Not an April Fools’ Joke: Guess Who’s Related? PM David Cameron and Kim Kardashian


As British Prime Minister David Cameron begins his re-election campaign, he’s made an interesting revelation about his family history.

In a video interview with Heat, he’s confirmed that he and Kim Kardashian, are 13th cousins!

This relationship was originally reported in two articles in the Daily Mail, following research by AJ Jacobs who’s been using The World Family Tree on (owned and operated by MyHeritage) for his Global Family Reunion project.
AJ will be hosting the world’s largest family reunion in New York City on June 6th, 2015.

David Cameron and Kim Kardashian relationship path from
David Cameron and Kim Kardashian relationship path from (click to see full path)

The vision behind The World Family Tree on is to create one family tree for the entire world, built by the collaborative research of millions of genealogists and family historians. Currently it contains 90 million profiles and is growing by the second. Like Wikipedia, it’s accuracy is established thanks to an army of curators who continually fact-check the profiles.

One of the many positive aspects of having such a large, single family tree is being able to find out which celebrities or famous historical figures you might be related to, and how.

Watch PM David Cameron talk about his celebrity relationship:

If you haven’t yet done so , build a family tree on MyHeritage. Who knows which well-known individuals with whom you’ll discover a connection.

In the meantime, time will tell how this revelation impacts “David Camdashian”s election campaign 🙂

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  • Glenn

    April 2, 2015

    I am relatd to both althugh clse o the PM through Robert Russell.