A 50-Year Search Wins an Emmy: Mother, daughter reunite

A 50-Year Search Wins an Emmy: Mother, daughter reunite

MyHeritage is all about family.

That’s what we do.

Whether it’s making it possible for our global members to research their family trees, or to learn more about themselves via DNA, it is all about family. But when we use DNA to reconnect families – that’s what makes us so proud.

One of our amazing stories has won a prestigious Emmy news award for “Finding Mom,” by reporter Bob Buckley of Fox 8 WGHP in North Carolina. The Emmy Awards focus on various sectors of television and broadband programming: Television Academy (primetime) National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (daytime, sports, news and documentary).

View the story here:

The story of a daughter searching for her birth mother for 50 years was resolved only two days after a DNA test result was uploaded to MyHeritage.

In 1966, when Cathy was 16, she was pregnant and at a home run by Catholic nuns. The last time she saw her daughter was when the infant was four days old.

Although adopted by a loving family, Karen always had this open feeling. In third grade, her class was working on family trees. She came home and told her mother she couldn’t do the project because she didn’t know her family.

Over the years, Karen registered at every adoption website and did everything she could to find her birth mother, with the full support of her family.

After Karen took a DNA test, her husband learned he could upload the results to MyHeritage. Two days later, Karen was on the phone speaking to Cathy.

In the video above, watch Karen and her family at the airport awaiting Cathy’s arrival and learn more about her quest over decades. We recommend you have a box of tissues nearby.

Here is the moment when the Emmy was announced:

Today, as the concept of family is being redefined, we realize that DNA is such a powerful force that binds us across time and space.

While Cathy could not take her baby home, Karen was able to bring home her birth mother and finally make that longed-for connection.

Reporter Bob Buckley says, in the video, that “Nothing is as happily after than home sweet home.”

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