Valentine’s Day: Love stories to share?

Antique Valentine's Day Card
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For thousands of years, lovers have expressed their admiration in a variety of mediums, but nothing compares to the classic love letter.

The greatest love story is not from the movies or a book, but our own lives! MyHeritage would like to hear your personal and family tales of romance.

Love stories are not necessarily a typical Cinderella tale or a Romeo-and-Juliet romantic tragedy. We hear words of endearment in movies, and read them in passionate stories in our favorite novels, yet our own stories are the ones that are timeless pieces of history. They are the ones that are closest to our hearts.

How did you or your ancestors meet? Is there a unique proposal story in your family, or a tale of finding a lost love? Share your story with us, and we will share some of the best in our Valentine’s Day special. Email us at, or leave a comment below, via Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

Whether from a secret admirer, or from a significant other, a love letter is timeless. It is a romantic treasure, an expression of admiration, desire and devotion.

As Valentine’s Day is coming up on February 14, I remembered what Theodor Geisel AKA Dr. Seuss once said: “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

Love is many things, and when we experience it, every moment is a cherished. There are many memories and stories from our loved ones.

Whether it’s how you met your spouse, or your ancestor’s romantic proposal story, each memory is a grand story in its own.

We look forward to reading your enchanting and moving stories!

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  • Donita Allred Rule

    February 8, 2013

    Every day at recess in Memphis, Texas, students would roller skate around a sunken gym. During her senior year, my mother would take her skates, put them on, and circle the rink numerous times, unbeknownst that a fellow student who did not have skates, would spend the time, leaning on the upper rail, watching her until finally this young man became courageous enough to introduce himself as she came up out of the pit. This was the beginning of a romance that lasted more than fifty years. They dated for three years while he went to college and then seven days before Pearl Harbor, they were married. He, a farmer, and she a housewife, raised three children who in turn gave them seven grandchildren that loved their grandparents dearly and own their upbringing to Pappaw and Nannie. Then five days before the couple had been married for fifty years, Mother died and every day after that, Daddy would say, “I want to go see Momma.” Five years and four months later, God called him home and they are now together for Eternity in a place called Heaven!

    • Emma

      February 13, 2013

      Hi Donita and Patricia,

      Thanks so much for sharing your stories!

  • patricia ma

    February 8, 2013

    my late dad took a bracelet off of my mums arm at school,they were both under the age of 16,and he said he would give it back 2 her the day he married her,he kept his promise many years later,both of them r not with me anymore,i now have the bracelet,it is very special to me.