Recreating Childhood Photos: 8 tips

Recreating Childhood Photos: 8 tips

Nothing brings back great memories than childhood photos. What better way to preserve those moments than by recreating some of them?

Recreating family photos doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s a great way to bring family together and reminisce about the past.

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Here are some tips for recreating family photos:

  1. Search, search, search. You can’t recreate a photo if you don’t have the original. Go through old boxes in storage or ask family members for some photos.

  2. Same people, same photo. Is it a photo of you and your brother? Make sure he can participate again. Choose photos that the same people will be happy to recreate.

  3. Choose similar clothing. You may not fit into that dress or shirt from 20 years ago, but look for similar clothing in your current size.

  4. Strike a pose. Was your leg bent? Did one relative sit and the other stand? Keep the same positions as in the original photos.

  5. Height doesn’t matter. Time has passed – people’s heights have changed. Don’t worry about these differences, it will just add more humor to the photo!

  6. Facial expressions. Give a big cheesy smile or pull a silly face. Funny or not, try and mimic the original photo.

  7. Set the right background. If you can return to the same place the photo was taken or use the same couch everyone sat on, that’s even better! If not, look for a neutral background and focus on recreating the people in the image, not the background.

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  8. Get out the baby pictures. These photos can be exceptionally funny when you have an adult now being fed a bottle instead of a small baby.

Have you recreated any family photos? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Poopedi Daniel Morata

    July 15, 2015

    There is an old photo in which I am carrying my daughter and my nephew when they were still todlers. That was in the early eighties. They are now grown up and too heavy to carry. Does anybody hzve an idea of how to go about that?

  • MT Clark

    July 21, 2015

    You stay on the ground but stand them up on chairs on either side of so you can get your arms in the same position and they can “fake it” in whatever position you had them, originally, as if they’re in or going to get into that same position (but obviously can’t if they’re too big today?) …. It could be very cute and funny, too, depending on how much they’ve grown?

  • Sue

    July 21, 2015

    Sure why not turn it around.
    Have them carrying you…similar clothing backgrounds etc….just twist it with humour

  • Lori

    October 1, 2015

    My children created a book of recreated pictures for me for Christmas! I laughed until I criEd! I knew they had come and taken pictures out of the picture box and I was not allowed to spend the day with them when they were recreating the pictures, (I didn’t know what they were doing). I was a little hurt, but when I saw the finished book, I totally understood. This is such a wonderful idea. My kids said they had so much fun recreating the pictures and laughing and talking about old memories. It was a wonderful, fun experience for them all.

  • A


    May 28, 2022

    I recently recreated a childhood photo of me and my aunt while I was on vacation. I was a toddler in the original photo. It was not 100% accurate: my aunt was carrying me in the original pic, in the updated pic we are standing side by side since I am now all grown up and is too big and heavy for her to carry anymore and the positions were switched up and the clothes are all different (can’t find updated versions fo the clothes). But the location of the original photo remained (almost) exactly the same.