Social Media: Battle of the sexes?


Ever wonder if there are differences in how women and men use social media networking?

Mashable recently posted a great story on where the online battle lines are drawn. It referenced a survey of some 144.6 million Americans. Instead of the old adage (and book title) – men are from Mars and women are from Venus – the survey indicated that “men are from Google+ and women from Pinterest.”

Taking it further, women are now the majority on both Facebook (64%) and Twitter (58%), and they post more frequently than men on Facebook. According to the infographic, some 300,000 Facebook updates are posted every minute and women are more likely to comment than men on posts and photos. A stunning statistic is that Pinterest’s users are 82% women.

The survey noted that two-thirds of all social networking users say that their primary use is to keep in touch with family. Here, at MyHeritage, our stats reflect similar results, our users are more women that men. In the genealogy world, in general, more women are active and are among leaders in the field.

After interviewing many women and reading user stories, we’ve noticed that often women are the catalysts who inspire the interest in family history and bring it to the rest of the relatives. Did this happen to you?

Why is that? We’d like to hear your comments on why more women than men are involved in family history. Let us know in the comments below.

Along with the story, Mashable offered a fascinating infographic.

We’d like to learn if our readers have ideas as to why this online gender gap occurs. Do you think it is because women have more free time? Wish to stay more connected? Are more socially-oriented? Why do you think this battle of the sexes is happening in today’s social media? Do women have more inclination or interest for genealogy? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Donella

    July 12, 2012

    ok, this is a HUGE generalization, but… in GENERAL… aren’t women more into communication, especially written communication? haven’t we (yes, I’m a woman) traditionally been the ones to write the Christmas letters, the thank you cards, put out the social invitations… long before the internet came into being? then when the internet DID come into being that just transferred into online Christmas letters or videos, e-cards and e-vites… and keeping in touch with family and friends over Facebook and other social media. young people, to include young men, grew up with the internet and got into using it, so were much more into communication than their earlier ancestors (I doubt my father EVER wrote his own thank you note, or Christmas card, except to my mother). now if you go WAY WAY back, yes… men learned to write and women weren’t taught. but that was a long time ago. later, it was the women who seemed to be more likely to be literate, and the men who were less likely, just needing to work in the field. the women taught the children to read and write, from the Bible. and yes, I think women often have more of an interest in genealogy, because of their innate need to hold a family together. men however have an interest based on a pride in their family line. my two cents. FWIW.