Childhood Memories: MyHeritage’s family party


The MyHeritage family came together to relive childhood memories at our annual costume party.

This year’s theme was “Childhood Comeback,” dressing up in costumes from our childhood. People dressed as their favorite superhero, nostalgic cartoon characters, role models and as historic figures.

The winning costumes of the night were Shrek and Fiona. What do you think of their costume?

We didn’t just stop there. Apart from the celebrating and feasting we sang karaoke tunes, including international hits, from our family home countries.

Check out some favorite photos in the slideshow below:

Family celebrations are a great way to come together and share in past memories. We wrote about our childhood memories in a recent post, and we know how important they are to preserve our unique heritages.

Our annual celebration is just another fun time for the MyHeritage team to gather, have fun and share in memorable moments, as any family does.

The MyHeritage family has grown this past year, and we were delighted to have all the new team members join in. At MyHeritage, our team is just as much a family as our own.

How do you celebrate special moments with your family? What family celebrations have you had recently? Let us know in the comments below, and on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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  • Jennifer Boyce

    March 14, 2013

    I wanna borrow your costumes Fiona and Shrek* Fantastic** Tell me how you made them*** 🙂