Do You Have the Luck of the Irish?


Most of us are familiar with the popular expression, “the luck of the Irish.” With St. Patrick’s day approaching, we thought we’d do some research on what it is about the Irish that supposedly makes them so lucky.

As a people, the Irish have a history full of many ups and downs, with some instances of extreme “unluckiness,” times of sadness, famine and war. Perhaps the term was used ironically, to poke fun at the troubles they have faced throughout history?

Another idea is that, because of Ireland’s tragic past, many Irish left Ireland and immigrated to the US or elsewhere to find better lives. Irish immigrants in the US struggled to succeed, and they worked very hard. They were mistreated by many Americans who believed that the Irish settlers’ good fortune was due only to luck – not hard work and perseverance.

Others believe that it marks the financial good fortune of the Irish and Irish-Americans as successful miners during the gold and silver rushes in the 1850s.

There are other theories — positive and negative — as to where the expression originates.

We like to think that the expression comes from a deeper part of Irish heritage and legacy. “The luck of the Irish” is a tribute to the hard work and determination of the Irish people, who despite all the challenges have faced over the years, they still have good luck. Many Irish have been forced to emigrate from their homeland over the years, and despite battling challenges and pitfalls, they have continued to prosper and survive, generation after generation.

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