Then and Now: Seven ways summer vacation has changed


During summer vacations, many parents scramble to find fun and enjoyable things for their children to do and keep them occupied. For many children, the beginning of September means the sad end to their summers.

While it’s still summer, we wanted to travel back in time and take a look at some summer activities, then and now.

1. Then: Playing marbles. Now: Playing video games.

A suntan vending machine, circa 1949.

2. Then: Applying tanning oil. Now: Applying sunscreen.

3. Then: Devouring snow cones. Now: Drinking fruit smoothies.

4. Then: Creating friendship bracelets. Now: Adding Facebook friends.

5. Then: Watching drive-in movies under the stars. Now: Watching 3D films with special glasses.

6. Then: Developing film. Now: Uploading photos on social media.

7. Then: Flying kites. Now: Flying programmable drones.

What are our favorite summer activities that have changed over time?

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