Thanksgiving Day: Celebrating family and family history

Thanksgiving Day: Celebrating family and family history

As millions of Americans, at home and abroad, celebrate this day with family and friends, we family historians and genealogists are also thankful for so much.

As we sit around the table and share stories of our ancestors, we also reflect on the many technological advances that help our research.

From old-fashioned creepy-crawly research in dusty archives, so much information is now accessible by computer at any time of the day or night.


It is still hard to believe that – in just a few short years – we have seen such remarkable tools change the face of family history and how we research our family.

We are thankful for so many individuals around the globe whose ideas have blossomed and made family history research easier and quicker than ever before.

Just a few of the improvements we cannot live without today:

The advent of DNA genetic genealogy has made it possible to find family we didn’t even know we had.

The amazing proliferation of family history websites has allowed us to share our research with family around the world.

The many specialized websites allowing those with ancestors in almost every country around the world to find obscure records.

The growth in genealogy conferences around the world which bring us together to share knowledge and encourage newcomers.

Continue to share your family’s stories with the younger generations. If you are the senior in the family, it is up to you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

With best wishes,

The MyHeritage Team