5 Reasons Why MyHeritage DNA is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day in the United States — and in other countries around the world — is fast approaching, and there is no better gift for Mom this year than a MyHeritage DNA kit.

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Helping your mother reconnect with her roots is an excellent way to honor her and the other women in your family at this holiday. Here are five more reasons why MyHeritage DNA is the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day:

1. The test is quick and easy to take. In a major difference from other testing services, MyHeritage DNA tests are completed with a simple swab of the cheek; no spitting or blood test is required.2. We have a global and diverse database. Using MyHeritage DNA, you will be able to see unique matches to users who have only tested with MyHeritage, as well as matches with those who uploaded results from other providers to MyHeritage. Thanks to MyHeritage’s availability in more than 40 languages and its vast international reach, you have better chances of being matched with relatives who live in other countries. You will also receive a comprehensive MyHeritage ethnicity analysis which may reveal new information.

3. Testing your parents will make your test results even more powerful. Each of your family members carries unique pieces of DNA that — together — may unlock your family’s story. Each person receives some 50% of each of their parent’s DNA. That means your results will show 50% of each of your parent’s DNA, whereas testing your parents themselves will show 100% of their DNA. Even if you were to test several of your full siblings, you still wouldn’t exactly see 100% of your mother’s and father’s DNA. In addition, it would be more difficult to work with the results since you’ve got both of your parents’ matches combined in their children’s results.

Testing your mother and father will provide the greatest chances of discovering additional relatives through matching to 100% of each of their DNA (instead of only the 50% you inherited). You will also be certain that your mother’s matches are on her side of the family and your father’s matches are on his side.

Testing siblings, cousins and other relatives is also most useful for discovering more relatives and for learning more about your own matches. Because genetic inheritance is random, your siblings may get different ethnicity results than yours; it is fascinating and fun to compare the results.

4. It’s beautifully packaged. The MyHeritage DNA kit comes in a great looking box that Mom will love.

5. You’ll gain a better understanding of your similarities. Our detailed ethnicity reports will provide greater insight into just how much you are really like your mother. After you and your mom receive the results, compare your ethnic breakdowns to better understand similar traits and appreciate characteristics that your mother passed to you.

Take your mother on a journey that both of you will remember. Try MyHeritage DNA for the reduced price of only $69. Order your kits today.


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  • Sherrylynn Baumgart

    May 22, 2017

    I’m adopted. I don’t have any information on my birth mother, will this make a difference?