Heartfelt Father’s Day Reunion Featured on the Today Show


When Sarah DeMars, 41, received her MyHeritage DNA results, she could not believe her eyes. After years of searching for her biological family and having received inaccurate information from different sources, she finally had a solid lead — she was matched with her biological father!

Leading up to Father’s Day this year, Sarah and her father Arland just met for the very first time on the Megyn Kelly Today Show in New York City.

Watch their emotional reunion here:

Originally from Fort Wayne Indiana, Sarah has been living in Leusden, Utrecht Province, Netherlands for the past few years.

Sarah and her husband Angelo recently bought MyHeritage DNA kits. They mainly wanted to know Angelo’s ethnic breakdown. After seeing Angelo’s results, Sarah herself got into genealogy and started researching the family history of her adopted family.

Sarah also had hopes of finding out something about her biological family. She had been adopted in a state where all the records are completely sealed, so she had never been able to get any information about her biological parents.

“I did the MyHeritage DNA test because I thought there was nothing to lose. In my heart I said – what are the odds that he (my father) would’ve done the test?”

When her DNA results came in, Sarah was shocked to see that she was matched to someone that appeared to be her father.

“I’m almost 42 years old, and you can’t imagine the research I had gone through. I had zero information about this man. Actually, on the contrary, I may have gotten inaccurate details about my father from different sources. So it was really like a needle in a haystack.”

In the beginning, Sarah’s father, Arland Metzger was confused about the connection. He had never even known about her existence. After talking with Sarah and learning more about the situation, he became open to the idea of having a daughter that he hadn’t ever known about.

Sarah says:

“Now this really became a beautiful thing, as I woke up to this most loving email from him, saying, ‘I didn’t know you existed, no one told me, and if they had told me, I wouldn’t have left you to get adopted. I can’t wait to know you’.”

Sarah then used MyHeritage tools to learn more about her biological family. She did research on the MyHeritage site while speaking with her biological father on the phone. Arland also got his mother, Bernice — who is 84 and currently lives in Michigan — on the phone at the same time.

Bernice was telling Sarah about the family history as she remembered it. She mentioned that when she was a child, the family lived on South Kolin Ave. in Chicago. Sarah was on MyHeritage looking for more information about the family, and so she decided to look up the exact address on Google Maps.

“The second I saw the house I thought to myself: this house looks familiar. I thought I saw a similar picture of this house when I researched my adoptive father’s family history, but I wasn’t sure.”

To check it out, Sarah went and researched the relevant names in the historical records on MyHeritage SuperSearch™. Starting with Bernice’s name, she quickly found her in the 1940 US Census living at the same address. The property was registered under her father’s name, Jacob Skowronek. From there, Sarah went back to the research she had conducted on her adoptive father’s family. She saw that in the 1930 US Census, her adoptive father’s father, Albert Korzyniewski, lived at the exact same address, and in the same house!

1930 US Census record from MyHeritage SuperSearch™

“What I discovered astonished me. It means that my adoptive great-grandparents sold their house to my birth great-grandparents!”

Everything that Sarah learned just proved to her more and more that it was all meant to be. It has been an incredible journey for the family.

“It’s been super emotional. I’ve recorded and documented many moments of my journey to find him. I thought it was important for myself to remember for the future.”

After speaking multiple times on the phone, Sarah and Arland met for the first time on the Megyn Kelly Show, just in time for Father’s Day. They are thrilled to be able to celebrate their first Father’s Day together — the first of many more to come.

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  • Jo-Anne Zamojski

    July 7, 2018

    What a beautiful story! Just found this blog … can’t wait to see more. Congratulations to you and your dad and your whole family. And so happy that your two beautiful boys have their grampa. God bless you all.