunited!

DNA Quest Reunion: Half-siblings in their 50s are reunited!

After launching DNA Quest, our pro bono initiative to help adoptees and their birth families reunite through genetic testing in March 2018, many families have reunited. We are excited to bring you another one of the life-changing reunions that have taken place as a result of DNA Quest.

Carlos Canas, 56, from Texas, always knew he was adopted. He grew up as an only child, never knowing who his birth parents or brothers and sisters were. All that changed when Carlos was recently matched to his biological half-sister through MyHeritage DNA.

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The background

When he searched for his biological family, Carlos learned, from the state of Texas, was that his birth father was a Mexican Bracero. During the 1950s-60s, the Bracero program was an active program for Mexicans to be able to work on farms in the US. He was also told that he was the 13th child in a large family and that children number 12, and 13 were both given up for adoption.

In Seattle (Washington), Cecy Moylan, 59, also grew up knowing she was adopted. About five years ago, when her adoptive father died, she received her original adoption papers and noticed that her birth surname was Cortez.

DNA testing

Carlos was sent a free MyHeritage DNA test as part of the DNA Quest pro bono initiative. With little family history information to go on, Cecilia also decided to take a DNA test. Her daughter, Kimberly Moylan, also took a DNA test and uploaded her own DNA results to MyHeritage.

Carlos soon received a list of DNA Matches with a high match for Kimberly, showed as either a grandchild or a niece.

He contacted Kimberly immediately. She looked at Carlos’ photos and knew right away that Carlos was her mom’s brother. Carlos got in touch with Cecy and they realized that they were both given up for adoption.

The two couldn’t piece much together, but they both knew their birth surname was Cortez. Cecilia was born in Edinburg, Texas, and Carlos was born in Weslaco, Texas, making sense with what Carlos was told about his father.

Since the two were told by the state of Texas that children number 12 and 13 were given up for adoption, they assume that Cecilia is number 12 and that Carlos is number 13. They believe that children 1-11 may have stayed with the original family.

The reunion

Carlos and Cecilia finally met on August 2, 2018. They look so similar, that almost everyone involved thought they were twins.

The half-siblings would love to locate the rest of their siblings and hope to reunite with their parents in the future. In the meantime, they feel blessed to have reunited, and can’t wait to spend more time together. They plan to meet again soon.

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  • Charles William Meiser

    December 16, 2018

    Half- or full-? If I understand correctly, they are likely #12 & #13 from a large family (same mother & father),

    • E


      December 17, 2018

      Hi Charles, they are actually half-siblings from their father.
      Best, Esther / MyHeritage Team

  • HBobbie McLeod

    January 19, 2019

    This is so encouraging. I ordered 2 DNA kits before Christmas. I had one sent to a person I met through my search for my birth father who I thought was a possible member of his family. In fact, me a few members of this family. Don’t know if it was wishful thinking or what, but each of us had a ‘feeling’ there could be a connection but all avenues went dead. We have stayed in touch for several years now . . . she thinking when she retires she will go to her home town and do some searching and me, continuing online searching and thinking one day I’d do a DNA. She has sent her kit in and I have waited 2 weeks wanting her data to be in the system before I sent mine in. My stomach is in turmoil as I will complete my swab this weekend and send it in, hoping it connects us OR that it finds a connection somewhere. I have been an un-reluctant only child, always wanting to be part of a large family or at the very least, to have at least one sibling. Wish me luck!

  • Vitória Marques

    March 10, 2019

    What a beautiful and emotional history. Congratulations to you! I hope you can find your biological family now.

    Vitória Marques, Brasil

  • William Goren

    March 18, 2019

    I too am adopted and searching for my birth father and his family.