Easter Competition Winner


We recently asked our readers to search for our Easter image in three old blog posts on the MyHeritage blog for the chance to win a MyHeritage DNA test.

We received an overwhelming number of responses. Here are the answers to our Easter “Egg” hunt:

And the winner is MyHeritage user Steve Brennan of Dublin, Ireland. 

Steve looks forward to seeing what he can discover through MyHeritage DNA:

There are many cul-de-sacs in researching Irish genealogy – the fact that civil registration only started in 1864, the Penal Laws stifling Catholic record-keeping under pain of death, and of course the destruction of many of the records, through pulping and revolution. I am hoping that DNA might allow me to jump the gap and connect with other distant family members where records do not exist to prove a relationship.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope that you all had a lovely holiday with your family.


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