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In February 2012, MyHeritage introduced DNA testing for genealogy. And now, to celebrate the first anniversary, we’re providing significant discounts to make DNA tests more affordable for all our users.

The discounts are available for a limited period, so now’s your best chance to get a DNA test and take your family history research to the next level.

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MyHeritage DNA tests (click to zoom)

What is DNA testing for genealogy?

DNA analysis technology can answer family history questions spanning far beyond names and dates. The results of a DNA test can determine where your family originated from, your ethnic origin, and, with genetic matching, help you discover relatives whom you may not be able to find otherwise. It can determine whether you are related to people who share your last name, and whether you and another person share a common ancestor.

DNA test options

In a nutshell, DNA for genealogy was previously useful for identifying the deep origins of your direct paternal line (Y-DNA) or your direct maternal line (mtDNA). However, developments in technology have made available a new type of DNA test – autosomal – that can find relatives across all your ancestral lines. MyHeritage offers the Family Finder autosomal test, and it is extremely versatile because finds relatives from any shared ancestor 5 generations back, increasing your chances of discovering information about your family history.

For a very limited time, we’re offering the Family Finder test at the low cost of $169 instead of $289. Additionally, we’re offering a 10% discount on all DNA tests (other than Family Finder) for our Premium subscribers and 15% off for our PremiumPlus subscribers.

You’ll notice that there are lots of tests available on MyHeritage with several combinations offered, as shown in the above infographic. Here’s some more detailed information about our DNA tests:

mtDNA Tests – Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed by a mother to both male and female offspring without any mixing, so your mtDNA is the same as your mother’s mtDNA, which is the same as her mother’s mtDNA. mtDNA changes very slowly so it cannot determine close relationships as well as it can determine general relatedness. If two people have an exact match in their mtDNA, then they share a common maternal ancestor, but it is hard to determine if this is a recent ancestor or one who lived hundreds of years ago. It is important to keep in mind with this test that a male’s mtDNA comes only from his mother and is not passed on to his offspring.

Example: Tracing Richard III’s sister’s maternal line helped in the identification of his remains, which were recently discovered in a UK car park.

Y-DNA Tests – The Y chromosomal DNA test (usually referred to as Y-DNA) is only available for males, since the Y chromosome is only passed down the male line from father to son. Tiny chemical markers on the Y chromosome create a distinctive pattern, known as a haplotype, that distinguishes one male lineage from another. Shared markers can indicate relatedness between two men, though not the exact degree of the relationship. Y chromosome testing is most often used by individuals with the same last name to learn if they share a common ancestor, however, it is also used to verify if two males share the same paternal ancestor, no matter how many generations back, even if they have different surnames.

Family Finder is based on autosomal DNA which is the next revolution in genetic genealogy. It tests 700,000 locations in DNA and can help you discover people to whom you are related through any shared ancestor, up to five generations back, and not only through the direct paternal or maternal lines. The Family Finder, and Comprehensive Genome combinations are among the best DNA tests available in the world today.

The DNA tests on MyHeritage
The DNA tests on MyHeritage (click to zoom)

DNA matches

When you get a DNA match, you’ll be notified by email and receive the details of your matches on your personal page, so that you can exchange information with them. It is important to know that for privacy reasons, you will only see the names and emails of those individuals with whom you have a relevant match, as described in the DNA tests privacy policy. Our DNA tests are based on a one-time payment with no subscription, and yet you will still enjoy matches for many years to come, as new people get tested and are found to be DNA matches with you.

DNA success stories

This year, many users, whom we’ll keep anonymous, have shared success stories of family reunions and breakthroughs, thanks to our DNA tests. For example, one user, who had never met her birth parents, didn’t know where to start when she became interested in researching her family history. With genetic genealogy testing, she received clues that helped her uncover her ancestral line.
Another user is currently trying to chart relationships among individuals living in different villages in Ireland, to ascertain if they share a common ancestor.

Read this article which describes how a DNA test (of the type offered by MyHeritage) brought together long lost relatives.

About Family Tree DNA

Our partner, Family Tree DNA, the company that processes the tests and analyzes the results, is the global leader in genetic genealogy. The company pioneered the genetic genealogy DNA industry and has amassed the world’s largest DNA database (currently more than 400,000 DNA records), providing the best capabilities for DNA matching for genealogy. Family Tree DNA also conducts the testing for National Geographic’s Genographic Project. The testing and results verification processes are completely private; DNA results are not shared with anyone but you or with those you match genetically (with your consent).

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