Reunion of a Lifetime: Discovering Family Through MyHeritage DNA

Reunion of a Lifetime: Discovering Family Through MyHeritage DNA

Llinda Carrie, 35, from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, had been waiting to meet her biological family her entire life. She had grown up with one baby picture that had the name of her biological mom, but no other information to go on.

After spending many years searching for her mom, Llinda decided her best chance to discover family was through a MyHeritage DNA test.

After purchasing the kit and getting her results just a few weeks later, Llinda was excited to receive a DNA match with Rafael Moreno, from Miami. Based on the information on the back of her photo, Llinda and Rafael quickly made the connection that Llinda is Rafael’s biological niece.

Rafael explained to Llinda that his sister, Llinda’s biological mother, had given birth at age 21 and was unequipped to care for Llinda. She knew the best thing she could do was to give her up for adoption so that she could be raised by a loving family.

Although Llinda’s biological mom passed away in 2009 from natural causes, Rafael’s mom, Llinda’s grandmother, is still alive, and was delighted to learn about Llinda and very eager to meet her.

Rafael invited Llinda to fly down to Miami to meet them along with the extended biological family, her three aunts, and many cousins.

In May, Llinda and her adoptive mom flew to Miami to meet her biological family for the first time.

Watch their emotional reunion at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport.

Rafael is so grateful to Llinda’s adopted mother for raising Llinda when his sister could not. He explained that his sister and the family always had Llinda’s best interests in mind.

Rafael explains, “Since Llinda was given up for adoption, we thought about her often, wondering what she was doing and hoping that she was well and being taken care of by a great family.”

Llinda marvels at the instant bonds that she has formed with both her uncle and grandmother. Although sad that she didn’t have the opportunity to meet her own biological mother, Llinda has taken comfort in meeting her grandmother and the extended family.

Reunion of Llinda and her biological grandmother

Llinda meeting her biological grandmother for the first time

Llinda feels grateful to now have the family she has always been searching for, bringing a sense of closure that she hadn’t experienced prior. She plans on returning to Miami in July with her son to meet the rest of the family.

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  • Gordon Bissett

    August 25, 2018

    My Grandmother on my mother’s side was adopted.

  • Nancy Rube’

    September 26, 2018

    My mother’s younger brother was just 5 months out of college when he joined the US Navy as a Ensign. He was sent to the SS Oklahoma which at that time was docked at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. A month later the Japanese attacked and he was one of 427 crewman who went down with the Oklahoma which was one of the first to be hit by the Japanese. He was buried with the others as an “unknown” in the “Punchbowl” Cemetery there in Hawaii. Of course my family was devastated and continued to mourn the loss forever. My grandmother even had a grave and memorial stone placed for him in a family plot in Virginia. It was like she always believed that he would eventually come home. Several years ago I was convinced by my cousin to do a DNA test which the Navy was providing to family members, but I truly never thought that anything would come of it. Then last year I was notified by the Missing Persons Department of the Navy that the remains of my uncle had been positively identified. What a shock ! I was given the option of burying him any place in the world, but of course I had to do it in Virginia, where there was already the grave waiting for him. He was escorted home from Hawaii and given a full military funeral. There are only 3 of my generation left now, but of course none of us ever knew him. We just knew the stories and the heartbreak that we heard in the voices of our parents and grandparents when they talked about him. So we were a small group attending the funeral, but there was a great group of vets who also attended to honor him. I can’t help but think that grandmother and mother would be so happy about all of this and if it weren’t for DNA testing and my very stubborn cousin, it never could have happened.

  • Bryan Kolins

    October 29, 2018

    My husband had his DNA done in 2015. Within 2 weeks of his results being posted a 1st cousin match was revealed. His uncle was sent overseas and spend some time in and around London. It was revealed thru the DNA results that indeed this person was his first cousin born just after the war was over. We don’t know at this time whether his uncle knew of his birth or not. We have not at this point found out the date when his Uncle was sent back to Canada.