What song played the day you were born?

What song played the day you were born?

Music has always been an intrinsic part of our daily lives. When music was first broadcast over the radio in the early 1920s, popular singers and musicians reached a wide audience.

Music has the power to elicit great emotions in a listener. Songs that you heard at important events in your life can be even more magical. It’s hard to forget those songs that played at your first school dance, your first live concert, or when you first danced with your spouse at your wedding. Music has a way of lingering in our minds and securing a place in our memories for years to come. When I hear a familiar song on the radio, it takes me back to where I was when I first heard it, evoking my own personal memories. I can list songs from each monumental stage of my life.

Can you name the songs you heard at different stages of your life? Do you know what song was popular when you were born?

The website Playback.fm reveals which song was number one on the charts on the day you were born. Enter your birth date, and you can see which song was most popular when you entered the world. Perhaps your parents were listening to it on the way to the hospital to give birth!

Ask your parents if they remember that song, and what memories it reminds them of. This will add a nice story to your family tree on MyHeritage. You can even record your parents singing the song, and also add the audio recording to your family tree. You’ll have enriched your family tree even more, and recorded your parents singing for generations to come.