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Ever since MyHeritage DNA was introduced in November, our kits have become wildly popular. Our users can’t help but share their enthusiasm as they open the beautifully designed, colorful MyHeritage DNA boxes, follow the simple steps to collect a DNA sample and receive their DNA results only a few weeks later.

Some of the reactions are from users delighted with receiving the beautiful MyHeritage DNA box, a few have filmed themselves unboxing the product, while others have explained their full DNA Ethnicity Estimate and even posted complete reviews about their experience with MyHeritage DNA.

Here are some of our favorite reactions from the hundreds that have been recently posted, with a short explanation about each one:


Tiffany Bowden of the YouTube channel Queenofroyalty decided to test her DNA with MyHeritage due to our vast global database. In this video, Tiffany goes over her complete Ethnicity Estimate, explaining them to viewers. She also describes having reconnected with family members due to DNA matching:

Micaia’s YouTube channel ForeverMicaia often features cover songs with vocals, piano & guitar. In this unboxing video, Micaia unboxes her MyHeritage DNA test, activates it online and then takes the test. Her quick video portrays how easy the whole process is:

Alexis Belon is a New York based writer and visual artist. She is most well-known for her weekly vlogs on her YouTube channel Alexis Belon that chronicles her daily life. This video of her unboxing the MyHeritage DNA kit, and then describing her family history and biracial heritage provides lead-up to the exciting moment when she receives her full DNA results:

Israel of the Izzy Kongo YouTube channel posts videos about makeup and fashion, often describing her Ethiopian heritage along the way. She decided to take a MyHeritage DNA test to find out more about her ethnic identity. In this video, she unboxes the MyHeritage DNA test, and goes through the swabbing process:

John from Let’s Talk TV discusses politics, religion, and technology on his YouTube channel. He had filmed himself taking a DNA test in a previous video. In this video, John takes us through his MyHeritage family site and guides viewers through his detailed DNA results:

Blurawker‘s Vanessa Nelson believes in living life to the fullest. That’s why she decided to take a MyHeritage DNA test to learn more about her African family history. She takes us through her MyHeritage DNA results, and explains them according to her known heritage:

Fabian Barnes gives a great overview of his Ethnicity Estimate from a genealogy standpoint. He compares his MyHeritage DNA results to other testing services that he has already used:

Gabrielle Champagne just received her first DNA test after deciding to take the first steps in learning more about her genetic heritage. In this video, she describes her reasons for wanting to test her DNA and the excitement involved:

In this Portuguese video with English subtitles, Brazilian Thiago Barnabe explains the basics of DNA testing as he unboxes his MyHeritage DNA test:

YouTuber Reno Ray displays his diverse MyHeritage DNA results in this slideshow:


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Join the masses and order your MyHeritage DNA kit today. Embark on a meaningful journey into your past where you can meet new relatives and uncover fascinating new details about your family history.

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  • Freddy S

    June 13, 2017 = you look like an Englishman… well maybe German and British of some sort.
    MyHeritage = Definitely Iberian and Scandinavian.

  • Merilyn Horton

    July 6, 2017

    I would love to know how uncommon it is, to have DNA that is almost 100% British?? Im Australian, and was disappointed to learn that I do not have any interesting genetics. I presume, it is because my ancestors came here long ago, and didn’t get mixed with other races after the wars.

    • Esther

      July 6, 2017

      Hi Merilyn,

      We analyze the DNA inherited from your mother and father, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, and so on providing you with a breakdown of your ethnic percentages within approximately the last 6 generations. It is not uncommon for an Ethnicity Estimate to have close to or equal to 100% of one ethnicity.

      Esther / MyHeritage Team

  • Barry Wood

    July 8, 2017

    Can I upload my results from another DNA company to your MyHeritage?