MyHeritage DNA Featured on Fox and Friends


Fox News recently invited MyHeritage to the channel’s Fox & Friends morning show to talk about MyHeritage DNA and to help the show’s hosts learn more about each host’s origins. Author Yvette Corporon, a friend of MyHeritage and author of the upcoming book “Something Beautiful Happened,” presented the anchors with their incredible results.

Yvette revealed the DNA ethnicity results of three of the hosts and provided genealogical research and fascinating historical documents, to back it up, found by the MyHeritage research team. They were all surprised to learn about their DNA!

The three hosts’ experiences can be seen in the videos below:

Steve Doocey:

Brian Kilmeade:

Ainsley Earhardt

Yvette was also invited to remain for the AfterTheShowShow to talk more about MyHeritage DNA:

All of the hosts were blown away by the power of MyHeritage DNA, and the information they received regarding their families. We were able to witness the real emotions of family history discovery.

Here are some great reactions from followers on Twitter:

It was great to present MyHeritage DNA and the value of genetic testing for family history research. Learning more about the past helps you understand your roots and feel more connected to those ancestors who came before — it can also be a life-changing experience!

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