MyHeritage Mobile App: Android tablet updates

MyHeritage Mobile App: Android tablet updates


We are delighted to announce enhanced support for Android tablets using the MyHeritage mobile app.

MyHeritage’s mobile app v2.2 is a great way to build or edit your family tree on the go. With this new update, we’ve enhanced the user experience and provided an uplifted design and full technical support for all Android tablet users.

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Tablets over 7 inches are now fully optimized using responsive design, while those smaller than 7 inches will remain with the easy-to-use smartphone version of the app.

All Android tablets over 7 inches are now fully optimized using responsive design

With an easy-to-navigate panel on the left side, viewing and editing your family tree couldn’t be easier. You can edit profiles, events and relationships – together with your relatives – and add missing details from the palm of your hand to your family tree.

Easily view and edit your family tree from the left-side panel

The app also has a mobile-friendly version of SuperSearch, MyHeritage’s historical record database in full-page view. Use SuperSearch to search billions of records in our collection. These include family trees, birth, marriage, death, immigration, census and military records, newspapers and much more.

Access SuperSearch, our online record database, direct from your Android tablet in full-screen mode.

The app is great for family reunions and get-togethers. Capture, share, and store family moments with easy photo sharing, and show relatives your research from the palm of your hand.

Photo sharing: take photos with your mobile device and share them with your family

The update also supports trees synced with our free genealogy software, Family Tree Builder 7.0.

Previously, you could only sync with your online family site. Now, you can fully sync among your desktop, online family site and mobile app, making it easier to access and edit your family tree from wherever you are.

MyHeritage sync implements "genealogy in the cloud": access and edit your tree via multiple platforms and devices

As a worldwide family network, we’ve increased the mobile app to support 32 languages, so family from around the globe can more easily stay connected and in touch.

With better support, optimization and new updates, the mobile app provides a user-friendly experience to make family history research easy, fun and free from more devices than ever.

Share family moments, discover and edit your family history and keep in touch with the people you love anytime, anywhere.

Don’t have the app yet? Download the app for free here and start to build and to preserve your family legacy today.

We hope you enjoy the updates!

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