New: Enrich multiple profiles from a single historical record


Today we’ve extended the popular record extraction feature that lets you extract information from a historical record directly to a relevant family tree profile, to now extract to multiple profiles. Thus, when you’ve found a record with information on several relatives, you can easily extract the information into all relevant family tree profiles.

New: Extract information to multiple profiles

How does it work?

Saving a record found in SuperSearch, or via a confirmed Record Match, to your tree creates an association between the record and the individual profile in your tree. It ensures that you won’t forget the connection and helps you differentiate between records you’ve already processed and new finds. Once the connection has been established, you can extract information from the record into the tree profile. This enhances your family tree by adding more information from the record.

Many historical documents contain information about several relatives, not just one family member. For example, marriage records typically contain information about the husband and wife, and sometimes also their parents. Most census records cover an entire household.

Click to zoom
1900 US Census record on MyHeritage showing an entire family (Click to zoom)

Now you can extract information from a record found in SuperSearch or from a Record Match into multiple profiles on your family tree on MyHeritage – all at once.

Walkthrough: How to reach the extract info page

1. From SuperSearch:

When you discover a record in SuperSearch relating to an individual in your family tree, first save the record to an individual in your tree. Review the record and click the green “Save record” button. Click “Save.” Saving creates an association between the record and the family tree individual.

Saving a record from SuperSearch (Click to zoom)

Next, click “Extract info to your tree” to reach the Extract Info page.

Extracting info from a SuperSearch record (Click to zoom)

2. From Record Matches:

Review your Record Matches, and click the checkmark button to confirm a correct match. Wrong matches should be rejected using the X button. You can confirm a Record Match in the page that lists several matches, or in the Review page that shows it in more detail.

Confirming Record Matches (Click to zoom)
Confirming Record Matches (Click to zoom)

Once you confirm a Record Match, a pop-up box will inform you that the match has been successfully confirmed. Click Continue to proceed to extracting the information.

Extracting info from a confirmed Record Match (Click to zoom)

Walkthrough: Extracting information from a record to multiple relatives

1. On the Extract Info page, click the [>>] arrow buttons to extract the information you want into your family tree, or the [>>>] button at the bottom to take ALL the information at one time.

2. Scroll down – below the section about the main person – to see the list of all relatives included in the same record. They will be in the same order as they were listed in the record.

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Extracting information for more relatives (Click to zoom)

Extracting Information for multiple relatives (Click to zoom)

3. Choose to extract information to your tree for each of the related individuals or choose to extract information for all the related individuals by clicking on the “Extract all info for all people above” button.

Extracting all info for all people (Click to zoom)

4. Finished? Click the green “Save to tree” button to save all the information.

Additional tips and suggestions:

  • To take full advantage of the Extract info feature, a Data subscription is required. Don’t have one? Choose from our range of options which include unlimited access to all historical records on SuperSearch.
  • If a record for a relative was suggested, but is incorrect, ignore the suggestion. Hover over the top right-hand corner of the relative’s record, and click on the X to ignore it.
Ignoring a suggested relative (Click to zoom)
  • You can view Record Matches previously confirmed. Click “Extract info to your tree” to see the Extract Info page, and to extract info for all relatives included in that record.


This new enhancement helps makes MyHeritage historical records even more valuable. It is useful for census records and other records that reference more than one person. It allows you to extract information effortlessly and without adding information to your family tree manually. Our work is not complete, however. The current extraction functionality works only for relatives already found in your family tree. However, in historical records you may uncover relatives who do not appear yet in your family tree. We are working on completing this feature, to allow you to add missing people to your tree from these screens as well. So if a Record Match provides an interesting newspaper article about a person in your family tree, and mentions a daughter you didn’t know about, you’ll soon be able to add her to your tree while extracting information from the article!

We hope you’ll enjoy this enhanced feature and use it often in your family history research.

Kind regards,
The MyHeritage team

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  • Chiquita Hutchinson

    November 15, 2013

    GREAT Feature …. I’ve already used it and love it ……. thanks!

  • Sherri Lipcius

    November 15, 2013

    Is there a way that a useful page like this can be saved to my computer or emailed to myself? If I want to refer to it later I don’t know how else I could find it. Thanks.

    • Esther

      November 16, 2013

      Hi Sherri,

      You can bookmark the page of this blog post in your internet browser, so that you can refer back to it later.

      Esther / MyHeritage Team

  • Larry Espeleta

    November 16, 2013

    Lots of good info, at least I’ve been doing it mostly right.

  • Frank.nelson

    December 16, 2013

    Is Data sub.included in my Premium sub.or is this an extra expense

    • Esther

      December 17, 2013

      Hi Frank,

      Family site subscriptions and data subscriptions are two different subscription types.

      A family site subscription (Premium or PremiumPlus) entitles you to increased storage on your family site for people in the family tree, photos, videos and documents.
      Family site subscriptions allow you access to fun and amazing features like the Timeline and Timebook. You get priority support and you can use the Premium features in our family tree software, Family Tree Builder.
      If you have a Premium or PremiumPlus family site subscription you can also access the MyHeritage collections in SuperSearch (other collections may require a data subscription).

      A data subscription entitles you to view the records in the paid collections in SuperSearch. You also get unlimited access to Record Matches, including confirming and rejecting matches, if you have a family tree on

      MyHeritage Team

  • Sophia Pradal

    December 17, 2013

    Hi Sherri Lipcius,
    to email a document to youself = hit the print screen button on your keyboard, open an email and right-click on the body of the email to paste the screen shot.

    to print a document – hit print screen button and open a Word page, right click to paste (or hold down the Control key at he same time a the letter V) then you can crop the pasted screen shot. You can then save the Word document by giving it a title or simply print it.

    hope this helps.

  • Michael Houck

    December 22, 2013

    thank you for this letter