Margie Reunites With Family This Christmas Thanks to MyHeritage DNA


Christmas took on a whole new meaning this year for Margie Lee and her family. From the age of 6, Margie knew that she was adopted. Her adoptive mother always encouraged her to find her biological family.

When I was little, I used to walk around saying, I don’t look like you guys, I don’t look the same.

Margie always wondered where she came from. She took a MyHeritage DNA test and to her surprise, everything she wished for this holiday season came true — she found two aunts and three half-siblings on MyHeritage!

I’ve been waiting for this day for 42 years.

As soon as they found one another, they knew they wanted to meet! After years of searching, Margie finally met her aunts and siblings in Las Vegas.

Margie’s sister, Jennifer Buchanan, was very excited to meet Margie.

They asked what I’d do when I see her, probably run up to her and hug her!

Margie and Jennifer hugging

When Margie met her aunts and siblings for the first time, the resemblance was uncanny!

I see them and we all look so similar, for even being half-siblings we all look so similar. It makes it the best Christmas present ever.

Stacey Embree, Margie’s aunt, was overwhelmed by the reunion.

It was like she belonged to the family immediately. She just fit in perfectly!

Margie reuniting with her half-siblings and aunts

This will definitely be a Christmas that they will never forget! Read more about their story and watch a video of their reunion on 8 News Now.

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